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3200+ Adjectives That Start With S

    Adjectives That Start With S

    When it comes to describing people or things, there are few things more important than adjectives. Adjectives are words that help us to modify nouns and pronouns, and they can paint a vivid picture in our minds when used correctly. If you’re looking for some adjectives that start with S, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll give you a list of some of the most common and useful adjectives that start with S.

    So whether you’re looking for a word to describe someone’s personality or you need to find an adjective to describe a place, this list should have you covered. It’s time to get started!

    sincere, shy, sociable, sincere, sympathetic, and stirling.

    Now that you have a list of some adjectives that start with S, it’s time to put them to good use. Remember, adjectives can make our writing more interesting and engaging, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them. With a little practice, you’ll be using them like a pro in no time!

    Adjectives That Start With The Letter S

    If you’re looking for a list of adjectives that start with S, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find a selection of positive, negative, and neutral words to describe people, places, things, and more.

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    Some of the most common adjectives that start with S include:

    safe, successful, supportive, sympathetic, and shy.

    On the other hand, some less common adjectives starting with S include:

    sardonic, self-deprecating, and surly.

    Whether you’re looking for a word to describe someone’s personality or a place, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for on this list.

    So, without further ado, here are 3200+ adjectives that start with S!

    sardonic, self-deprecating, surly, sweet, and swaggering.

    Adjectives That Start With S

    233 Adjectives That Start With SA

    SabellianA member of a group of Oscan-speaking peoples of ancient Italy, including the Sabines and Samnites. Relating to the Sabellians. Relating to the teachings of Sabellius (fl. c. 220 in North Africa), who developed a form of the modalist doctrine that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are not truly distinct but merely aspects of one divine being. A follower of the teachings of Sabellius.
    SabineRelating to or denoting an ancient Oscan-speaking people of the central Apennines in Italy, northeast of Rome, who feature in early Roman legends and were incorporated into the Roman state in 290 BC. A member of the Sabines.
    sableA marten with a short tail and dark brown fur, native to Japan and Siberia and valued for its fur. Black. Heraldry
    sacralOf, for, or relating to sacred rites or symbols. Anatomy
    sacredConnected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration.
    sadFeeling or showing sorrow; unhappy. informal (of dough) heavy through having failed to rise. Seasonal affective disorder.
    sadistA person who derives pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain or humiliation on others.
    safepredicativeoften derogatory Based on good reasons or evidence and not likely to be proved wrong. Uninjured; with no harm done. A strong fireproof cabinet with a complex lock, used for the storage of valuables. North American
    sageAn aromatic plant with grayish-green leaves that are used as a culinary herb, native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean. A profoundly wise man, especially one who features in ancient history or legend. Having, showing, or indicating profound wisdom.
    saidUsed in legal language or humorously to refer to someone or something already mentioned or named.
    saintliestVery holy or virtuous.
    SaivaA member of one of the main branches of modern Hinduism, devoted to the worship of the god Shiva as the supreme being.
    salesThe exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something. A period during which a retailer sells goods at reduced prices.
    SalianA member of the Salii, a 4th-century Frankish people living near the IJssel River, from whom the Merovingians were descended. Relating to the Salii.
    salineContaining or impregnated with salt. A solution of salt in water.
    Salishana group of American Indian peoples of British Columbia and the northwestern U. S.
    sallow(of a person’s face or complexion) of an unhealthy yellow or pale brown color. mainly British A moth with dull yellow, orange, and brown patterned wings. The larvae of some species feed on sallow catkins.
    saltChemistry usually old saltImpregnated with, treated with, or tasting of salt. (of a plant) growing on the coast or in salt marshes. Season or preserve with salt. Sprinkle (a road or path) with salt in order to melt snow or ice. informal Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.
    saltedHaving salt as an ingredient; containing or seasoned with salt. informal
    saltyTasting of, containing, or preserved with salt.
    sameIdentical; not different. Of an identical type; exactly similar. the same(chiefly in formal or legal use) the person or thing just mentioned. Similarly; in the same way.
    SamoaA group of islands in Polynesia, divided between American Samoa and the nation of Samoa.
    SamoanRelating to Samoa, its people, or their language. A native or inhabitant of Samoa. The Polynesian language of Samoa, spoken in Samoa, New Zealand, the US, and elsewhere.
    sandyCovered in or consisting mostly of sand. (especially of hair) light yellowish brown. A light, crumbly cookie, typically made with chopped pecans. A city in north central Utah, south of Salt Lake City; population 96,660 (est. 2008).
    sane(of a person) of sound mind; not mad or mentally ill.
    saner(of a person) of sound mind; not mad or mentally ill.
    sapThe fluid, chiefly water with dissolved sugars and mineral salts, that circulates in the vascular system of a plant. Gradually weaken or destroy (a person’s strength or power)A tunnel or trench to conceal an assailant’s approach to a fortified place. historical A foolish and gullible person. A bludgeon or club. Hit with a bludgeon or club.
    sapidHaving a strong, pleasant taste.
    sappymainly North American (of a plant) containing a lot of sap.
    sassyLively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.
    satedSatisfy (a desire or an appetite) to the full.
    satinA smooth, glossy fabric produced by a weave in which the threads of the warp are caught and looped by the weft only at certain intervals.
    saucyImpudent; flippant. mainly North American mainly British
    savedKeep safe or rescue (someone or something) from harm or danger. Keep and store up (something, especially money) for future use. Computing Avoid the need to use up or spend (money, time, or other resources)Prevent an opponent from scoring (a goal or point) in a game or from winning (the game)Baseball Computing Other than; except for. Except.
    savvyShrewdness and practical knowledge; the ability to make good judgments. Shrewd and knowledgeable; having common sense and good judgment. Know or understand.
    SaxonA member of a Germanic people that inhabited parts of central and northern Germany from Roman times, many of whom conquered and settled in southern England in the 5th–6th centuries. Relating to the Anglo-Saxons, their language (Old English), or their period of dominance in England (5th–11th centuries). Relating to Saxony or the continental Saxons or their language.

    235 Adjectives Starting With SC

    scabbierCovered in scabs. informal
    scabbyCovered in scabs. informal
    scabiousA plant of the teasel family, with pink, white, or (most commonly) blue pincushion-shaped flowers. Affected with mange; scabby.
    scabrousRough and covered with, or as if with, scabs. Indecent; salacious.
    scalableAble to be scaled or climbed. Able to be changed in size or scale. technical
    scalar(of a quantity) having only magnitude, not direction. A scalar quantity.
    scaldInjure with very hot liquid or steam. A burn or other injury caused by hot liquid or steam.
    scaldingVery hot; burning.
    scaledCovered with or made up of scales or overlapping plates resembling scales. Represented in proportional dimensions; reduced or increased in size according to a common scale.
    scalene(of a triangle) having sides unequal in length. A scalene triangle.
    scalierCovered in scales.
    scaliestCovered in scales.
    scalyCovered in scales.
    scandent(especially of a graptolite) having a climbing habit.
    scantBarely sufficient or adequate. mainly North American
    scantierSmall or insufficient in quantity or amount. scanties
    scantySmall or insufficient in quantity or amount. scanties
    scaphoidA large carpal bone articulating with the radius below the thumb.
    scapularRelating to the shoulder or shoulder blade. A short monastic cloak covering the shoulders. Medicine Ornithology
    scarce(especially of food, money, or some other resource) insufficient for the demand. Scarcely.
    scarcer(especially of food, money, or some other resource) insufficient for the demand. Scarcely.
    scarcest(especially of food, money, or some other resource) insufficient for the demand. Scarcely.
    scaredFearful; frightened.
    scarletOf a brilliant red color. A brilliant red color.
    scarredA mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn, or sore has not healed completely and fibrous connective tissue has developed. A steep high cliff or rock outcrop, especially of limestone. Mark with a scar or scars.
    scathingWitheringly scornful; severely critical.
    scattyAbsentminded and disorganized.
    scenicProviding or relating to views of impressive or beautiful natural scenery.
    scentedHaving a pleasant scent.
    scepticA person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions. Philosophy
    schemingGiven to or involved in making secret and underhanded plans. The activity or practice of making secret or underhanded plans.
    schizo(of a person or their behavior) schizophrenic. A schizophrenic.
    schizoidPsychiatry A schizoid person.
    schlockCheap or inferior goods or material; trash.
    schooledEducated or trained in a specified activity or in a particular way.
    sciaenidA fish of the drum family (Sciaenidae), whose members are mainly marine and important for food or sport.
    sciaticRelating to the hip.
    scincoidOf or relating to lizards of the family Scincidae and allied forms, especially (in some recent schemes) lizards of the superfamily Scincoidea; characteristic of such lizards. A lizard of the family Scincidae or an allied form.
    scissile(of a chemical bond) readily undergoing scission.
    sciurineOf or relating to squirrels or to the squirrel family; resembling or characteristic of a squirrel; (Zoology) of or relating to the tribe Sciurini (which comprises the typical tree squirrels) or the subfamily Sciurinae (which includes in addition the flying squirrels). A sciurine rodent; a squirrel.
    sciuroidZoology Botany Chiefly . A sciuroid rodent.
    scleroidHaving a hard or hardened texture.
    sclerous(of tissue) hardened or bony.
    scoldingAn angry rebuke or reprimand. Angrily rebuking or reprimanding.
    scorchedBurned by flames or heat.
    scoreThe number of points, goals, runs, etc. achieved in a game or by a team or an individual. A group or set of twenty or about twenty. A written representation of a musical composition showing all the vocal and instrumental parts arranged one below the other. A notch or line cut or scratched into a surface. Gain (a point, goal, run, etc. ) in a competitive game. Orchestrate or arrange (a piece of music), typically for a specified instrument or instruments. Cut or scratch a notch or line on (a surface)Medicine Biology
    scornedThe feeling or belief that someone or something is worthless or despicable; contempt. Feel or express contempt or derision for.
    scornfulFeeling or expressing contempt or derision.
    scotchwith objectwith object and adverbialA wedge placed under a wheel or other rolling object to prevent it moving or slipping. Cut or score the skin or surface of. A cut or score in skin or another surface. as plural noun the Scotch dated Scottish.
    ScotismThe teachings or beliefs of John Duns Scotus or of the Scotists.
    scotopicRelating to or denoting vision in dim light, believed to involve chiefly the rods of the retina.
    ScotsThe form of English used in Scotland.
    ScottishRelating to Scotland or its people. as plural noun the Scottish
    scouredClean or brighten the surface of (something) by rubbing it hard, typically with an abrasive or detergent. archaic The action of scouring or the state of being scoured, especially by swift-flowing water. Subject (a place, text, etc. ) to a thorough search in order to locate something.
    scowlingAn angry or bad-tempered expression. Frown in an angry or bad-tempered way.
    scraggly(of a person or animal) thin and bony.
    scraggy(of a person or animal) thin and bony.
    scrapA small piece or amount of something, especially one that is left over after the greater part has been used. Discard or remove from service (a retired, old, or inoperative vehicle, vessel, or machine), especially so as to convert it to scrap metal. A fight or quarrel, especially a minor or spontaneous one. Engage in a minor fight or quarrel.
    scrapedwith objectRub or cause to rub by accident against a rough or hard surface, causing damage or injury. no object, with adverbialwith objectAn act or sound of scraping. Medicine informal
    scrappyConsisting of disorganized, untidy, or incomplete parts. North American
    scratchwith objectwith objectno objectA mark or wound made by scratching. A technique, used especially in rap music, of stopping a record by hand and moving it back and forth to give a rhythmic scratching effect. The starting point in a handicap for a competitor receiving no odds. informal Assembled or made from whatever is available, and so unlikely to be of the highest quality. (of a sports competitor or event) with no handicap given.
    scratchy(especially of a fabric or garment) having a rough, uncomfortable texture and tending to cause itching or discomfort.
    scrawledWrite (something) in a hurried, careless way. An example of hurried, careless writing.
    scrawny(of a person or animal) unattractively thin and bony.
    screwed(of a bolt or other device) having a helical ridge or thread running around the outside. informal
    screwyRather odd or eccentric.
    scrimpBe thrifty or parsimonious; economize.
    scrubRub (someone or something) hard so as to clean them, typically with a brush and water. An act of scrubbing something or someone. A semiabrasive cosmetic lotion applied to the face or body in order to cleanse the skin. scrubsVegetation consisting mainly of brushwood or stunted forest growth. as modifier informal, derogatory
    scruffyShabby and untidy or dirty. (of a man’s face) having short, bristly hairs as a result of not having been shaved for a while.
    scurry(of a person or small animal) move hurriedly with short quick steps. A situation of hurried and confused movement.
    scurvyA disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C, characterized by swollen bleeding gums and the opening of previously healed wounds, which particularly affected poorly nourished sailors until the end of the 18th century. Worthless or contemptible.
    ScythianRelating to or characteristic of the ancient region of Scythia or its inhabitants. A native or inhabitant of the ancient region of Scythia.

    486 Words That Start With SE Adjectives

    seaThe expanse of salt water that covers most of the earth’s surface and surrounds its landmasses.
    sealedA device or substance that is used to join two things together so as to prevent them from coming apart or to prevent anything from passing between them. A piece of wax, lead, or other material with an individual design stamped into it, attached to a document to show that it has come from the person who claims to have issued it. A thing regarded as a confirmation or guarantee of something. the sealFasten or close securely. Apply a nonporous coating to (a surface) to make it impervious. Fry (food) briefly in hot fat to prevent it from losing too much of its moisture during subsequent cooking. Conclude, establish, or secure (something) definitively, excluding the possibility of reversal or loss. Fix a piece of wax or lead stamped with a design to (a document) to authenticate it. A fish-eating aquatic mammal with a streamlined body and feet developed as flippers, that returns to land to breed or rest. A member of an elite force within the US Navy, specializing in guerrilla warfare and counterinsurgency.
    seamed(of stockings or tights) having seams running up the back of the legs. (of a person’s face) having many lines or wrinkles.
    seamierSordid and disreputable.
    seamySordid and disreputable.
    searBurn or scorch the surface of (something) with a sudden, intense heat.
    seared(of food) fried quickly at a high temperature so as to retain its juices in subsequent cooking.
    seasickSuffering from sickness or nausea caused by the motion of a ship at sea.
    seatedSitting down.
    seawardToward the sea. Going or pointing toward the sea. The side that faces or is nearer to the sea.
    secSecant. a sec(of wine) dry. Securities and Exchange Commission, a US governmental agency which monitors trading in securities and company takeovers.
    secondConstituting number two in a sequence; coming after the first in time or order; 2nd. Subordinate or inferior in position, rank, or importance. An attendant assisting a combatant in a duel or boxing match. Formally support or endorse (a nomination or resolution or its proposer) as a necessary preliminary to adoption or further discussion. Transfer (a military officer or other official or worker) temporarily to other employment or another position.
    secretNot known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others. Something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.
    secundArranged on one side only (such as the flowers of lily of the valley).
    secureFixed or fastened so as not to give way, become loose, or be lost. Fix or attach (something) firmly so that it cannot be moved or lost.
    sedateCalm, dignified, and unhurried. Calm (someone) or make them sleep by administering a sedative drug.
    seededin combination(of a fruit or vegetable) having had the seeds removed. Given the status of seed in a sports tournament.
    seedySordid and disreputable. dated
    seeingBecause; since. The action of seeing someone or something. Able to see well; not blind.
    seemlyConforming to accepted notions of propriety or good taste; decorous.
    seizedwith objectTake (an opportunity or initiative) eagerly and decisively. (of a feeling or pain) affect (someone) suddenly or acutely. Strongly appeal to or attract (the imagination or attention)no objectNautical
    sejant(of an animal) sitting upright.
    selectCarefully choose as being the best or most suitable. (of a group of people or things) carefully chosen from a larger number as being the best or most valuable.
    selfA person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action. (of a trimming or cover) of the same material and color as the rest of the item. Botany
    SeljukA member of any of the Turkish dynasties which ruled Asia Minor in the 11th to 13th centuries, successfully invading the Byzantine Empire and defending the Holy Land against the Crusaders. Relating to the Seljuks.
    semiNorth American A semifinal. British
    SemiticRelating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family. Relating to the peoples who speak Semitic languages, especially Hebrew and Arabic.
    senaryRelating to or based on the number six.
    senile(of a person) having or showing the weaknesses or diseases of old age, especially a loss of mental faculties.
    seniorOf or for older or more experienced people. Holding a high and authoritative position. A person who is a specified number of years older than someone else.
    sent(until the introduction of the euro in 2011) a monetary unit of Estonia, equal to one hundredth of a kroon.
    sepiaA reddish-brown color associated particularly with monochrome photographs of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Of a reddish-brown color.
    septalRelating to a septum or septa. Relating to a sept or clan.
    septicInfected with microorganisms, especially harmful bacteria. attributiveA drainage system incorporating a septic tank.
    SerbA native or inhabitant of Serbia. Relating to Serbia, the Serbs, or their language.
    SerbianThe Southern Slavic language of the Serbs, almost identical to Croatian but written in the Cyrillic alphabet. Relating to Serbia, the Serbs, or their language.
    sere(especially of vegetation) dry or withered. A natural succession of plant (or animal) communities, especially a full series from uncolonized habitat to the appropriate climax vegetation.
    serialConsisting of, forming part of, or taking place in a series. attributiveMusic Computing A story or play appearing in regular installments on television or radio or in a periodical.
    ServianRelating to Servius Tullius, the semilegendary sixth king of ancient Rome (fl. 6th century BC).
    servoA service station.
    setwith object and usually with adverbialwith object and usually with adverbialwith objectno objectno objectno object, with adverbial of directionmainly North American with object dialect A group or collection of things that belong together or resemble one another or are usually found together. in singularA radio or television receiver. A collection of scenery, stage furniture, and other articles used for a particular scene in a play or film. An arrangement of the hair when damp so that it dries in the required style. A cutting, young plant, or bulb used in the propagation of new plants. The last coat of plaster on a wall. Printing Fixed or arranged in advance. predicative
    set-upset something up, set up somethingset something up, set up somethingset someone up, set up someoneset someone up, set up someoneset something up, set up somethingset someone up, set up someone
    sewedJoin, fasten, or repair (something) by making stitches with a needle and thread or a sewing machine.
    sewnJoin, fasten, or repair (something) by making stitches with a needle and thread or a sewing machine.
    sexedwith submodifierattributive
    sexierSexually attractive or exciting.
    sexistCharacterized by or showing prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex. A person with sexist views.
    sexualRelating to the instincts, physiological processes, and activities connected with physical attraction or intimate physical contact between individuals. Relating to the two sexes or to gender. Biology
    sexySexually attractive or exciting.

    200 Adjectives Beginning With SF, SH

    shabbyIn poor condition through long or hard use or lack of care.
    shadedComparative darkness and coolness caused by shelter from direct sunlight. A color, especially with regard to how light or dark it is or as distinguished from one nearly like it. A lampshade. literary Screen from direct light. Darken or color (an illustration or diagram) with parallel pencil lines or a block of color. Make a slight reduction in the amount, rate, or price of.
    shadowyFull of shadows.
    shadySituated in or full of shade.
    shaggiercovered with or consisting of long, coarse, or matted hair
    shaggy(of hair or fur) long, thick, and unkempt.
    shakenHaving had one’s composure or confidence upset; shocked or disturbed. (of a drink, especially a cocktail) prepared by being mixed and shaken with ice in a container.
    shakierShaking or trembling.
    shakyShaking or trembling.
    shamA thing that is not what it is purported to be. North American Bogus; false. Falsely present something as the truth.
    ShangA dynasty which ruled China during part of the 2nd millennium BC, probably the 16th–11th centuries. The period encompassed the invention of Chinese ideographic script and the discovery and development of bronze casting.
    shapedHaving a defined external form or outline.
    sharedDistributed between members of a group.
    sharp(of an object) having an edge or point that is able to cut or pierce something. Producing a sudden, piercing physical sensation or effect. Distinct in outline or detail; clearly defined. (of an action or change) sudden and marked. Having or showing speed of perception, comprehension, or response. (of musical sound) above true or normal pitch. Precisely (used after an expression of time)In a sudden or abrupt way. Above the true or normal pitch of musical sound. A musical note raised a semitone above natural pitch. A long, sharply pointed needle used for general sewing. informal US archaic
    shavedno objectwith objectwith objectAn act of shaving hair from the face or a part of the body.
    ShavianRelating to or in the manner of G. B. Shaw, his writings, or ideas. An admirer of Shaw or his work.
    sheenA soft luster on a surface. Shine or cause to shine softly.
    sheerattributive(especially of a cliff or wall) perpendicular or nearly so. (of a fabric) very thin; diaphanous. Perpendicularly. archaic A very fine or diaphanous fabric or article. (typically of a boat or ship) swerve or change course quickly. A sudden deviation from a course, especially by a boat. The upward slope of a ship’s lines toward the bow and stern.
    shellThe hard protective outer case of a mollusk or crustacean. An explosive artillery projectile or bomb. Something resembling or likened to a shell because of its shape or its function as an outer case. The metal framework of a vehicle body. A light racing boat used in the sport of crew. An inner or roughly made coffin. The hand guard of a sword. Physics Computing with objectwith objectno object
    Sheraton(of furniture) designed, made by, or in the simple, delicate, and graceful style of the English furniture maker Thomas Sheraton (1751–1806)
    shifty(of a person or their manner) appearing deceitful or evasive.
    ShiiteAn adherent of the Shia branch of Islam. Relating to Shia.
    shillAn accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others. Act or work as a shill.
    shiny(of a smooth surface) reflecting light, typically because very clean or polished.
    shirtyIrritable; querulous.
    shoalA large number of fish swimming together. (of fish) form shoals. An area of shallow water, especially as a navigational hazard. (of water) become shallower. (of water) shallow.
    shockA sudden upsetting or surprising event or experience. An acute medical condition associated with a fall in blood pressure, caused by such events as loss of blood, severe burns, bacterial infection, allergic reaction, or sudden emotional stress, and marked by cold, pallid skin, irregular breathing, rapid pulse, and dilated pupils. A violent shaking movement caused by an impact, explosion, or tremor. with objectAffect with physiological shock. Affect with an electric shock. archaic A group of twelve sheaves of grain placed upright and supporting each other to allow the grain to dry and ripen. Arrange (sheaves of grain) in a shock. An unkempt or thick mass of hair.
    shoddyBadly made or done. An inferior quality yarn or fabric made from the shredded fiber of waste woolen cloth or clippings.
    shoelessan outer covering for the human foot typically having a thick or stiff sole with an attached heel and an upper part of lighter material (such as leather)
    shoreThe land along the edge of a sea, lake, or other large body of water. A prop or beam set obliquely against something weak or unstable as a support. Support or hold up something with props or beams.
    shotThe firing of a gun or cannon. A hit, stroke, or kick of the ball in sports such as basketball, tennis, or golf. A ball of stone or metal used as a missile fired from a large gun or cannon. A photograph. A small drink, especially of distilled liquor. usually with modifier(of colored cloth) woven with a warp and weft of different colors, giving a contrasting iridescent effect when looked at from different angles. informal A bill or one’s share of it, especially in a pub or bar.
    showyHaving a striking appearance or style, typically by being excessively bright, colorful, or ostentatious.
    shrewdHaving or showing sharp powers of judgment; astute. archaic
    shriekedUtter a high-pitched piercing sound or words, especially as an expression of terror, pain, or excitement. A high-pitched piercing cry or sound; a scream.
    shrunkBecome or make smaller in size or amount. no object, with adverbial of directionA clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist.
    shutMove (something) into position so as to block an opening; close. Make (something) unavailable for business or service, either permanently or until due to be open again.
    shyestBeing reserved or having or showing nervousness or timidity in the company of other people. shy of(of a plant) not bearing flowers or fruit well or prolifically. (especially of a horse) start suddenly aside in fright at an object, noise, or movement. A sudden startled movement, especially of a frightened horse. Fling or throw (something) at a target. An act of flinging or throwing something at a target.

    162 Adjectives That Start With SI

    sialoidresembling saliva
    siamesedated Of or concerning Siam, its people, or language.
    SiberiaA vast region of Russia that extends from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean and from the Arctic coast to the northern borders of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China. Noted for the severity of its winters, it was traditionally used as a place of exile; it is now a major source of minerals and hydroelectric power. An extremely cold, barren, or inhospitable place.
    SiberianRelating to Siberia or its people. A native or inhabitant of Siberia.
    sibilantMaking or characterized by a hissing sound. Phonetics A sibilant speech sound.
    sibylicany of several prophetesses usually accepted as 10 in number and credited to widely separate parts of the ancient world (such as Babylonia, Egypt, Greece, and Italy)
    sicUsed in brackets after a copied or quoted word that appears odd or erroneous to show that the word is quoted exactly as it stands in the original, as in a story must hold a child’s interest and “enrich his [sic] life. ”. Set a dog or other animal on (someone)
    SicilianRelating to the Italian island of Sicily or its people. A native or inhabitant of Sicily, or a person of Sicilian descent.
    sickAffected by physical or mental illness. predicativesick of(especially of humor) having something unpleasant such as death, illness, or misfortune as its subject and dealing with it in an offensive way. informal Vomit. sick something up
    sickeningCausing or liable to cause a feeling of nausea or disgust.
    sickerAffected by physical or mental illness. predicativesick of(especially of humor) having something unpleasant such as death, illness, or misfortune as its subject and dealing with it in an offensive way. informal Vomit. sick something up
    sicklierOften ill; in poor health. (of a flavor, smell, color, or light) so unpleasant as to induce discomfort or nausea.
    sickliestOften ill; in poor health. (of a flavor, smell, color, or light) so unpleasant as to induce discomfort or nausea.
    sicklyOften ill; in poor health. (of a flavor, smell, color, or light) so unpleasant as to induce discomfort or nausea.
    sideA position to the left or right of an object, place, or central point. An upright or sloping surface of a structure or object that is not the top or bottom and generally not the front or back. A part or region near the edge and away from the middle of something. A person or group opposing another or others in a dispute, contest, or debate. A particular aspect of a situation or a person’s character. as modifierside with/againstwith object
    sidearmA weapon worn at a person’s side, such as a pistol or other small firearm (or, formerly, a sword or bayonet). (of a throw, pitch, or cast) performed or delivered with a sweeping motion of the arm at or below shoulder level. In a sidearm manner. Baseball
    side-by-side(of two or more people or things) close together and facing the same way.
    sidelingA slope or declivity, especially one with a track or road running transversely along its face. Directed or moving sideways; sidelong, oblique. Of a look, glance, etc.
    sidelongDirected to or from one side. To or from one side; sideways.
    siderealOf or with respect to the distant stars (i. e. the constellations or fixed stars, not the sun or planets).
    sidewaysTo, toward, or from the side. By an indirect way. Directed or moving to, toward, or from the side. Done indirectly.
    SieneseRelating to or characteristic of the Italian city of Siena or its inhabitants. A native or inhabitant of the Italian city of Siena.
    sighted(of a person) having the ability to see; not blind.
    sightlessUnable to see; blind.
    sightlyPleasing to the eye.
    sigmateHaving the shape of a Σ or a letter S.
    sigmoidCurved like the uncial sigma (C); crescent-shaped. S-shaped.
    signAn object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else. A gesture or action used to convey information or instructions. A notice that is publicly displayed giving information or instructions in a written or symbolic form.
    signalA gesture, action, or sound that is used to convey information or instructions, typically by prearrangement between the parties concerned. An electrical impulse or radio wave transmitted or received. An apparatus on a railroad, typically a colored light or a semaphore, giving indications to train engineers of whether or not the line is clear. Transmit information or instructions by means of a gesture, action, or sound. Striking in extent, seriousness, or importance; outstanding.
    signatoryA party that has signed an agreement, especially a country that has signed a treaty.
    signedAn object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else. A gesture or action used to convey information or instructions. A notice that is publicly displayed giving information or instructions in a written or symbolic form.
    significantSufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention; noteworthy. Having a particular meaning; indicative of something. Statistics
    significativeBeing a symbol or sign of something; having a meaning.
    SikhAn adherent of Sikhism. Relating to Sikhs or Sikhism.
    silencedPrevented or prohibited from speaking. (a gun or other loud mechanism) fitted with a silencer.
    silentNot making or accompanied by any sound.
    siliceousContaining or consisting of silica.
    silicic(of rocks) rich in silica.
    siliciousContaining or consisting of silica.
    silkenMade of silk.
    silkierOf or resembling silk, especially in being soft, fine, and lustrous.
    silkiestOf or resembling silk, especially in being soft, fine, and lustrous.
    silkyOf or resembling silk, especially in being soft, fine, and lustrous.
    sillyHaving or showing a lack of common sense or judgment; absurd and foolish. A foolish person (often used as a form of address)
    siltyloose sedimentary material with rock particles usually ¹/₂₀ millimeter or less in diameter
    SilurianRelating to or denoting the third period of the Paleozoic era, between the Ordovician and Devonian periods. the Silurian
    silvanmainly literary
    silverA shiny gray-white color or appearance like that of silver. Silver dishes, containers, or cutlery. Coins made from silver or from a metal that resembles silver. Made of or colored like silver. Coat or plate with silver.
    silveryLike silver in color or appearance; shiny and gray-white.
    simianRelating to, resembling, or affecting apes or monkeys. An ape or monkey.
    similarResembling without being identical. mainly archaic usually similars
    simiousCharacteristic of apes; resembling or reminiscent of (that of) an ape; apelike.
    simpatico(of a person) likable and easy to get along with.
    simpleEasily understood or done; presenting no difficulty. Plain, basic, or uncomplicated in form, nature, or design; without much decoration or ornamentation. Composed of a single element; not compound. dated, offensive A medicinal herb, or a medicine made from one. Used to convey that something is very straightforward.
    simple-mindedHaving or showing very little intelligence or judgment.
    simplextechnical A simple or uncompounded word.
    simulantA thing which simulates or resembles something else.
    simulateImitate the appearance or character of.
    simulatedManufactured in imitation of some other material.
    simultaneousOccurring, operating, or done at the same time.
    sincereFree from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings.
    sinewyConsisting of or resembling sinews.
    sinfulWicked and immoral; committing or characterized by the committing of sins.
    SinghaleseA member of a people originally from northern India, now forming the majority of the population of Sri Lanka. The Indic language of the Sinhalese. Relating to the Sinhalese or their language.
    singingThe activity of performing songs or tunes by making musical sounds with the voice. Melodious whistling and twittering sounds made by a bird or birds.
    singleattributiveUnmarried or not involved in a stable sexual relationship. attributive archaic An individual person or thing rather than part of a pair or a group. Baseball singlessingle someone/something outBaseball
    single-acting(of an engine) having pressure applied only to one side of the piston.
    singledattributiveUnmarried or not involved in a stable sexual relationship. attributive archaic An individual person or thing rather than part of a pair or a group. Baseball singlessingle someone/something outBaseball
    single-entryDenoting a system of bookkeeping in which each transaction is entered in one account only.
    single-handedWithout help from anyone else. With one hand. Done without help from anyone else. Done or designed to be used with one hand.
    single-mindedHaving or concentrating on only one aim or purpose.
    single-spaced(of digital or printed text) arranged with the standard amount of vertical space between successive lines.
    singlingattributiveUnmarried or not involved in a stable sexual relationship. attributive archaic An individual person or thing rather than part of a pair or a group. Baseball singlessingle someone/something outBaseball
    singsong(of a person’s voice) having a repeated rising and falling rhythm. British in singularSpeak or recite something in a singsong manner.
    singularGrammar Exceptionally good or great; remarkable. Mathematics Physics Mathematics usually the singular
    SinhaleseA member of a people originally from northern India, now forming the majority of the population of Sri Lanka. The Indic language of the Sinhalese. Relating to the Sinhalese or their language.
    sinisterGiving the impression that something harmful or evil is happening or will happen. Heraldry
    sinistralOf or on the left side or the left hand.
    sinistrorseZoology Botany rare
    sinlessFree from sin.
    sinningAn immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. Commit a sin. Sine.
    sinteredProduced by or subjected to sintering (the process of coalescing a powdered material into a solid or porous mass by means of heating without liquefaction)
    sinuateHaving a wavy or sinuous margin; with alternate rounded notches and lobes.
    sinuousHaving many curves and turns.
    sinusoidalHaving the form of a sine curve. Anatomy
    siphonal(in a mollusk or similar aquatic animal) relating to the tubular organ (siphon) through which water is drawn in or expelled.
    sirenianA large aquatic plant-eating mammal of the order Sirenia, such as a manatee or dugong. Relating to or denoting sirenians.
    sissifiedWeak, soft, or timid.
    sissyA soft, timid, or oversensitive person, or a boy or man viewed as being overly interested in things traditionally associated with women. Soft, timid, or oversensitive, or overly interested in things traditionally associated with women.
    sisterA woman or girl in relation to other daughters and sons of her parents. A close female friend or associate, especially a female fellow member of a labor union or other organization. as modifier
    sisterlessWithout a sister or sisters; having no sister.
    sisterlyCharacteristic of or appropriate for a sister or sisters.
    SistineRelating to any of the popes called Sixtus, especially Sixtus IV.
    SisypheanDenoting or relating to a task that can never be completed.
    sittingA continuous period of being seated, especially when engaged in a particular activity. In a seated position. (of an elected representative) current; present. (of a hen or other bird) settled on eggs for the purpose of incubating them.
    situateFix or build (something) in a certain place or position. Situated.
    situatedFix or build (something) in a certain place or position. Situated.
    situationalRelating to or dependent on a set of circumstances or state of affairs. Relating to the location and surroundings of a place.
    situlaAny of various bucket-shaped vessels, usually elaborately decorated.
    siwashA North American Indian of the northern Pacific coast. Relating to North American Indians of the northern Pacific coast. Camp without a tent.
    sixa number that is one more than five — see Table of Numbers
    sixfoldSix times as great or as numerous. By six times; to six times the number or amount.
    sixpennyCosting or worth six pence, especially before decimalization (1971).
    sixteenthConstituting number sixteen in a sequence; 16th. Each of sixteen equal parts into which something is or may be divided.
    sixthConstituting number six in a sequence; 6th.
    sixtiethConstituting number sixty in a sequence; 60th. Each of sixty equal parts into which something is or may be divided.
    sixtya number that is equal to six times 10 — see Table of Numbers
    sizableFairly large.
    sizeThe relative extent of something; a thing’s overall dimensions or magnitude; how big something is. Each of the classes, typically numbered, into which garments or other articles are divided according to how large they are. Alter or sort in terms of size or according to size. Having a specified size; sized. A gelatinous solution used in gilding paper, stiffening textiles, and preparing plastered walls for decoration. Treat with size to glaze or stiffen.
    sizeableFairly large.
    sizedHaving a specified size.

    34 Adjectives Starting With SK

    skaldican ancient Scandinavian poet
    skeighproudly spirited
    skeletalRelating to or functioning as a skeleton.
    skepticA person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions. Philosophy
    skepticalNot easily convinced; having doubts or reservations. Philosophy
    sketchyNot thorough or detailed. North American
    skewNeither parallel nor at right angles to a specified or implied line; askew; crooked. Mathematics Statistics An oblique angle; a slant. Suddenly change direction or position.
    skewbald(of an animal) with irregular patches of white and another color (properly not black). A skewbald animal, especially a horse.
    skewedNeither parallel nor at right angles to a specified or implied line; askew; crooked. Mathematics Statistics An oblique angle; a slant. Suddenly change direction or position.
    skiEach of a pair of long narrow pieces of hard flexible material, typically pointed and turned up at the front, fastened under the feet for gliding over snow. Travel over snow on skis; take part in the sport or recreation of skiing.
    skiableone of a pair of narrow strips of wood, metal, or plastic curving upward in front that are used especially for gliding over snow
    skidproofone of a group of objects (such as planks or logs) used to support or elevate a structure or object
    skilfulHaving or showing skill.
    skilledHaving or showing the knowledge, ability, or training to perform a certain activity or task well.
    skillfulHaving or showing skill.
    skimwith objectno object, with adverbial of directionwith objectA thin layer of a substance on the surface of a liquid. An act of reading something quickly or superficially.
    skimmedwith objectno object, with adverbial of directionwith objectA thin layer of a substance on the surface of a liquid. An act of reading something quickly or superficially.
    skimpy(of clothes) short and revealing.
    skinThe thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal. The peel or outer layer of certain fruits or vegetables. Computing British usually skins informal with object informal no object
    skin-deepNot deep or lasting; superficial.
    skinkingThin, watery.
    skinlessthe integument of an animal (such as a fur-bearing mammal or a bird) separated from the body usually with its hair or feathers
    skinnedHaving a skin of a specified type.
    skinnier(of a person or part of their body) unattractively or unusually thin. (of an article of clothing) tight-fitting. informal A skinny person. skinniesthe skinny
    skinniest(of a person or part of their body) unattractively or unusually thin. (of an article of clothing) tight-fitting. informal A skinny person. skinniesthe skinny
    skinny(of a person or part of their body) unattractively or unusually thin. (of an article of clothing) tight-fitting. informal A skinny person. skinniesthe skinny
    skint(of a person) having little or no money available.
    skirtingA wooden board running along the base of an interior wall; a baseboard.
    skirtlesshaving no skirt
    skittish(of an animal, especially a horse) nervous or excitable; easily scared.
    skulkingKeep out of sight, typically with a sinister or cowardly motive. A group of foxes.
    sky-blueNot yet practical or profitable. Make impractical or as yet unachievable plans.
    sky-highSo as to reach or extend very high. Extending far upward.
    skywardToward the sky. Moving or directed toward the sky.

    148 Words That Start With SL Adjectives

    slackNot taut or held tightly in position; loose. (of business) characterized by a lack of work or activity; quiet. Having or showing laziness or negligence. (of a tide) neither ebbing nor flowing. The part of a rope or line which is not held taut; the loose or unused part. A spell of inactivity or laziness. slacksLoosen (something, especially a rope)Decrease or reduce in intensity, quantity, or speed. British Slake (lime)Loosely. Coal dust or small pieces of coal.
    slainarchaic, literary informal
    slakedQuench or satisfy (one’s thirst)Combine (quicklime) with water to produce calcium hydroxide.
    slateA fine-grained gray, green, or bluish metamorphic rock easily split into smooth, flat pieces. A flat piece of slate used for writing on, typically framed in wood, formerly used in schools. usually as modifierA list of candidates for election to a post or office, typically a group sharing a set of political views. A board showing the identifying details of a take of a motion picture, which is held in front of the camera at its beginning and end. Cover (something, especially a roof) with slates. British usually be slatedIdentify (a movie take) using a slate.
    slaveA person who is forced to work for and obey another and is considered to be their property; an enslaved person. A device, or part of one, directly controlled by another. no objectwith object archaic
    SlavicRelating to or denoting the branch of the Indo-European language family that includes Russian, Ukrainian, and Belorussian (East Slavic), Polish, Czech, Slovak, and Sorbian (West Slavic), and Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, and Slovene (South Slavic). The Slavic languages collectively.
    sleepyNeeding or ready for sleep.
    slick(of an action or thing) done or operating in an impressively smooth, efficient, and apparently effortless way. (of skin or hair) smooth and glossy. An oil slick. A small smear or patch of a glossy or wet substance, especially a cosmetic. usually slicksNorth American North American with object and adverbial
    slim(of a person or their build) gracefully thin; slenderly built (used approvingly)(of something abstract, especially a chance or margin) very small. British A course or period of slimming.
    slimyCovered by or having the feel or consistency of slime.
    slitA long, narrow cut or opening. Make a long, narrow cut in (something)
    SlovakA native or inhabitant of Slovakia, or a person of Slovak descent. The West Slavic language of Slovakia, closely related to Czech. Relating to the Slovaks or their language.
    slubA lump or thick place in yarn or thread. (of fabric) having an irregular appearance caused by uneven thickness of the warp. Wool that has been slightly twisted in preparation for spinning. Twist (wool) in preparation for spinning.
    slumA squalid and overcrowded urban street or district inhabited by very poor people. informal
    slungA flexible strap or belt used in the form of a loop to support or raise a weight. A simple weapon in the form of a strap or loop, used to hurl stones or other small missiles. with object and adverbial of placeBritish A sweetened drink of liquor, especially gin, and water.

    62 Adjectives Beginning With SM

    smackingA sharp slap or blow, typically one given with the palm of the hand. Strike (someone or something), typically with the palm of the hand and as a punishment. In a sudden and violent way. Exactly; precisely. Have a flavor of; taste of. A flavor or taste of. US Heroin.
    smallOf a size that is less than normal or usual. Insignificant; unimportant. British West Indian Into small pieces.
    small-boreDenoting a firearm with a narrow bore, in international and Olympic shooting generally . 22 inch caliber.
    smallerSmall in size, amount, or degree (often used to convey an appealing diminutiveness or express an affectionate or condescending attitude)a littleUsed to emphasize how small an amount is. a little(used for emphasis) only to a small extent; not much or often.
    smallestSmall in size, amount, or degree (often used to convey an appealing diminutiveness or express an affectionate or condescending attitude)a littleUsed to emphasize how small an amount is. a little(used for emphasis) only to a small extent; not much or often.
    smallishFairly small.
    small-mindedHaving or showing rigid opinions or a narrow outlook; petty.
    small-scaleOf limited size or extent.
    small-timeUnimportant; minor.
    small-townRelating to or characteristic of a small town, especially as considered to be unsophisticated or petty.
    smarmyIngratiating and wheedling in a way that is perceived as insincere or excessive.
    smartinformal (of a device) programmed so as to be capable of some independent action. British Quick; brisk. (of a wound or part of the body) feel or cause a sharp stinging pain. smartsSharp stinging pain. In a quick or brisk manner.
    smart-aleckA person who is irritating because they behave as if they know everything.
    smart-aleckyDenoting or characteristic of a person who behaves as if they know everything.
    smartingThe fact or sensation of feeling a sharp stinging pain. (of part of the body) feeling a sharp stinging pain.
    smartishsomewhat smart
    smartyinformal, derogatory informal, dated
    smashedViolently or badly broken or shattered. informal
    smashingExcellent; wonderful.
    smearedCoat or mark (something) messily or carelessly with a greasy or sticky substance. Damage the reputation of (someone) by false accusations; slander. A mark or streak of a greasy or sticky substance. A sample of material spread thinly on a microscope slide for examination, typically for medical diagnosis. A false accusation intended to damage someone’s reputation. Climbing
    smeariermarked by or covered with smears
    smeariestmarked by or covered with smears
    smearymarked by or covered with smears
    smecticDenoting or involving a state of a liquid crystal in which the molecules are oriented in parallel and arranged in well-defined planes. A smectic substance.
    smellierHaving a strong or unpleasant smell.
    smelliestHaving a strong or unpleasant smell.
    smellingThe faculty or power of perceiving odors or scents by means of the organs in the nose. with objectno object
    smell-lesshaving no smell
    smellyHaving a strong or unpleasant smell.
    smilelessto have, produce, or exhibit a smile
    smilingThe action or fact of smiling. Having or characterized by a smile.
    smirchedMake (something) dirty; soil. A dirty mark or stain.
    smittenliterary be smittenA heavy blow or stroke with a weapon or the hand.
    smoggycharacterized by or abounding in smog
    smoked(of food, especially meat or fish) cured or preserved by exposure to smoke. (of glass) treated in such a way as to darken it.
    smoke-driedCure (meat or fish) by exposing it to smoke.
    smokelessProducing or emitting little or no smoke.
    smokeproofa test impression of a typefounder’s punch obtained by blackening it in a flame and stamping it on paper
    smokierFilled with or smelling of smoke.
    smokiestFilled with or smelling of smoke.
    smokingThe action or habit of inhaling and exhaling the smoke of tobacco by sucking on the end of a lit cigarette, cigar, pipe, etc. Emitting smoke or visible vapor.
    smokyFilled with or smelling of smoke.
    smoothHaving an even and regular surface or consistency; free from perceptible projections, lumps, or indentations. (of movement) without jerks. (of an action, event, or process) without problems or difficulties. (of a person or their manner, actions, or words) suavely charming in a way considered to be unctuous. (of food or drink) without harshness or bitterness. Give (something) a flat, regular surface or appearance by running one’s hand over it. In a way that is without difficulties.
    smoothedHaving an even and regular surface or consistency; free from perceptible projections, lumps, or indentations. (of movement) without jerks. (of an action, event, or process) without problems or difficulties. (of a person or their manner, actions, or words) suavely charming in a way considered to be unctuous. (of food or drink) without harshness or bitterness. Give (something) a flat, regular surface or appearance by running one’s hand over it. In a way that is without difficulties.
    smooth-facedConcealing one’s true feelings by a show of friendliness. Clean-shaven.
    smooth-spokenspeaking smoothly
    smooth-tonguedingratiating in speech
    smorzando(especially as a direction) in a way that dies away. (of music) dying away.
    smothered(of food) cooked in a covered container.
    smotheringKill (someone) by covering their nose and mouth so that they suffocate. A mass of something that stifles or obscures.
    smotheryto kill by depriving of air
    smoulderingThe process of burning slowly with smoke but no flame. Burning slowly with smoke but no flame.
    smudgedCause (something) to become messily smeared by rubbing it. A blurred or smeared mark on the surface of something. A smoky outdoor fire that is lit to keep off insects or protect plants against frost.
    smudgyHaving blurred or smeared marks on the surface.
    smugHaving or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one’s achievements.
    smuggerHaving or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one’s achievements.
    smuggestHaving or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one’s achievements.
    smuggledMove (goods) illegally into or out of a country.
    smuttier(of talk, writing, or pictures) obscene or lascivious.
    smuttiest(of talk, writing, or pictures) obscene or lascivious.
    smutty(of talk, writing, or pictures) obscene or lascivious.

    78 Adjectives That Start With SN

    snafuA confused or chaotic state; a mess. In utter confusion or chaos. Throw (a situation) into chaos.
    snaggyHaving sharp, angular, or jagged projections.
    snakierLike a snake in appearance; long and sinuous.
    snakiestLike a snake in appearance; long and sinuous.
    snakyLike a snake in appearance; long and sinuous.
    snap-brim(of a hat) with a brim that can be turned up and down at opposite sides.
    snappiestinformal informal
    snappingThe action of breaking suddenly and completely, typically with a sharp cracking sound. Making a sharp cracking sound or sounds. (of a person) taking snapshots.
    snappish(of a dog) irritable and inclined to bite.
    snappyinformal informal
    snarled(of an animal such as a dog) make an aggressive growl with bared teeth. An act or sound of snarling. Entangle or impede (something)Decorate (metalwork) with raised shapes by hammering the underside. A knot or tangle.
    snarly(of an animal) snarling or inclined to snarl.
    snazzierStylish and attractive.
    snazziestStylish and attractive.
    snazzyStylish and attractive.
    sneakMove or go in a furtive or stealthy manner. A furtive and contemptible person. usually sneaksActing or done surreptitiously, unofficially, or without warning.
    sneakierFurtive; sly.
    sneakiestFurtive; sly.
    sneakyFurtive; sly.
    sneckedA latch on a door or window. Close or fasten (a door or window) with a latch.
    sneeringContemptuous or mocking. The action of smiling or speaking in a contemptuous or mocking manner.
    snideDerogatory or mocking in an indirect way. mainly North American mainly British An unpleasant or underhanded person or remark.
    sniffierScornful; contemptuous.
    sniffiestScornful; contemptuous.
    snifflingSniff slightly or repeatedly, typically because of a cold or fit of crying. An act of sniffing because of a cold or crying.
    sniffyScornful; contemptuous.
    snippierCurt or sharp, especially in a condescending way.
    snippiestCurt or sharp, especially in a condescending way.
    snippyCurt or sharp, especially in a condescending way.
    snobbishRelating to, characteristic of, or like a snob.
    snobbyRelating to, characteristic of, or like a snob.
    snodsmooth, neat, trim, sleek
    snootierShowing disapproval or contempt toward others, especially those considered to belong to a lower social class.
    snootiestShowing disapproval or contempt toward others, especially those considered to belong to a lower social class.
    snootyShowing disapproval or contempt toward others, especially those considered to belong to a lower social class.
    snortingAn explosive sound made by the sudden forcing of breath through one’s nose, used to express indignation, derision, or incredulity. Make a sudden sound through one’s nose, especially to express indignation or derision.
    snottyFull of or covered with nasal mucus. Having or showing a superior or conceited attitude.
    snow-blindTemporarily blinded by the glare of light reflected by a large expanse of snow.
    snow-whiteOf a pure white color.
    snowyCovered with snow.
    snubRebuff, ignore, or spurn disdainfully. Check the movement of (a horse or boat), especially by a rope wound around a post. An act of showing disdain or a lack of cordiality by rebuffing or ignoring someone or something. (of a person’s or animal’s nose) short and turned up at the end.
    snuffExtinguish (a candle)The charred part of a candle wick. Powdered tobacco that is sniffed up the nostril rather than smoked. Inhale or sniff at (something)
    snuffierarchaic Resembling powdered tobacco in color or substance.
    snuffiestarchaic Resembling powdered tobacco in color or substance.
    snufflingThe action of breathing noisily through the nose due to a cold or crying.
    snuffyarchaic Resembling powdered tobacco in color or substance.
    snugComfortable, warm, and cozy; well protected from the weather or cold. (especially of clothing) very tight or close-fitting. A small, comfortable public room in a pub or inn. mainly North American
    snuggerComfortable, warm, and cozy; well protected from the weather or cold. (especially of clothing) very tight or close-fitting. A small, comfortable public room in a pub or inn. mainly North American
    snuggestComfortable, warm, and cozy; well protected from the weather or cold. (especially of clothing) very tight or close-fitting. A small, comfortable public room in a pub or inn. mainly North American
    snuggledSettle or move into a warm, comfortable position.
    snowlesssnuff-brownsnub by

    190 Adjectives Starting With SO

    soapyContaining or covered with soap. informal (of a person or behavior) unpleasantly flattering and ingratiating.
    Socinianan adherent of a 16th and 17th century theological movement professing belief in God and adherence to the Christian Scriptures but denying the divinity of Christ and consequently denying the Trinity
    sockoStunningly effective or successful.
    soggyWet and soft.
    solaAn Indian swamp plant of the pea family, with stems that yield the pith that is used to make sola topis.
    solarRelating to or determined by the sun. The sun’s rays as a source of energy from which power for domestic or industrial use may be generated. An upper chamber in a medieval house.
    soldGive or hand over (something) in exchange for money. Persuade someone of the merits of. archaic An act of selling or attempting to sell something. British
    soleThe undersurface of a person’s foot. Put a new sole on to (a shoe)A marine flatfish of almost worldwide distribution, important as a food fish. One and only.
    solicitedto make petition to
    solidFirm and stable in shape; not liquid or fluid. Having three dimensions. Not hollow or containing spaces or gaps. Dependable; reliable. solid withA substance or object that is solid rather than liquid or fluid.
    soloDone by one person alone; unaccompanied. For or by one person alone. A piece or passage of vocal or instrumental music for one performer. An unaccompanied flight by a pilot in an aircraft. A card game in which one player plays against the others in an attempt to win a specified number of tricks. Perform a piece or passage of music unaccompanied or as the featured musician. Fly an aircraft unaccompanied.
    solusAlone or unaccompanied (used especially as a stage direction).
    sonsyHaving an attractive and healthy appearance.
    soppySelf-indulgently sentimental. British
    sorer(of a part of one’s body) painful or aching. A raw or painful place on the body. Extremely; severely.
    sourHaving an acid taste like lemon or vinegar. Feeling or expressing resentment, disappointment, or anger. (of soil) deficient in lime and usually dank. (of petroleum or natural gas) containing a relatively high sulfur content. A drink made by mixing an alcoholic beverage with lemon juice or lime juice. Make or become sour.
    sownPlant (seed) by scattering it on or in the earth. An adult female pig, especially one which has farrowed. A large block of metal (larger than a “pig”) made by smelting.

    279 Words That Start With SP Adjectives

    spaced(of two or more items) positioned at a distance from one another, especially a regular or specified distance.
    sparidA fish of the sea bream family (Sparidae), whose members are marine and have deep bodies with long spiny dorsal fins.
    sparryContaining or resembling spar, a crystalline, easily cleavable, translucent or transparent mineral.
    sparseThinly dispersed or scattered.
    spayedSterilize (a female animal) by removing the ovaries.
    speedyDone or occurring quickly. Moving quickly.
    spiffySmart in appearance.
    spikedA thin, pointed piece of metal, wood, or another rigid material. A sharp increase in the magnitude or concentration of something. Impale on or pierce with a sharp point. Form into or cover with sharp points. informal (in volleyball) hit (the ball) forcefully from a position near the net so that it moves downward into the opposite court. A flower cluster formed of many flower heads attached directly to a long stem.
    spinalRelating to the spine.
    spiralWinding in a continuous and gradually widening (or tightening) curve, either around a central point on a flat plane or about an axis so as to form a cone. A spiral curve, shape, or pattern. A progressive rise or fall of prices, wages, etc. , each responding to an upward or downward stimulus provided by a previous one. American Football no object, with adverbial of directionno object
    splayThrust or spread (things, especially limbs or fingers) out and apart. A tapered widening of a road at an intersection to increase visibility. A surface making an oblique angle with another, such as the splayed side of a window or embrasure. A splayed window aperture or other opening. Turned outward or widened.
    splitBreak or cause to break forcibly into parts, especially into halves or along the grain. (with reference to a group of people) divide into two or more groups. informal British informal A tear, crack, or fissure in something, especially down the middle or along the grain. a split or the splitsA thing that is divided or split. The time it takes to complete a recognized part of a race, or the point in the race where such a time is measured. A seaport on the coast of southern Croatia; population 177,500 (est. 2009). It contains the ruins of the palace of the emperor Diocletian, built in about AD 300.
    spoiltDiminish or destroy the value or quality of. Harm the character of (someone, especially a child) by being too lenient or indulgent. be spoiling for archaic usually spoilsWaste material brought up during the course of an excavation or a dredging or mining operation.
    spokenSpeaking in a specified way.
    spongyLike a sponge, especially in being porous, compressible, elastic, or absorbent.
    spookySinister or ghostly in a way that causes fear and unease. mainly North American
    spoonyinformal, dated A simple, silly, or foolish person.
    sportAn activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. informal Biology with objectno object
    spruceA widespread coniferous tree which has a distinctive conical shape and hanging cones, widely grown for timber, pulp, and Christmas trees. Neat in dress and appearance. Make a person or place smarter or tidier. British
    spry(especially of an old person) active; lively.
    spunTurn or cause to turn or whirl around quickly. with objectwith objectno objectA rapid turning or whirling motion. informal in singular

    53 Adjectives Beginning With SQ

    squabA young unfledged pigeon. A thick stuffed cushion, especially one covering the seat of a chair or sofa. (of a person) short and fat.
    squabbiestsquabentry 2 sense 1a(1)
    squabbysquabentry 2 sense 1a(1)
    squalid(of a place) extremely dirty and unpleasant, especially as a result of poverty or neglect.
    squallier(of weather) characterized by squalls.
    squalliest(of weather) characterized by squalls.
    squallingA sudden violent gust of wind or a localized storm, especially one bringing rain, snow, or sleet. (of a baby or small child) cry noisily and continuously.
    squally(of weather) characterized by squalls.
    squamateA reptile of the large order Squamata; a snake, lizard, or worm lizard. Relating to or denoting squamates.
    squamosalThe squamous portion of the temporal bone, especially when this forms a separate bone which, in mammals, articulates with the lower jaw.
    squamousCovered with or characterized by scales.
    squanderedWaste (something, especially money or time) in a reckless and foolish manner.
    squareA plane figure with four equal straight sides and four right angles. An open (typically four-sided) area surrounded by buildings in a town, village, or city. The product of a number multiplied by itself. An L-shaped or T-shaped instrument used for obtaining or testing right angles. informal North American Having the shape or approximate shape of a square. Denoting a unit of measurement equal to the area of a square whose side is of the unit specified. At right angles; perpendicular. Level or parallel. (of two people) owing nothing to each other. informal (of rhythm) simple and straightforward. Directly; straight. Make square or rectangular; give a square or rectangular cross section to. Multiply (a number) by itself. Balance (an account)Bring (one’s shoulders) into a position in which they appear square and broad, typically to prepare oneself for a difficult task or event. informal Sailing Astrology
    squaredMarked out in squares. (of a number) multiplied by itself.
    square-rigged(of a sailing ship) having the principal sails at right angles to the length of the ship, supported by horizontal yards attached to the mast or masts.
    squashedFlat, soft, or out of shape as a result of being crushed or squeezed with force.
    squashierEasily crushed or squeezed into a different shape; having a soft consistency.
    squashiestEasily crushed or squeezed into a different shape; having a soft consistency.
    squashyEasily crushed or squeezed into a different shape; having a soft consistency.
    squatno objectno objectShort and thickset; disproportionately broad or wide. in singularA building occupied by people living in it without the legal right to do so. North American
    squattylow to the ground
    squawkyharsh, discordant, raucous
    squeakierHaving or making a high-pitched sound or cry.
    squeakiestHaving or making a high-pitched sound or cry.
    squeakingA short, high-pitched sound or cry. Make a high-pitched sound or cry. informal
    squeakyHaving or making a high-pitched sound or cry.
    squealingA long, high-pitched cry or noise. Make a long, high-pitched cry or noise. informal
    squeamish(of a person) easily made to feel sick, faint, or disgusted, especially by unpleasant images, such as the sight of blood.
    squelchedMake a soft sucking sound such as that made by walking heavily through mud. A soft sucking sound made when pressure is applied to liquid or mud.
    squiffySlightly drunk.
    squintno objectno objectin singular informal An oblique opening through a wall in a church permitting a view of the altar from an aisle or side chapel.
    squint-eyedderogatory archaic
    squintingno objectno objectin singular informal An oblique opening through a wall in a church permitting a view of the altar from an aisle or side chapel.
    squirmingWriggle or twist the body from side to side, especially as a result of nervousness or discomfort. A wriggling movement.
    squirmyto twist about like a worm
    squirrellyRelating to or resembling a squirrel. North American
    squirtingCause (a liquid) to be ejected from a small opening in a thin, fast stream or jet. Transmit (information) in highly compressed or speeded-up form. A thin stream or small quantity of liquid ejected from something. informal A compressed radio signal transmitted at high speed.
    squishierSoft and moist.
    squishySoft and moist.

    449 Adjectives That Start With ST

    stabbed(of a person) thrust a knife or other pointed weapon into (someone) so as to wound or kill. A thrust with a knife or other pointed weapon. stab at
    stabileA freestanding abstract sculpture or structure, typically of wire or sheet metal, in the style of a mobile but rigid and stationary.
    stable(of an object or structure) not likely to give way or overturn; firmly fixed. A building set apart and adapted for keeping horses. Put or keep (a horse) in a stable.
    staccatoMusic With each note sharply detached or separated from the others. Music
    stacked(of a number of things) put or arranged in a stack or stacks. (of a deck of cards) shuffled or arranged dishonestly so as to gain an unfair advantage. vulgar slang informal Computing
    stagedPresented or performed on a stage.
    stageyExcessively theatrical; exaggerated.
    stagierExcessively theatrical; exaggerated.
    stagiestExcessively theatrical; exaggerated.
    stagnant(of a body of water or the atmosphere of a confined space) having no current or flow and often having an unpleasant smell as a consequence.
    stagyExcessively theatrical; exaggerated.
    staidSedate, respectable, and unadventurous.
    stainedMarked or discolored with something that is not easily removed. (of a material or object) colored by application of a penetrative dye or chemical.
    stale(of food) no longer fresh and pleasant to eat; hard, musty, or dry. Make or become stale. (of an animal, especially a horse) urinate.
    stalked(chiefly of a plant or animal structure) having a stalk or main stem.
    stalkingThe main stem of a herbaceous plant. Pursue or approach stealthily. Harass or persecute (someone) with unwanted and obsessive attention. no object, with adverbial of directionA stealthy pursuit of someone or something. A stiff, striding gait.
    stalwartLoyal, reliable, and hardworking. A loyal, reliable, and hardworking supporter or participant in an organization or team.
    stampedBring down (one’s foot) heavily on the ground or on something on the ground. Impress a pattern or mark, especially an official one, on (a surface, object, or document) using an engraved or inked block or die or other instrument. Affix a postage stamp or stamps onto (a letter or package)Crush or pulverize (ore). An instrument for stamping a pattern or mark, in particular an engraved or inked block or die. A small adhesive piece of paper stuck to something to show that an amount of money has been paid, in particular a postage stamp. An act or sound of stamping with the foot. A block for crushing ore in a stamp mill.
    standardA level of quality or attainment. An idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations. A tune or song of established popularity. A military or ceremonial flag carried on a pole or hoisted on a rope. A tree or shrub that grows on an erect stem of full height. An upright water or gas pipe. Used or accepted as normal or average. attributive
    stand-byReadiness for duty or immediate deployment.
    stand-upInvolving, done by, or engaged in by people standing up. (of a fight or argument) involving direct confrontation. Designed to stay upright or erect. A comedian who performs by standing in front of an audience and telling jokes. A short meeting of a kind held regularly by people working on a project together, at which participants discuss their progress and typically stand rather than sit. A fight or argument involving direct confrontation.
    stannicOf tin with a valence of four; of tin(IV).
    stannousOf tin with a valence of two; of tin(II).
    stapleA piece of thin wire with a long center portion and two short end pieces that are driven by a stapler through sheets of paper to fasten them together. Attach or secure with a staple or staples. A main or important element of something, especially of a diet. The fiber of cotton or wool considered with regard to its length and degree of fineness. historical Main or important, especially in terms of consumption. Sort or classify (wool, etc. ) according to fiber.
    starA fixed luminous point in the night sky which is a large, remote incandescent body like the sun. A conventional or stylized representation of a star, typically one having five or more points. A famous or exceptionally talented performer in the world of entertainment or sports. Astrology (of a movie, play, or other show) have (someone) as a principal performer. Decorate or cover with star-shaped marks or objects.
    starchy(of food or diet) containing a relatively high amount of starch. (of clothing) stiff with starch. informal
    staringLook fixedly or vacantly at someone or something with one’s eyes wide open. A long fixed or vacant look.
    starkSevere or bare in appearance or outline. attributive archaic, literary
    starkersBritish Mad; crazy.
    starlitLit or made brighter by stars.
    starredA fixed luminous point in the night sky which is a large, remote incandescent body like the sun. A conventional or stylized representation of a star, typically one having five or more points. A famous or exceptionally talented performer in the world of entertainment or sports. Astrology (of a movie, play, or other show) have (someone) as a principal performer. Decorate or cover with star-shaped marks or objects.
    starrierFull of or lit by stars.
    starringDenoting a principal role or performer in a film, play, or other show.
    starryFull of or lit by stars.
    startingBegin or be reckoned from a particular point in time or space. (of event or process) happen or come into being. Give a small jump or make a sudden jerking movement from surprise or alarm. The point in time or space at which something has its origin; the beginning. A sudden movement of surprise or alarm. Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, an agreement between the US and the Soviet Union to limit and reduce strategic nuclear weapons, first signed in 1991.
    startledFeeling or showing sudden shock or alarm.
    starved(of a person or animal) suffer severely or die from hunger. archaic, dialect
    starvingSuffering or dying from hunger.
    statant(of an animal) standing with all four paws on the ground.
    stateThe particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time. A nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government. The civil government of a country. Pomp and ceremony associated with monarchy or high levels of government. An impression taken from an etched or engraved plate at a particular stage. Of, provided by, or concerned with the civil government of a country. Used or done on ceremonial occasions; involving the ceremony associated with a head of state. reporting verbMusic
    statedClearly expressed or identified; specified.
    statelyHaving a dignified, unhurried, and grand manner; majestic in manner and appearance.
    staticLacking in movement, action, or change, especially in a way viewed as undesirable or uninteresting. Physics (of an electric charge) having gathered on or in an object that cannot conduct a current. Computing Crackling or hissing noises on a telephone, radio, or other telecommunications system.
    statistAn advocate of a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs. Relating to or characteristic of a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs.
    stative(of a verb) expressing a state or condition rather than an activity or event, such as be or know, as opposed to run or grow. A stative verb.
    statuteA written law passed by a legislative body.
    staunchLoyal and committed in attitude. (of a wall) of strong or firm construction.
    steadiedFirmly fixed, supported, or balanced; not shaking or moving. Regular, even, and continuous in development, frequency, or intensity. Make or become steady. Used as a warning to someone to keep calm or take care. A person’s regular boyfriend or girlfriend.
    steadyFirmly fixed, supported, or balanced; not shaking or moving. Regular, even, and continuous in development, frequency, or intensity. Make or become steady. Used as a warning to someone to keep calm or take care. A person’s regular boyfriend or girlfriend.
    stealthyBehaving, done, or made in a cautious and surreptitious manner, so as not to be seen or heard.
    steamedHaving been cooked by steaming. mainly North American
    steamierProducing, filled with, or clouded with steam.
    steamingGiving off steam. British British The process or technique of cooking food by heating it in steam from boiling water. informal
    steamyProducing, filled with, or clouded with steam.
    steelyResembling steel in color, brightness, or strength. Coldly determined; hard.
    steep(of a slope, flight of stairs, angle, ascent, etc. ) rising or falling sharply; nearly perpendicular. informal A steep mountain slope. Soak (food or tea) in water or other liquid so as to extract its flavor or to soften it. usually be steeped in
    stelarRelating to the central core of the stem and root of a vascular plant.
    stellarRelating to a star or stars.
    stellateArranged in a radiating pattern like that of a star.
    stemmedin combinationHaving a long, thin supportive or main section.
    step-inDenoting a garment or pair of shoes that is put on by being stepped into and has no need for fasteners. A pair of step-in shoes; slip-ons. mainly North American
    step-upCome forward for a particular purpose. step something up, step up somethingstep something up, step up something
    stereoSound that is directed through two or more speakers so that it seems to surround the listener and to come from more than one source; stereophonic sound. Photography Printing
    stereoisomericany of a group of isomers in which atoms are linked in the same order but differ in their spatial arrangement
    stericRelating to the spatial arrangement of atoms in a molecule, especially as it affects chemical reactions.
    sterileNot able to produce children or young. Free from bacteria or other living microorganisms; totally clean.
    stern(of a person or their manner) serious and unrelenting, especially in the assertion of authority and exercise of discipline. The rearmost part of a ship or boat.
    sternalRelating to the sternum.
    stewed(of food) cooked slowly in liquid in a closed dish or pan.
    sthenicOf or having a high or excessive level of strength and energy.
    stickitModifying a noun denoting a calling or profession
    stickyTending or designed to stick to things on contact or covered with something that sticks. (of the weather) hot and damp; muggy. informal (of a website or its content) attracting a long visit or repeat visits from users. (in an online forum) a thread containing important information that is set to remain at the top of the other threads regardless of when it was last updated.
    stiffNot easily bent or changed in shape; rigid. Severe or strong. stiff with— stiffBridge informal mainly North American North American North American informal
    stifledMake (someone) unable to breathe properly; suffocate. Restrain (a reaction) or stop oneself acting on (an emotion)A joint in the legs of horses, dogs, and other animals, equivalent to the knee in humans.
    stillNot moving or making a sound. Deep silence and calm; stillness. An ordinary static photograph as opposed to a motion picture, especially a single shot from a movie. Up to and including the present or the time mentioned; even now (or then) as formerly. Nevertheless; all the same. Even (used with comparatives for emphasis)Make or become still; quieten. An apparatus for distilling alcoholic drinks such as whiskey.
    stillyQuietly and with little movement. Still and quiet.
    stilted(of a manner of talking or writing) stiff and self-conscious or unnatural. Standing on stilts.
    stingyUnwilling to give or spend; ungenerous.
    stinkoExtremely drunk. Of a very low standard.
    stirredwith objectMove or cause to move slightly. with objectA slight physical movement. A commotion. An act of stirring food or drink. Prison.
    stockThe goods or merchandise kept on the premises of a business or warehouse and available for sale or distribution. The capital raised by a business or corporation through the issue and subscription of shares. Liquid made by cooking bones, meat, fish, or vegetables slowly in water, used as a basis for the preparation of soup, gravy, or sauces. usually with adjective or noun modifierThe trunk or woody stem of a living tree or shrub, especially one into which a graft (scion) is inserted. A herbaceous European plant that is widely cultivated for its fragrant flowers, which are typically lilac, pink, or white. the stocksThe part of a rifle or other firearm to which the barrel and firing mechanism are attached, held against one’s shoulder when firing the gun. A band of white material tied like a cravat and worn as a part of formal horse-riding dress. stocks(of a product or type of product) usually kept in stock and thus regularly available for sale. (of a phrase or expression) so regularly used as to be automatic or hackneyed. Have or keep a supply of (a particular product or type or product) available for sale. Fit (a rifle or other firearm) with a stock.
    stockedProvided or filled with goods, items, or a supply of something.
    stocky(of a person) broad and sturdily built.
    stodgyDull and uninspired. British
    stoicA person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining.
    stoicalEnduring pain and hardship without showing one’s feelings or complaining.
    stolenwith objectno object, with adverbial of direction informal mainly North American
    stolid(of a person) calm, dependable, and showing little emotion or animation.
    stoneHard solid nonmetallic mineral matter of which rock is made, especially as a building material. A piece of stone shaped for a purpose, especially one of commemoration, ceremony, or demarcation. A hard seed in a cherry, plum, peach, and some other fruits. British A natural shade of whitish-gray or brownish-gray. Throw stones at. British Build, face, or pave with stone.
    stonedinformal (of a fruit) having had the stone removed.
    stonierCovered with or full of small pieces of rock.
    stonyCovered with or full of small pieces of rock.
    stooped(of a person) having the head and shoulders habitually bent forward.
    storemainly North American A quantity or supply of something kept for use as needed. mainly British Keep or accumulate (something) for future use.
    storiedCelebrated in or associated with stories or legends. (of a building) having a specified number of stories.
    stormy(of weather) characterized by strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow.
    stout(of a person) somewhat fat or of heavy build. (of an object) strong and thick. (of an act, quality, or person) brave and determined. A kind of strong, dark beer brewed with roasted malt or barley.
    straggling(of an irregular group) moving along slowly so as to remain some distance behind those in front.
    straitstraits archaic
    strangeUnusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand. Not previously visited, seen, or encountered; unfamiliar or alien. Physics
    strawDried stalks of grain, used especially as fodder or as material for thatching, packing, or weaving. A thin hollow tube of paper or plastic for sucking drink from a glass or bottle.
    strayMove away aimlessly from a group or from the right course or place. Not in the right place; separated from the group or target. Physics A stray person or thing, especially a domestic animal. strays
    streakyHaving streaks of different colors or textures.
    strewnUntidily scattered.
    striateMarked with striae. Mark with striae.
    strictDemanding that rules concerning behavior are obeyed and observed.
    stringy(especially of hair) resembling string; long, thin, and lusterless.
    stripRemove all coverings from. Leave bare of accessories or fittings. strip someone ofSell off (the assets of a company) for profit. Tear the thread or teeth from (a screw, gearwheel, etc. ). no objectAn act of undressing, especially in a striptease. A long, narrow piece of cloth, paper, plastic, or some other material. A comic strip.
    stripedMarked with or having stripes.
    strongHaving the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks. Able to withstand great force or pressure. Very intense. Used after a number to indicate the size of a group. Grammar Physics
    stroppyBad-tempered and argumentative.
    struckwith objectwith objectwith objectno objectIgnite (a match) by rubbing it briskly against an abrasive surface. no objectwith objectwith objectReach, achieve, or agree to (something involving agreement, balance, or compromise)with objectno object, with adverbial of directionwith objectwith objectFishing A refusal to work organized by a body of employees as a form of protest, typically in an attempt to gain a concession or concessions from their employer. A sudden attack, typically a military one. A discovery of gold, minerals, or oil by drilling or mining. Baseball The horizontal or compass direction of a stratum, fault, or other geological feature.
    strungMaterial consisting of threads of cotton, hemp, or other material twisted together to form a thin length. A set of things tied or threaded together on a thin cord. A tough piece of fiber in vegetables, meat, or other food, such as a tough elongated piece connecting the two halves of a bean pod. Physics with object and adverbialwith objectwith objectBritish
    stubblyCovered with stubble.
    stubbyShort and thick.
    stuckA thin piece of wood that has fallen or been cut from a tree. A long, thin piece of something. A threat of punishment or unwelcome measures (often contrasted with the offer of reward as a means of persuasion)British the sticks informal, dated stick something in/into/throughwith objectno objectbe/get stuckBritish
    studied(of a quality or result) achieved or maintained by careful and deliberate effort.
    stuffed(of a dead animal) having the skin filled with material to restore the original shape and appearance.
    stuffy(of a place) lacking fresh air or ventilation.
    stumpyShort and thick; squat.
    stungA small sharp-pointed organ at the end of the abdomen of bees, wasps, ants, and scorpions, capable of inflicting a painful or dangerous wound by injecting poison. informal with object informal
    stunnedSo shocked that one is temporarily unable to react; astonished.
    stuntedHaving been prevented from growing or developing properly.
    stupefacient(chiefly of a drug) causing semiconsciousness. A stupefacient drug.
    stupidHaving or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense. A stupid person (often used as a term of address)
    sturdy(of a person or their body) strongly and solidly built. Vertigo in sheep caused by a tapeworm larva encysted in the brain.
    stutterTalk with continued involuntary repetition of sounds, especially initial consonants. A tendency to stutter while speaking.
    StygianRelating to the Styx River.
    stylarRelating to the style or styles of a flower.
    styledA manner of doing something. A distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed. Elegance and sophistication. Botany Zoology Design or make in a particular form. with object and complement
    stylishFashionably elegant and sophisticated.
    styloidResembling a stylus or pen.
    styptic(of a substance) capable of causing bleeding to stop when it is applied to a wound. A substance capable of stopping bleeding when applied to a wound.

    474 Adjectives Starting With SU

    suaveCharming, confident, and elegant (typically used of a man)
    subdued(of a person or their manner) quiet and rather reflective or depressed. (of color or lighting) soft and restrained.
    subjectA person or thing that is being discussed, described, or dealt with. A branch of knowledge studied or taught in a school, college, or university. A citizen or member of a state other than its supreme ruler. Grammar Philosophy Likely or prone to be affected by (a particular condition or occurrence, typically an unwelcome or unpleasant one)Dependent or conditional upon. Under the authority of. Conditionally upon. subject someone/something toBring (a person or country) under one’s control or jurisdiction, typically by using force.
    sublimeOf such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe. Chemistry archaic
    subtileOf the nature of or involving careful discrimination or fine points.
    subtle(especially of a change or distinction) so delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe.
    suchOf the type previously mentioned. such — as/thatTo so high a degree; so great (often used to emphasize a quality)
    suckingwith objectNorth American An act of sucking something.
    suckledFeed (a baby or young animal) from the breast or teat.
    suddenOccurring or done quickly and unexpectedly or without warning. Suddenly.
    sugaredSweetened, sprinkled, or coated with sugar. Made more agreeable or palatable.
    sugaryContaining much sugar.
    suitableadapted to a use or purpose
    suitedpredicativein combination
    sulcateMarked with parallel grooves.
    sulfaThe sulfonamide family of drugs.
    sulkyMorose, bad-tempered, and resentful; refusing to be cooperative or cheerful. A light two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle for one person, used chiefly in harness racing.
    sullenBad-tempered and sulky; gloomy. the sullens
    sulphaThe sulfonamide family of drugs.
    sultry(of the air or weather) hot and humid. (of a person, especially a woman) attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature.
    summerThe warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere from June to August and in the southern hemisphere from December to February. Spend the summer in a particular place. A horizontal bearing beam, especially one supporting joists or rafters.
    sundryOf various kinds; several. Various items not important enough to be mentioned individually.
    sungno objectno object informal with object informal
    sunkno objectno objectno objectwith objectA fixed basin with a water supply and a drain. A pool or marsh in which a river’s water disappears by evaporation or percolation. A place of vice or corruption.
    sunlitIlluminated by direct light from the sun.
    sunnyBright with sunlight.
    sunsetThe time in the evening when the sun disappears or daylight fades. Denoting a legal provision under which a program, agency, regulation, etc. , is automatically terminated at the end of a fixed period unless renewed by legislative action. North American
    superinformal (of a manufactured product) superfine. Especially; particularly. informal informal, archaic informal informal
    superbExcellent. Impressively splendid.
    superlunaryBelonging to a higher world; celestial.
    supine(of a person) lying face upward. Failing to act or protest as a result of moral weakness or indolence. A Latin verbal noun used only in the accusative and ablative cases, especially to denote purpose (e. g. , dictu in mirabile dictu “wonderful to relate”).
    suralRelating to the calf of the leg.
    surdMathematics Phonetics Mathematics Phonetics
    surepredicative often with clausemainly North American
    surerpredicative often with clausemainly North American
    surlyBad-tempered and unfriendly.

    79 Words That Start With SV, SW Adjectives

    svelte(of a person) slender and elegant.
    svelterslender, lithe
    sveltestslender, lithe
    Swadeshia movement for national independence in India boycotting foreign goods and encouraging the use of domestic products — compare khaddar, swaraj
    swaggerWalk or behave in a very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive way. A very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive gait or manner. Denoting a coat or jacket cut with a loose flare from the shoulders.
    swaggeringHaving a very confident and arrogant or self-important manner.
    swainishrustic, peasant
    swallowedCause or allow (something, especially food or drink) to pass down the throat. An act of swallowing something, especially food or drink. A migratory swift-flying songbird with a forked tail and long pointed wings, feeding on insects in flight.
    swallow-taileda deeply forked and tapering tail (as of a swallow)
    swampedAn area of low-lying, uncultivated ground where water collects; a bog or marsh. Overwhelm or flood with water.
    swampierCharacteristic of or resembling a swamp.
    swampiestCharacteristic of or resembling a swamp.
    swampyCharacteristic of or resembling a swamp.
    swankDisplay one’s wealth, knowledge, or achievements in a way that is intended to impress others. Behavior, talk, or display intended to impress others. Stylishly luxurious and expensive.
    swarajnational or local self-government in India
    swarajistnational or local self-government in India
    swarmingMoving in or forming a large or dense group.
    swarthskin, rind
    swashbucklingEngaging in daring and romantic adventures with bravado or flamboyance. Daring and romantic adventure.
    sway-backedhaving an abnormally hollow or sagging back
    swayingMoving slowly or rhythmically backwards and forwards or from side to side.
    sweatedMoisture exuded through the pores of the skin, typically in profuse quantities as a reaction to heat, physical exertion, fever, or fear. sweatsno objectwith objectwith object and adverbial
    sweatierExuding, soaked in, or inducing sweat.
    sweatiestExuding, soaked in, or inducing sweat.
    sweatingMoisture exuded through the pores of the skin, typically in profuse quantities as a reaction to heat, physical exertion, fever, or fear. sweatsno objectwith objectwith object and adverbial
    sweatyExuding, soaked in, or inducing sweat.
    SwedenborgianRelating to or characteristic of the Swedish scientist, philosopher, and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg or his ideas. A person who supports the theories of the Swedish scientist, philosopher, and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg.
    SwedenborgianismRelating to or characteristic of the Swedish scientist, philosopher, and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg or his ideas. A person who supports the theories of the Swedish scientist, philosopher, and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg.
    SwedishRelating to Sweden, its people, or their language. The North Germanic language of Sweden, also spoken in parts of Finland.
    sweepingExtending or performed in a long, continuous curve. Wide in range or effect. Dirt or refuse collected by sweeping.
    sweerslow, indolent
    sweetHaving the pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey; not salty, sour, or bitter. Pleasing in general; delightful. (of a person or action) pleasant and kind or thoughtful. Used for emphasis in various phrases and exclamations. British sweetsUsed as an affectionate form of address. the sweet
    sweet-and-sour(especially of Chinese-style food) cooked in a sauce containing sugar and either vinegar or lemon.
    sweetenedMake or become sweet or sweeter, especially in taste.
    sweetishsomewhat sweet
    sweet-scentedHaving a sweet, pleasant smell.
    sweet-temperedNot easily irritated or made angry.
    swell(especially of a part of the body) become larger or rounder in size, typically as a result of an accumulation of fluid. in singularA gradual increase in sound, amount, or intensity. usually in singularA mechanism for producing a crescendo or diminuendo in an organ or harmonium. informal, dated North American Excellently; very well.
    swelled(especially of a part of the body) become larger or rounder in size, typically as a result of an accumulation of fluid. in singularA gradual increase in sound, amount, or intensity. usually in singularA mechanism for producing a crescendo or diminuendo in an organ or harmonium. informal, dated North American Excellently; very well.
    swelled-headedan exaggerated opinion of oneself
    swellingAn abnormal enlargement of a part of the body, typically as a result of an accumulation of fluid. Becoming greater in intensity, number, amount, or volume.
    swelteringUncomfortably hot.
    sweltrysweltering, sultry
    sweptwith objectno object, with adverbial of directionSearch (an area) for something. An act of sweeping something with a brush. A long, swift curving movement. Medicine A comprehensive search or survey of a place or area. A long, typically curved stretch of road, river, or land. informal North American A long, heavy oar used to row a barge or other vessel. A sail of a windmill. A long pole mounted as a lever for raising buckets from a well.
    sweptwing(of an aircraft) having swept-back wings.
    swiftHappening quickly or promptly. Swiftly. A swift-flying insectivorous bird with long, slender wings and a superficial resemblance to a swallow, spending most of its life on the wing. A light, adjustable reel for holding a skein of silk or wool.
    swimmablethat can be swum
    swimmingThe sport or activity of propelling oneself through water using the limbs.
    swindledUse deception to deprive (someone) of money or possessions. A fraudulent scheme or action.
    swingeingSevere or otherwise extreme.
    swingingMoving back and forth or from side to side while suspended or on an axis. informal informal The action of moving back and forth or from side to side while suspended or on an axis. informal
    swing-wingAn aircraft wing that can move from a right-angled to a swept-back position.
    swingy(of music) characterized by an easy flowing but vigorous rhythm. (of a skirt, coat, or other garment) cut so as to swing as the wearer moves.
    swinishUnpleasant or contemptible, especially on account of being coarse, greedy, or lazy.
    swirlierMoving in or having swirls. A prank that involves immersing someone’s head in a toilet bowl as it is flushed.
    swirliestMoving in or having swirls. A prank that involves immersing someone’s head in a toilet bowl as it is flushed.
    swirlingMoving in a twisting or spiraling pattern.
    swirlyMoving in or having swirls. A prank that involves immersing someone’s head in a toilet bowl as it is flushed.
    swishno object, with adverbial of directionBasketball A hissing or rustling sound. Basketball US British US
    swishierMaking a swishing sound or movement. US
    swishiestMaking a swishing sound or movement. US
    swishingno object, with adverbial of directionBasketball A hissing or rustling sound. Basketball US British US
    swishyMaking a swishing sound or movement. US
    SwissRelating to Switzerland or its people. A native or inhabitant of Switzerland, or a person of Swiss descent.
    switchA device for making and breaking the connection in an electric circuit. An act of adopting one policy or way of life, or choosing one type of item, in place of another; a change, especially a radical one. A slender, flexible shoot cut from a tree. North American A tress of false or detached hair tied at one end, used in hairdressing to supplement natural hair. Change the position, direction, or focus of. archaic
    swollen(especially of a part of the body) become larger or rounder in size, typically as a result of an accumulation of fluid. in singularA gradual increase in sound, amount, or intensity. usually in singularA mechanism for producing a crescendo or diminuendo in an organ or harmonium. informal, dated North American Excellently; very well.
    swollen-headedhaving a swelled head
    swooningFaint from extreme emotion. An occurrence of fainting.
    swordlesslacking a sword
    swordlikea weapon (such as a cutlass or rapier) with a long blade for cutting or thrusting that is often used as a symbol of honor or authority
    sworn(of testimony or evidence) given under oath. Determined to remain in the role or condition specified.

    93 Adjectives Beginning With SY

    sybariteA person who is self-indulgent in their fondness for sensuous luxury.
    sycophanticBehaving or done in an obsequious way in order to gain advantage.
    syllabicRelating to or based on syllables. A written character that represents a syllable.
    syllogistica deductive scheme of a formal argument consisting of a major and a minor premise and a conclusion (as in “every virtue is laudable; kindness is a virtue; therefore kindness is laudable”)
    sylvanmainly literary
    sylvaticRelating to or denoting certain diseases when contracted by wild animals, and the pathogens causing them.
    symbolicServing as a symbol. Involving the use of symbols or symbolism.
    symmetricalMade up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis; showing symmetry.
    sympatheticFeeling, showing, or expressing sympathy. (of a person) attracting the liking of others. Relating to or denoting the part of the autonomic nervous system consisting of nerves arising from ganglia near the middle part of the spinal cord, supplying the internal organs, blood vessels, and glands, and balancing the action of the parasympathetic nerves. Relating to, producing, or denoting an effect which arises in response to a similar action elsewhere.
    sympetalous(of a flower or corolla) having the petals united along their margins to form a tubular shape.
    symphonic(of music) relating to or having the form or character of a symphony.
    symptomaticServing as a symptom or sign, especially of something undesirable.
    synaestheticRelating to or experiencing synesthesia.
    synapticRelating to a synapse or synapses between nerve cells.
    syncarpous(of a flower, fruit, or ovary) having the carpels united.
    synchromeshA system of gear changing, especially in motor vehicles, in which the driving and driven gearwheels are made to revolve at the same speed during engagement by means of a set of friction clutches, thereby easing the change.
    synchronicConcerned with something, especially a language, as it exists at one point in time.
    synchronizedCause to occur or operate at the same time or rate.
    synchronousExisting or occurring at the same time. Astronomy
    syncopated(of music or a rhythm) characterized by displaced beats or accents so that the strong beats are weak and vice versa.
    syndeticOf or using conjunctions.
    synergeticInvolving the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.
    synergistA substance, organ, or other agent that participates in an effect of synergy.
    synodalRelating to a synod.
    synodicRelating to or involving the conjunction of stars, planets, or other celestial objects.
    synoeciousHaving male and female organs in the same flower or receptacle.
    synonymous(of a word or phrase) having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or phrase in the same language.
    synopticOf or forming a general summary or synopsis. Relating to the Synoptic Gospels. The Synoptic Gospels.
    synovialRelating to or denoting a type of joint which is surrounded by a thick flexible membrane forming a sac into which is secreted a viscous fluid that lubricates the joint.
    syntacticOf or according to syntax.
    synthetic(of a substance) made by chemical synthesis, especially to imitate a natural product. Logic Linguistics A synthetic material or chemical, especially a textile fiber.
    syphiliticRelating to, characteristic of, or suffering from syphilis. A person who has syphilis.
    SyrianRelating to or characteristic of Syria or its people. A native or inhabitant of Syria, or a person of Syrian descent.
    syringealRelating to the lower larynx or voice organ in birds.
    syrupyHaving the consistency or sweetness of syrup.
    systalticPhysiology Music
    systematicDone or acting according to a fixed plan or system; methodical.
    systemicRelating to a system, especially as opposed to a particular part. Physiology (of an insecticide, fungicide, or similar substance) entering the plant via the roots or shoots and passing through the tissues.


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    There are many adjectives that start with the letter S. Some of the most common ones are strong, smart, and successful. However, there are many other great adjectives that start with S. These include sincere, sympathetic, and sweet. No matter what adjective you are looking for, there is a good chance that it starts with the letter S.

    So, the next time you are looking for a great adjective, be sure to check out those that start with the letter S. You are sure to find the perfect word to describe whatever it is you are trying to describe.

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