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ABOMINATION in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Abomination

    sentence with Abomination

    Have you ever come across a sentence that made you cringe at its mere existence? This is the essence of an abomination in the realm of language. An abomination is a glaringly offensive or shameful example of something, often in writing or speech.

    These linguistic abominations stand out for their incorrect grammar, nonsensical structure, or jarring misuse of words. They can leave a lasting impression for all the wrong reasons, highlighting the importance of precision and care in communication.

    7 Examples Of Abomination Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The scary monster was an abomination.
    2. I don’t like to see an abomination in my dreams.
    3. It is important to be kind and not be an abomination to others.
    4. The garbage on the playground is an abomination.
    5. Let’s work together to clean up the abomination.
    6. We should all try to be nice and not create an abomination.
    7. Remember to always treat others with respect and never be an abomination.

    14 Sentences with Abomination Examples

    1. Abomination of plagiarism is strictly prohibited in academic institutions.
    2. Skipping classes is considered an abomination by professors.
    3. Cheating during exams is viewed as an abomination among students.
    4. Submitting someone else’s work as your own is an abomination in the academic world.
    5. Not preparing for presentations is an abomination in group projects.
    6. Asking for deadline extensions constantly is seen as an abomination by your peers.
    7. Lack of participation in group discussions is considered an abomination by professors.
    8. Dressing inappropriately for college events is an abomination among students.
    9. Showing disrespect towards faculty members is frowned upon as an abomination.
    10. Constantly borrowing notes without contributing anything is an abomination in study groups.
    11. Using offensive language in classroom discussions is seen as an abomination by classmates.
    12. Procrastinating on assignments until the last minute is an abomination in time management.
    13. Ignoring academic integrity policies is a serious abomination in college.
    14. Engaging in any form of academic dishonesty is considered an abomination in the eyes of professors.
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    How To Use Abomination in Sentences?

    To use the word Abomination in a sentence, you can start by identifying a situation or object that is considered extremely disgraceful or repugnant. For example, “The decrepit building was an abomination to the once beautiful neighborhood.” Here, Abomination is used to describe the building as a source of disgust and shame within the community.

    Another way to incorporate Abomination into a sentence is by highlighting something that is deemed unacceptable or vile. For instance, “The act of animal cruelty is seen as an abomination to many animal lovers.” In this context, Abomination is used to convey the severity and immorality of the act being described.

    You can also use Abomination to express a strong feeling of aversion or horror towards something. For example, “The smell coming from the landfill was an absolute abomination.” Here, Abomination conveys the intense level of dislike and revulsion felt towards the odor.

    Overall, when using Abomination in a sentence, it’s important to focus on portraying a sense of extreme disgust, disgrace, or moral outrage towards a particular person, object, or situation. By incorporating this word effectively, you can convey a powerful message or emotion in your writing.


    In conclusion, abomination refers to something detestable, wicked, or morally repulsive. The use of this term is often associated with expressing strong disapproval or condemnation towards certain actions, behaviors, or objects. For example, “The company’s unethical practices were seen as an abomination by the public,” or “The dictator’s human rights violations were considered an abomination by international organizations.”

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    By highlighting abominable actions or characteristics, individuals can express their moral stance and reinforce societal norms. Recognizing and condemning abominations can lead to social change, encourage accountability, and promote ethical behavior. Ultimately, the concept of abomination serves as a potent tool for denouncing what is perceived as morally wrong and advocating for a more just and virtuous society.