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ABORTIVE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Abortive

    sentence with Abortive

    Have you ever heard the term “abortive” and wondered what it means? In simple terms, an abortive action or attempt is one that is unsuccessful or cut short before completion.

    When something is designated as abortive, it signifies that it did not achieve its desired outcome or was interrupted prematurely. In various contexts, from business ventures to scientific experiments, the term “abortive” is used to describe efforts that did not come to fruition as intended.

    7 Examples Of Abortive Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Abortive attempts at flying kites led to lots of laughter.
    • The abortive efforts to build a sandcastle left the children disappointed.
    • During the game of tag, an abortive chase ensued when the bell rang.
    • The abortive dance moves made everyone giggle uncontrollably.
    • An abortive leap caused the little frog to land in a puddle.
    • The balloon popped with an abortive bang during the party.
    • The abortive attempt at tying shoelaces resulted in a tangle.

    14 Sentences with Abortive Examples

    1. The abortive attempt to set up a new student club on campus left many disappointed.
    2. The abortive experiment in the chemistry lab resulted in a minor explosion.
    3. The abortive attempt to organize a student protest led to confusion and disarray.
    4. The abortive study session at the library ended with little progress made.
    5. The abortive attempt to secure internships during the summer left many students frustrated.
    6. The abortive attempt to plan a college festival led to a last-minute cancellation.
    7. The abortive group project caused tensions among the team members.
    8. The abortive attempt to organize a career fair on campus did not receive enough support from students.
    9. The abortive attempt to form a study group for exams left many students unprepared.
    10. The abortive attempt to host a guest speaker on campus resulted in technical difficulties.
    11. The abortive attempt to join a sports team due to conflicting schedules left many students disappointed.
    12. The abortive attempt to implement a new grading system faced backlash from the student body.
    13. The abortive attempt to organize a charity event on campus failed to attract enough volunteers.
    14. The abortive attempt to revolutionize the college cafeteria menu was met with resistance from both students and staff.
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    How To Use Abortive in Sentences?

    To use Abortive in a sentence, first, identify the context in which the word will be used. Abortive is an adjective that describes something that has failed to produce the intended or desired outcome, such as an unsuccessful attempt or effort.

    Here is an example sentence using Abortive:

    • “The company’s abortive attempt to launch a new product resulted in significant financial losses.”

    In this sentence, Abortive is used to describe the unsuccessful and failed attempt by the company to launch a new product.

    When using Abortive in a sentence, make sure that it is placed before a noun to clearly convey its meaning. You can also provide additional context or details to help further explain why something is considered abortive.

    Remember to pay attention to the tone and formality of the text you are writing, as Abortive is a formal term that may not be suitable for all types of communication.

    Practice using Abortive in sentences to become more comfortable with incorporating it into your writing. Over time, you will develop a better understanding of how to use Abortive effectively and accurately in various contexts.


    In conclusion, the abortive attempts to complete the project resulted in a waste of time and resources. The numerous sentences with “abortive” illustrate failed efforts or initiatives that did not achieve the desired outcome. It is evident from these examples that abortive actions can hinder progress and lead to frustration.

    To avoid further abortive endeavors, it is crucial to thoroughly plan and strategize before embarking on any task. Learning from past mistakes and taking necessary precautions can help prevent future setbacks and ensure successful outcomes. By recognizing the signs of abortive efforts and making proactive changes, individuals and organizations can increase their chances of accomplishing their goals efficiently and effectively.

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