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ACCEDE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Accede

    sentence with Accede

    Have you ever come across the word “accede” and wondered what it means? In simple terms, to accede is to agree to a request or to yield to someone’s wishes.

    This verb implies giving in or granting approval to something, often in a formal or official manner. It involves assenting to a proposal, accepting a position, or complying with a demand.

    7 Examples Of Accede Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Please accede to share your toys with your friends.
    • Can you accede to help tidy up the classroom?
    • Let’s all accede to take turns while playing games.
    • It is important to accede to listen to your teachers in the school.
    • Remember to accede to say “please” and “thank you” to others.
    • I will accede to be kind and helpful to my classmates.
    • We should accede to follow the rules to keep everyone safe.

    14 Sentences with Accede Examples

    • Accede to your professor’s request for additional readings for the upcoming exam.
    • Make sure to accede to the guidelines set by the college administration regarding dress code.
    • It is important to accede to deadlines for project submissions in order to avoid penalization.
    • Always accede to the rules of the library to maintain a peaceful studying environment.
    • Accede to your classmates’ request to form a study group for mutual support.
    • It is advisable to accede to the college’s anti-plagiarism policy to maintain academic integrity.
    • Students should accede to the recommended study schedule to perform well in their exams.
    • Make sure to accede to the college’s vaccination policies for the safety of the campus community.
    • Accede to the feedback provided by your professors to improve your academic performance.
    • It is essential to accede to the rules and regulations of the college hostel for a smooth living experience.
    • Always accede to the timetables provided by the college to avoid missing important classes or exams.
    • Students should accede to the online etiquette guidelines for virtual classes to ensure a respectful learning atmosphere.
    • Make sure to accede to the code of conduct during college events to represent the institution positively.
    • Students should accede to the counseling services offered by the college for mental health support and guidance.
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    How To Use Accede in Sentences?

    To use the word Accede in a sentence, follow these simple steps:

    1. Understand the Definition: Before using the word Accede, make sure you understand its meaning. Accede means to agree to a demand, request, or treaty.

    2. Choose the Right Context: Consider the situation where you want to use the word Accede. It is often used in formal or official discussions.

    3. Construct a Sentence: Start by introducing the subject that is agreeing to something. You can use phrases like “The committee” or “The government”.

    4. Insert Accede: Place the word Accede where the agreement is taking place. For example, “The government decided to accede to the demands of the protesters.”

    5. Add Other Elements: Complete the sentence by adding more details to provide context or explain the implications of the agreement.

    6. Review and Edit: Before finalizing the sentence, read it out loud to ensure it makes sense and conveys the intended meaning clearly.

    Remember that Accede is a formal word used in specific contexts, so be mindful of when and where you use it in your writing or conversations. Practice using it in different sentences to become more comfortable with incorporating it into your vocabulary.


    In conclusion, the word “accede” is commonly used in English sentences to express the act of giving consent, agreeing to a request, or yielding to a position or demand. It implies a willingness to comply or accept a certain proposition, often signaling agreement or approval. For example, “After much deliberation, they finally acceded to the terms of the contract” demonstrates a situation where a decision or agreement was reached.

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    Understanding sentences with “accede” can aid in grasping the nuances of communication and comprehending instances where permission is granted, demands are met, or agreements are made. By recognizing the context in which this word is utilized, one can gain insight into the dynamics of negotiations, compromises, and consensus-building in both formal and informal settings.