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ABEYANCE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Abeyance

    sentence with Abeyance

    Have you ever come across the term “abeyance” and wondered what it means? In simple terms, when something is in abeyance, it is temporarily suspended or put on hold.

    This legal term is often used to describe a situation where a decision, action, or process is delayed or paused until further notice or until certain conditions are met.

    7 Examples Of Abeyance Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Abeyance means something is on hold.
    2. We will put our project in abeyance for now.
    3. The game is in abeyance until the rain stops.
    4. Let’s keep the toys in abeyance until after lunch.
    5. School is in abeyance for the summer break.
    6. The playground is in abeyance for maintenance.
    7. We will keep the surprise party in abeyance until her birthday.

    14 Sentences with Abeyance Examples

    1. During the strike, classes were put in abeyance until further notice.
    2. I have put my internship in abeyance to focus on my final exams.
    3. The college festival is currently in abeyance due to the ongoing construction work.
    4. The decision regarding the annual trip is in abeyance as the authorities are still deliberating.
    5. We are waiting for the professor’s approval to bring the new club into abeyance.
    6. The thesis submission deadline has been placed in abeyance by a week to accommodate the students’ requests.
    7. The scholarship application is currently in abeyance as the committee reviews the candidates.
    8. The results for the entrance exam are in abeyance until the technical issue is resolved.
    9. The publication of the college magazine has been put in abeyance until the editorial team finalizes the layout.
    10. Due to the pandemic, the campus events have been placed in abeyance until further notice.
    11. The college library services have been put in abeyance temporarily for maintenance work.
    12. The exam schedule was in abeyance because of the unforeseen circumstance.
    13. The hostel facility is in abeyance for the summer break, but arrangements will be made for students staying on campus.
    14. The upcoming workshop has been placed in abeyance until a suitable date is finalized.
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    How To Use Abeyance in Sentences?

    Abeyance is used to describe a state of being temporarily inactive or suspended. When using the word abeyance in a sentence, it is important to consider its meaning and context. Here are some tips on how to use abeyance effectively:

    • Choose the right context: Use abeyance when referring to something that is on hold or pending, rather than completely stopped.

    • Provide clear examples: For example, “The construction project was in abeyance due to funding issues” clearly conveys that the project is temporarily suspended.

    • Use appropriate wording: Ensure that the sentence flows naturally and that abeyance fits within the overall structure.

    • Consider synonyms: If you are unsure about using abeyance, you can consider using synonyms such as suspension, dormancy, or hiatus.

    • Avoid overusing: While abeyance is a useful word, try not to overuse it in writing. Use it when necessary and appropriate.

    Remember, using abeyance in a sentence can add depth and clarity to your writing. By following these tips, you can effectively incorporate abeyance into your vocabulary and communicate more effectively.


    In conclusion, abeyance refers to a temporary suspension or delay of an activity or decision. It indicates a state of being held in temporary suspense or inactivity. For example, “The project was put in abeyance until further notice” or “The court case is in abeyance pending new evidence.”

    Understanding the concept of abeyance is important in various contexts such as law, project management, or decision-making processes. By recognizing when something is in abeyance, individuals and organizations can effectively manage and navigate through periods of uncertainty or temporary halts in progress.

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