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ACCLAMATION in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Acclamation

    sentence with Acclamation

    Have you ever received recognition or praise for your achievements that just warmed your heart? This positive feedback and applause are what we refer to as acclamation.

    Acclamation is the enthusiastic approval or cheering from a group or audience in response to someone’s actions or accomplishments. It serves as a form of admiration and encouragement, bolstering the recipient’s self-esteem and motivation.

    7 Examples Of Acclamation Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Acclamation is when people clap and cheer to show they like something.
    • We can give acclamation to someone when they do something good.
    • Let’s give acclamation to our friend for drawing a beautiful picture.
    • The crowd roared with acclamation when the magician performed his best trick.
    • Everyone gave acclamation to the singer for their amazing performance.
    • We can show our appreciation with acclamation for a job well done.
    • The team received acclamation from the audience after winning the match.

    14 Sentences with Acclamation Examples

    1. Acclamation from the audience filled the auditorium as the college band performed their latest song.
    2. The professor received acclamation from the students for making the class interactive and engaging.
    3. The guest speaker received a round of acclamation for delivering a thought-provoking lecture.
    4. The student council president’s speech was met with acclamation from the crowd at the college event.
    5. The top scorer in the class received acclamation from their peers for their academic achievements.
    6. The sports team earned acclamation from the college for their outstanding performance in the tournament.
    7. The dance team’s energetic routine garnered acclamation from the audience at the annual college festival.
    8. The student newspaper received acclamation for its in-depth coverage of campus events.
    9. The college’s eco club was met with acclamation for their efforts to promote sustainability on campus.
    10. The winners of the debate competition were met with acclamation from their colleagues for their persuasive arguments.
    11. The college’s cultural committee received acclamation for organizing a successful talent show.
    12. The guest lecturer’s insightful presentation received acclamation from the students for shedding light on the topic.
    13. The college’s drama club production earned acclamation for its stellar performances and production value.
    14. The college’s basketball team received acclamation for their sportsmanship on and off the court.
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    How To Use Acclamation in Sentences?

    To use the word Acclamation in a sentence, follow these simple steps:

    1. Understand the meaning: Acclamation [ak-luh-mey-shuhn] refers to enthusiastic approval or loud applause. It signifies a public show of approval or appreciation for someone or something.

    2. Identify the context: Ensure that you have a clear understanding of where and how you want to use the word Acclamation in your sentence. It is commonly used in situations where a group of people collectively shows their approval or admiration.

    3. Construct your sentence: Here are a few examples:

      • The famous artist received acclamation for her latest masterpiece.
      • The crowd erupted in acclamation as the team scored the winning goal.
      • The film received critical acclamation for its compelling storyline and exceptional performances.
    4. Review your sentence: Before using the word Acclamation, make sure that it fits the context and conveys the meaning you intend. Check for any grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes.

    5. Practice using the word: The best way to become comfortable with using Acclamation in a sentence is through practice. Try incorporating it into conversations or writing exercises to improve your familiarity with the word.

    By following these steps and practicing using the word Acclamation, you will enhance your vocabulary and communication skills.


    In conclusion, sentences with acclamation convey praise, approval, or admiration for someone or something. These statements often highlight the positive attributes or achievements of an individual or entity, celebrating their success or excellence. Acclamatory sentences serve to uplift and acknowledge the value or worth of the subject being praised, fostering a sense of recognition and appreciation.

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    By incorporating sentences with acclamation into our communication, we can build a culture of positivity and encouragement. Recognizing and applauding the accomplishments of others through acclamatory statements can boost morale, inspire confidence, and strengthen relationships. Ultimately, employing sentences with acclamation can contribute to a more supportive and affirming environment, where recognition and praise are given freely and graciously.