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ABRADE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Abrade

    sentence with Abrade

    Do you know what it means to abrade something? Abrade refers to the act of wearing down or rubbing away the surface of an object through friction or erosion. This process can result in a smoother texture and altered appearance of the object being abraded.

    Abrading is a common technique used in various industries, such as manufacturing, construction, and restoration. By understanding how to properly abrade materials, professionals can achieve desired finishes and prepare surfaces for further treatment or coating.

    7 Examples Of Abrade Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Abrade means when something gets scratched.
    2. Be careful not to abrade your toy by dragging it on the ground.
    3. Mom said not to abrade my clothes by playing rough.
    4. I learned if I am not careful, I could abrade the paper.
    5. Don’t let the sand abrade your skin at the beach.
    6. The rough surface can abrade the rubber on your shoes.
    7. Remember not to abrade the book cover with sharp objects.

    14 Sentences with Abrade Examples

    1. Abrade your notes with a highlighter to help key information stand out.
    2. It’s important to take breaks while studying to prevent your concentration from getting abraded.
    3. Make sure to use a gentle touch when erasing pencil marks to avoid abrading the paper.
    4. The rough edges of the textbook cover started to abrade my fingers after hours of studying.
    5. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your laptop screen as they can abrade the delicate surface.
    6. Be cautious when handling delicate art supplies to prevent them from getting abraded.
    7. The constant friction from sliding books in and out of your bag can abrade the corners of the covers.
    8. It’s best to use a soft cloth when wiping down your glasses to prevent abrasing the lenses.
    9. Taking care to properly store your documents can help prevent them from becoming abraded over time.
    10. Make sure to regularly clean your phone case to avoid any dirt particles from abrating the surface.
    11. The rough texture of the paper caused the marker ink to abrade and bleed through.
    12. Avoid using harsh scrubbing tools when cleaning your whiteboard as they can abrade the surface.
    13. The frequent use of the printer led to the toner cartridge getting abraded over time.
    14. Be mindful of how you handle your art supplies to prevent them from abrasing against each other.
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    How To Use Abrade in Sentences?

    To use “Abrade” in a sentence, follow these steps:

    1. Start by understanding that the word Abrade means to scrape or wear away the surface of something through friction or erosion.

    2. Next, identify a context in which you want to use the word Abrade. For example, “The rough surface of the rocks can abrade the skin if you slide down them.”

    3. When constructing your sentence, place the word Abrade in a position that makes sense grammatically. It is usually used as a verb and can be placed at the beginning or middle of a sentence. For instance, “Continuous rubbing can abrade the material and cause it to deteriorate quickly.”

    4. Ensure that the sentence you create accurately conveys the meaning of Abrade in the context you have chosen. Avoid using the word in a confusing manner that may lead to misunderstanding.

    5. Practice using the word Abrade in different sentences to become more familiar with its usage and nuances. This will help you incorporate it more naturally in your everyday language.

    Remember that Abrade is a verb, so it is important to use it in a way that demonstrates an action of scraping or wearing away. With practice and experimentation, you will become more comfortable incorporating Abrade into your vocabulary.


    In summary, abrade is a word that describes the action of wearing away or damaging something by friction or rubbing. This can be seen in sentences like “The rough sandpaper will abrade the surface of the wood” and “Constant use of the abrasive cleaning agent will abrade the delicate fabric.” Abrade is a term commonly used in discussions about erosion, damage, and wear caused by surface contact or friction, highlighting the importance of being mindful of materials and their susceptibility to abrasion.

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    Understanding the concept of abrade is essential for maintaining the longevity and quality of various materials, whether in woodworking, fabric care, or even in skincare where abrasive ingredients can potentially harm the skin. By being aware of how abrasion can impact different surfaces, individuals can take appropriate measures to prevent unnecessary damage and ensure the preservation of physical objects and materials over time.