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ABSTAIN in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Abstain

    sentence with Abstain

    Have you ever found yourself refraining from indulging in something? If so, you were likely choosing to abstain from it. The act of abstaining involves deliberately avoiding or choosing not to participate in a particular activity, behavior, or substance.

    When individuals abstain from something, they are often making a conscious decision to exercise self-control, discipline, or to adhere to personal beliefs or values. This choice to abstain can be seen in various aspects of life, such as abstaining from alcohol, sugar, or negative behaviors.

    7 Examples Of Abstain Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Abstain from eating too many candies.
    • Remember to abstain from talking while the teacher is speaking.
    • Let’s all abstain from running in the classroom.
    • It’s important to abstain from throwing things in class.
    • Can you abstain from playing with toys during study time?
    • Please abstain from scribbling on your desk.
    • Don’t forget to abstain from pushing others in line.

    14 Sentences with Abstain Examples

    • Abstain from procrastinating and start studying for your upcoming exams.
    • Make sure to abstain from unhealthy eating habits during your college years.
    • It’s important to abstain from distractions and focus on your coursework.
    • Remember to abstain from peer pressure and make your own decisions.
    • Don’t forget to abstain from excessive partying on weekdays.
    • It’s a good idea to abstain from using your phone during lectures.
    • Abstain from skipping classes to stay on track with your academics.
    • Try to abstain from spending too much money on unnecessary things.
    • Make sure to abstain from plagiarism in your assignments.
    • It’s wise to abstain from engaging in toxic relationships during college.
    • Remember to abstain from cheating on exams to maintain academic integrity.
    • Don’t forget to abstain from overloading yourself with too many extracurricular activities.
    • It’s important to abstain from using drugs or alcohol excessively.
    • Try to abstain from getting involved in conflicts or drama on campus.
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    How To Use Abstain in Sentences?

    To Abstain means to choose not to do something, particularly if it is something you have a habit of doing. When using Abstain in a sentence, it is important to remember a few key points.

    First, the word “Abstain” is a verb, so it should be used in a sentence to describe an action or choice. For example, “I have decided to abstain from eating sweets for a month.”

    Second, Abstain is often used in formal or serious contexts, such as discussions about voting, religion, or personal choices. For instance, “The doctor advised him to abstain from alcohol to improve his health.”

    Third, when using Abstain, it is important to clearly state what you are choosing not to do. Be specific and concise in your sentence to ensure your message is clear. For example, “She chose to abstain from giving her opinion during the meeting.”

    In conclusion, using Abstain in a sentence can help convey your decision not to participate in a particular activity or behavior. Remember to use Abstain as a verb, in a formal context, and be clear in your choice of words to effectively communicate your decision.


    In conclusion, making the decision to abstain from certain actions or behaviors can have both positive and negative implications. While abstaining from unhealthy habits like smoking or excessive drinking can lead to improved health and well-being, abstaining from voting or voicing one’s opinion can result in a lack of representation and participation in important matters. It is essential for individuals to weigh the consequences of their choices to abstain and consider the impact it may have on themselves and society as a whole.

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    Ultimately, the decision to abstain from something should be a thoughtful and informed one, taking into account personal values, beliefs, and the potential consequences. Whether it’s choosing to abstain from social media, unhealthy foods, or a particular vote, individuals should strive to make choices that align with their goals and principles while also considering the broader implications of their actions on themselves and the world around them.