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867+ Clothing Words That Start With A to Z

    Clothing Words That Start With A to Z

    Welcome to our comprehensive exploration of the world of fashion and attire! In this article, we embark on an alphabetical journey through the realm of clothing, from A to Z. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a crossword puzzle aficionado, or simply curious about the rich and diverse vocabulary associated with clothing, you’re in for a treat. From classic garments like “A-line dresses” and “zoot suits” to more obscure and exotic choices, we will delve into the fascinating lexicon of clothing words that span the entire alphabet.

    So, let’s unravel the tapestry of fashion together and discover a wide array of clothing terms that will not only expand your vocabulary but also deepen your appreciation for the art of dressing!

    Clothing Words Beginning with Letter A to Z

    Fashion is not just about clothing; it’s a form of self-expression, culture, and creativity. In the ever-evolving world of fashion, language plays a crucial role in describing styles, trends, and garments. From “A” for accessories to “Z” for zippers, let’s embark on a journey through the alphabet and explore clothing words that span the entire fashion spectrum.

    A – Accessories

    Accessories are the finishing touches that complete an outfit. They encompass a wide range of items, including scarves, belts, hats, gloves, and jewelry. Accessories can elevate a simple ensemble to new heights of style and sophistication.

    B – Boots

    Boots are a versatile type of footwear that come in various styles, from ankle boots to knee-high, and are suitable for different occasions. They can be both fashionable and functional, providing warmth and protection in cold weather.

    C – Cardigan

    A cardigan is a knitted sweater with an open front, typically fastened with buttons or a zipper. It’s a classic wardrobe staple that can be worn as a layering piece or as the primary top.

    D – Dress

    A dress is a one-piece garment that covers the body from the shoulders to the hem. Dresses come in countless styles, including maxi dresses, sheath dresses, and cocktail dresses, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions.

    E – Earrings

    Earrings are a type of jewelry worn on the earlobes. They come in various designs, including studs, hoops, and dangly earrings, and can add a touch of elegance or playfulness to an outfit.

    F – Fedora

    A fedora is a stylish brimmed hat with a creased crown. It’s often associated with classic fashion and can add a touch of sophistication to both formal and casual attire.

    G – Gloves

    Gloves are hand coverings that provide warmth and protection. They come in various materials, including leather, wool, and satin, and can be worn for functional purposes or as a fashion statement.

    H – Hoodie

    A hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood that can be pulled over the head. It’s a casual and comfortable garment often worn for athletic activities or as part of a relaxed outfit.

    I – Infinity Scarf

    An infinity scarf is a closed-loop scarf that can be worn in various ways. It adds a layer of warmth and style to an outfit, and its endless design makes it easy to drape and style.

    J – Jacket

    A jacket is an outerwear piece that typically has sleeves and is worn over other clothing. Jackets come in different styles, including blazers, leather jackets, and puffer jackets, each serving a distinct purpose.

    K – Kimono

    A kimono is a traditional Japanese robe with wide sleeves and a wrap-style closure. In contemporary fashion, kimono-inspired pieces have become popular, offering a blend of Eastern and Western aesthetics.

    L – Leggings

    Leggings are close-fitting, stretchy pants that are comfortable for everyday wear and exercise. They come in various lengths, including full-length, capri, and ankle-length.

    M – Moccasins

    Moccasins are soft, comfortable shoes, often made from leather or suede and featuring a flexible sole. They are inspired by Native American footwear and are known for their casual and cozy appeal.

    N – Necktie

    A necktie is a long, narrow piece of fabric worn around the neck, typically with a collared shirt. Neckties come in various colors and patterns and are an essential accessory for formal occasions.

    O – Overalls

    Overalls are one-piece garments with both a top and pants, typically attached with shoulder straps. They are known for their utilitarian design and are often worn in work or casual settings.

    P – Peacoat

    A peacoat is a double-breasted coat with a broad collar and anchor-embellished buttons. It’s a classic and stylish outerwear choice, perfect for keeping warm in colder weather.

    Q – Quilted Jacket

    A quilted jacket is a type of outerwear featuring a quilted pattern of stitching. It provides both insulation and style, making it a popular choice for transitional seasons.

    R – Raincoat

    A raincoat is a waterproof jacket designed to protect the wearer from rain. It’s an essential item for staying dry and comfortable during wet weather.

    S – Sneakers

    Sneakers, also known as athletic shoes or trainers, are comfortable and versatile footwear designed for sports and everyday wear. They come in countless styles and colors, suitable for various activities and fashion preferences.

    T – Trousers

    Trousers are a type of pants that typically have a more formal or tailored appearance compared to jeans or leggings. They are a classic choice for business attire and formal occasions.

    U – Underwear

    Underwear includes various types of undergarments, such as bras, panties, boxers, and briefs, designed to be worn beneath clothing for comfort and support.

    V – Vest

    A vest, also known as a waistcoat, is a sleeveless garment worn over a shirt or blouse. It adds a layer of sophistication to formal attire and can be part of a three-piece suit.

    W – Watch

    A watch is a timekeeping accessory that can also be a fashion statement. Watches come in various styles, from classic analog watches to modern digital designs.

    X – X-back Suspenders

    X-back suspenders are a type of accessory worn over the shoulders to hold up trousers. They have a distinctive X-shaped design on the back and are both functional and stylish.

    Y – Yoga Pants

    Yoga pants are stretchy and comfortable pants designed for yoga and other physical activities. They have gained popularity as athleisure wear and are known for their flexibility and comfort.

    Zippers are fastening devices used in clothing to join two pieces of fabric. They come in various lengths and styles, including concealed and exposed zippers, and play a crucial role in the functionality of many garments.

    List of Clothing Words Starting with A to Z

    List of Clothing Words

    Clothing That Starts With A

    AccoutermentsAcrylic PaintsAdidas
    Afghan ShawlAgate RingAlb
    A-LineA-Line SkirtAlligator Skin Boots
    AllureAlmond-Toe ShoeAmber Jewelry
    An AirbrushAn AmplifierAngora Sweater
    AngrakhaAnimeAnkle Bracelet
    Ankle SocksAnkle WarmersAnklet
    AnorakAnoraksAnti Pill
    ApronArgyle SocksArgyle Sweater
    Art SmockArtistryAscot
    Ascot TieAthletic ShortsAthletic Socks
    AttireAu NaturelAviator Jacket

    Clothing That Starts With B

    BabushkaBabushka HoodBaby Bonnet
    BackdropBackless DressBalaclava
    Ball GownBandanaBandanna
    BandingBar FagotingBar Jacket
    Baseball CapBasqueBasting
    Bathing SuitBathrobeBattledress
    BeanieBedclothesBell Bottoms
    Bell-BottomsBeltBelt Bikini Blazer Blouse
    BeretBermuda ShortsBias Cut
    BloomersBlouseBlue Jeans
    BlusherBoaBoat Shoes
    Boots Bra BraceletBorder PrintBottoms
    BoutiqueBowBow Tie
    BowsBox JacketBox Pleats
    Boxer ShortsBoxersBra
    BroachBrown JacketBrown Ring
    Button-Down Shirt

    Clothing That Starts With C

    Cable SmockingCaftanCam
    CamouflageCanvas ShoesCap
    Cap And GownCap Cardigan CoatCap Sleeves
    CapeCaprisCapsule Collections
    CardiCardiganCare Label
    Career ShoesCargo PantsCartier
    Cartridge PleatsCasquetteCasual
    ChamarraChemiseCine Mode
    Circular CutClearasilCloak
    CollarCollectionCombat Boots
    Cone HeelConstructionConsumer
    Contact LensesContact Lenses Corset CrownContemporary
    CorduroysCorsetCossack Hat
    CostumeCoverallsCowboy Boots
    Cowboy HatCowl NecklineCravat
    Crow’S FeetCruise CollectionCuff
    Cuff LinksCuffsCulottes
    CummerbundCurved Seams

    Clothing That Starts With D

    Daisy DukesDandy StyleDark Glasses
    Denim JacketDenim JumperDenim Pants
    Denim ShortsDenim SkirtDenims
    Derby HatDesirableDiamond Smocking
    DiaperDiaper DressDickey
    Dinner JacketDirectionDirndl
    DockersDown JacketDrape
    DressDress PantsDress Shirt
    Dress SuitDressesDressing
    Dressing GownDressyDuds
    DungareesDungarees DressDuster

    Clothing That Starts With E

    Ear MuffsEar Muffs EarringsEar Ring
    Ear RingsEar WarmerEarmuffs
    EarningsEarphonesEarphones Eye-Liner
    EarringsEarth ColorsEffect
    ElasticElephant HatEmbroidery
    Empire LineEnhanceEnsemble
    EsmoquinEtiquetteEvening Gown

    Clothing That Starts With F

    FabricFabric SwatchesFacing Fabric
    FadFaded JeansFagoting
    FajaFancyFanny Pack
    FarthingaleFashionFashion Cycle
    Fashion PressFashion SenseFashionable
    FatiguesFaux PasFeather Stitch
    FedoraFelt HatFencing Gear
    FezFez HatFidora
    FitFlak JacketFlamboyant
    FlannelFlannel NightgownFlannel Shirt
    FlatsFlats BootFlattering
    FlawlessFleeceFlip Flops
    Flip-FlopsFlorsheim ShoesFlounce
    Fluted HemFormalFormal Wear
    French HatFrockFrock Coat
    Frog FasteningsFrumpyFunny Shirt
    FurFur CoatFur Hats

    Clothing That Starts With G

    Garter BelGartersGathering
    Glasses GlovesGlitterGlossy
    GlovesGodet PleatGoggles
    Golf ShoesGonnaGore
    GorraGoucho PantsGown
    Gym Shorts

    Clothing That Starts With H

    HabitHabit Hat HeadphonesHairband
    Hair-ClipHalter TopHandbag
    Hand-GloveHandkerchiefHandkerchief Hems
    HangerHarem PantsHat
    Hat PinHaute CoutureHaute-Couture
    Hawaiian ShirtHazmat SuitHeadphones
    HeadscarfHelmetHelmet Hotpants
    High HeelsHigh-QualityHightops
    H-LineHobble SkirtHood
    HoodieHook And EyeHose
    HosieryHospital GownHotpants
    HueHugo Boss

    Clothing That Starts With I

    Ice SkatesIllustrationImitation
    ImpeccableIndian SariIndicator
    IndispensableIndoor ShoesIndustry
    Infant-WearInk StainInseam
    Italian ShoesIzod Shirts

    Clothing That Starts With J

    JabotsJacketJacket Jeans
    JacquardJaknaJean Skirt
    JeansJeans JacketJeans Skirt
    Jewel TonesJewelryJewelry Jumper
    JuiceJump SuitJumper

    Clothing That Starts With K

    KaffiyehKangaroo PocketsKawaii
    KerchiefKevlar VestKeyhole Neckline
    KhakisKick PleatsKilt
    Knee SocksKnickersKnife Pleat
    Knit ShirtKnottingKurta

    Clothing That Starts With L

    Lab CoatLaceLanyard
    Leather JackeLeather JacketLeg Warmers
    LeggingsLeggings Life-JacketLeggs
    LeotardLeotardsLettuce Hem
    Life JacketLifejacketLife-Jacket
    Line SheetLingereiLingerie
    Lingerie LipstickLiningLip Balm
    LoinclothLong JohnsLong Underwear
    Look-BooksLounge WearLuxurious

    Clothing That Starts With M

    MackinawMacrameMad As A Hatter
    MakeupMake-UpMake-Up Mascara
    Mandarin CollarMantleMarine Style
    Mary JaneMascaraMask
    Mask MittensMaterialMaternity Clothes
    MatronlyMelangeMermaid Line
    MetalMid DriftMidriff Shirt
    MillineryMini SkirtMinimalist
    MiniskirtMitreMitre Corners
    MittensMob CapMoccasins
    Mock TurtleneckMod TopModern
    MoleskinsMonokinisMuck Lucks
    MufflerMullet CutMusk

    Clothing That Starts With N

    Nail PolishNappingNappy
    Nappy NecklaceNeckerchiefNecklace
    NecklinesNecktieNecktie Negligee
    NegligeeNeutral ColoursNightgown

    Clothing That Starts With O

    Oxford Shirt

    Clothing That Starts With P

    Padded BraPaddingPajama
    PajamasPalazo PantsPanama Hat
    PantyhosePaper-Bag WaistbandsParka
    Parka PonchoParkasPassé
    Passementerie EdgingPastelPatch Pockets
    PatchworkPatternPea Coat
    Peasant StylePeignoirPeplum
    Peter Pan CollarPetticoatPetticoats
    PocketbookPoloPolo Shirt
    PonchoPoodle SkirtPork Pie Hat
    PortierePower DressingPrecise
    Princess LinePrint On PrintPuckered
    Puffed SleevesPulloverPumps
    PurchasePursePush-Up Bra
    PyjamasPyjamas Pants

    Clothing That Starts With Q

    QuantityQuickzip-JeansQuiksilver T-Shirts
    Quiksilver-TshirtsQuilted JacketQuilted-Jacket

    Clothing That Starts With R

    Raglan SleeveRain BootsRain Coat
    Rain JacketRainbootsRaincoat
    RecognitionRed ClothesRed Coat
    Red ShirtRed T-ShirtReeboks
    ReversRickrackRidding Pants
    RockRomperRubber Boot
    Rubber BootsRuchingRuffle
    Rugby ShirtRunning Shorts

    Clothing That Starts With S

    SandalsSandals Scarf Shirt Shoes SkirtSari
    Scalloped TechniqueScarfSchal
    School UniformScrubsSeersucker
    Sheath DressSheath LineShell Hems
    Shoulder PadsShowroomShrug
    SlipSlippersSlippers Socks Stockings Suit Sweater
    SneakersSnowsuitSoccer Uniform
    SpacesuitStaffordStetson Hat
    Stiletto HeelsStockingsStole
    Straw HatStyleStylish
    SuitableSuitsSun Dress
    Sun HatSunbonnetSundress
    SweatsuitSweetheart NecklinesSwim Shirt
    Swim SuiSwimsuit

    Clothing That Starts With T

    Tank TopTank TopsTapered
    There Are No ItemsThreadsTiara
    TieTie ClipTights
    Toe SocksTogaTogas
    TogsTopTop Coat
    Top HatTopsTracksuit
    TrainTrainsTrapeze Line
    Trench CoatTrendTrompe L’Oeil
    T-ShirtT-Shirt Tie TrousersT-Shirts
    Tube TopTunicTunics
    TurbanTurtleneckTurtleneck Shirt
    TutuTutu TuxedoTux
    TuxedoTweed JacketTwill
    Twin Set

    Clothing That Starts With U

    UmbrellaUnder GarmentsUnder Garments.
    Under PantiesUnder WearUnderclothes
    Underpants UndershirtUndershirtUnderwear
    Underwear UniformUniformUniforms
    Unpressed PleatsUnsuitableUnterhose

    Clothing That Starts With V

    VelcroVelcro ShoesVelvet Dress
    Velvet SweaterVentVersace
    Viking HatVintageVisor
    V-Neck JumperVogueVolcom

    Clothing That Starts With W

    WadersWaistcoatWaistcoat Watch
    Wedding GownWedge HeelsWellies
    WellingtonsWelt PocketsWeste
    WesternWetsuitWetsuit Wig
    White ShirtWhite TieWife Beater
    WigWindbreakerWing Collars
    Winter CoatWoolensWrap

    Clothing That Starts With X – Y

    YarmulkaYarmulkeYarn Sweater
    YashmakYeezysYellow Jacket
    Y-FrontsYoga PantsYoga Top

    Clothing That Starts With Z

    Zac PosenZipperZipper Hoodie
    ZippersZip-Up BootsZoot Suit


    Fashion is a dynamic and ever-evolving realm, and the vocabulary associated with clothing is just as diverse as the styles themselves. From everyday essentials like jeans and T-shirts to statement pieces like fedoras and kimono-inspired attire, each clothing word carries its own unique history and significance in the world of fashion. As we continue to explore and express ourselves through clothing, let’s appreciate the rich tapestry of words that help us describe, define, and celebrate the art of dressing well.

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