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A FAR CRY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use A Far Cry

    sentence with A Far Cry

    When something is “a far cry” from another, it means there is a vast difference or significant distance between the two. The phrase is commonly used to emphasize how one thing is not at all like another, highlighting a noticeable contrast or discrepancy.

    In everyday conversations, you might hear people use “a far cry” to illustrate how two things are not similar or how one falls short in comparison to another. This expression packs a punch in painting a clear picture of disparity or distinction between objects, ideas, or situations.

    7 Examples Of A Far Cry Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • A far cry from happy.
    • The lion’s roar was a far cry.
    • His laughter was a far cry from tears.
    • The little bird’s chirp was a far cry from a lion’s roar.
    • Her drawing was a far cry from a masterpiece.
    • The baby’s cry was a far cry from a giggle.
    • The hot sun was a far cry from the cool rain.

    14 Sentences with A Far Cry Examples

    1. A far cry from the crowded lecture halls is studying in the tranquil university library.
    2. Attending a virtual class is a far cry from the interactive experience of an in-person lecture.
    3. The assignment deadline seemed just a far cry away until the professor reminded us it was due next week.
    4. Getting a passing grade in a difficult subject can feel like a far cry from achieving academic excellence.
    5. Making it to class on time every day is a far cry from oversleeping and missing important lectures.
    6. Scoring an A+ in an exam can sometimes seem a far cry from the long hours of preparation put in by students.
    7. For some students, participating in extracurricular activities is a far cry from the routine of attending classes and studying.
    8. Having a productive study session at home can be a far cry from trying to focus in a noisy and distracting environment.
    9. Procrastinating on assignments until the last minute is a far cry from managing time effectively and staying ahead in academics.
    10. Attending a career fair and networking with professionals is a far cry from solely relying on online job applications.
    11. Graduating with honors can feel a far cry from overcoming challenges and obstacles faced during the academic journey.
    12. Engaging in group study sessions can be a far cry from struggling to comprehend complex course material on one’s own.
    13. Balancing a part-time job with academics can sometimes seem a far cry from having enough time to relax and unwind.
    14. The thought of graduating and embarking on a successful career may seem a far cry from the uncertainties and doubts faced as a college student.
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    How To Use A Far Cry in Sentences?

    To use A Far Cry in a sentence, start by introducing the title at the beginning of the sentence. For example, ” A Far Cry is a renowned chamber orchestra based in Boston.” Remember to capitalize the first letter of each word in the title for correct usage.

    When mentioning A Far Cry within a sentence, ensure that it is formatted properly to stand out. You can do this by enclosing the title in double asterisks (* ), such as “I attended a mesmerizing concert by *A Far Cry last night.”

    If you are citing A Far Cry as a source or reference within your writing, make sure to follow the appropriate citation style. For example, in APA format, it would look like this: “The unique approach taken by A Far Cry has redefined contemporary chamber music (Smith, 2022).”

    Avoid using quotations when referring to A Far Cry in a sentence. Instead, opt for the bold formatting style to emphasize the importance of the title. This will help to maintain consistency and clarity in your writing.

    Overall, incorporating A Far Cry into your sentences is a simple task that adds credibility and professionalism to your writing. Just remember to use proper formatting and citation guidelines, and you’ll be well on your way to mastering the correct usage of the title.


    In summary, the examples of sentences with the phrase “a far cry” highlight a significant contrast or difference between two things. Whether describing a vast difference in quality, distance, or level of similarity, this phrase effectively conveys the extent of the gap between the two entities being compared. By using “a far cry,” speakers and writers emphasize the disparity between the two elements, painting a vivid picture of just how distant they are from each other.

    From expressing a noticeable contrast in flavors to illustrating a vast distinction in achievements, sentences employing “a far cry” serve as powerful tools in effectively communicating disparities and variances. This common phrase adds color and emphasis to descriptions, making it easier for readers and listeners to grasp the magnitude of the difference being discussed.