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A GOOD TURN in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use A Good Turn

    sentence with A Good Turn

    Have you ever heard the phrase “a good turn”? This expression, often used in everyday conversations, refers to performing acts of kindness or helpful gestures for others without expecting anything in return. It encapsulates the idea of doing something beneficial for someone else out of the goodness of your heart.

    Performing a good turn can range from simple acts like holding the door open for someone to more significant deeds like volunteering your time or resources to help those in need. It’s about embodying the spirit of generosity and compassion towards others, creating a ripple effect of positivity and goodwill in both your own life and the lives of those around you.

    7 Examples Of A Good Turn Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Helping a friend carry their bag is a good turn.
    2. Sharing your toys with others is a good turn.
    3. Saying “thank you” when someone helps you is a good turn.
    4. Giving a hug to someone who is sad is a good turn.
    5. Cleaning up your toys after playing is a good turn.
    6. Smiling and being kind to others is a good turn.
    7. Listening to your teacher during class is a good turn.

    14 Sentences with A Good Turn Examples

    • While studying for exams, it’s always a good idea to A GOOD TURN and help a friend by explaining a difficult concept to them.
    • Participating in volunteer activities can give you a sense of fulfillment by doing A GOOD TURN for the community.
    • Taking notes in class and sharing them with classmates who missed the lecture is A GOOD TURN that can make a difference in someone’s academic journey.
    • Offering to proofread a fellow student’s assignment before submission is A GOOD TURN that shows support and camaraderie.
    • Organizing a study group session can be A GOOD TURN for your peers who might benefit from collaborative learning.
    • Giving a presentation on a topic that your classmates find challenging is A GOOD TURN that can help them better understand the subject matter.
    • Supporting a classmate who is struggling with mental health by listening and offering resources is A GOOD TURN that can make a positive impact on their well-being.
    • Sharing your class notes with a student who is new to the course is A GOOD TURN that can help them catch up and feel more comfortable in the class.
    • Collaborating with classmates on a group project and going the extra mile to ensure its success is A GOOD TURN that benefits everyone involved.
    • Attending a friend’s extracurricular event, such as a play or sports game, is A GOOD TURN that shows your support and encouragement.
    • Sharing job or internship opportunities with your peers is A GOOD TURN that can help them advance their career aspirations.
    • Helping a classmate navigate a complex assignment or project by offering guidance and support is A GOOD TURN that fosters a sense of teamwork and collaboration.
    • Volunteering to tutor a struggling student in a subject you excel in is A GOOD TURN that can boost their academic performance and confidence.
    • Engaging in environmentally friendly practices, such as recycling or reducing waste on campus, is A GOOD TURN that benefits the environment and future generations.
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    How To Use A Good Turn in Sentences?

    When using the phrase “A Good Turn” in a sentence, it typically refers to performing a kind or helpful action for someone else without expecting anything in return.

    For example, you can say, “I did a good turn by helping my neighbor carry groceries up the stairs.”

    To properly incorporate A Good Turn into your sentence, remember to consider the context of the situation and ensure that the action you are describing is altruistic and beneficial to others.

    Here are a few more examples to help you understand how to use A Good Turn:
    – He decided to do a good turn by volunteering at the local food bank.
    – She always tries to do a good turn by offering her seat to elderly passengers on the bus.
    – The school children wanted to do a good turn for their community, so they organized a charity fundraiser.

    In summary, when you use the phrase A Good Turn in a sentence, make sure the action described is kind, beneficial, and done with the intention of helping others. By incorporating this phrase into your everyday language, you can encourage acts of kindness and generosity within your community.


    In conclusion, sentences with a good turn can significantly enhance the impact of a piece of writing by surprising the reader with a shift in meaning or perspective. By incorporating twists, unexpected contrasts, or clever wordplay, writers can create engaging and memorable sentences that keep the audience interested and entertained. These sentences can add depth, emotion, and style to writing, making it more effective in conveying the intended message.

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    The art of crafting sentences with a good turn lies in using language creatively to create tension, humor, or insight. Whether through a sudden revelation, a well-placed twist, or a clever play on words, these sentences can leave a lasting impression on the reader and elevate the quality of the writing. By mastering the use of good turns in sentences, writers can captivate their audience and ensure their message is effectively communicated.