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45+ Adjective Words to Describe Wow

    Adjectives For Wow

    When you think of adjectives, you might think of describing words like “big,” “small,” “green,” or “purple.” But did you know that there are also adjectives for smells?

    If you’re looking to add more detail to your writing, or simply want to expand your vocabulary, here are 25 adjectives for smells. It’s time to get sniffing!

    • Aromatic – This adjective is used to describe pleasant smells, like those of certain foods or flowers.
    • Pungent – A pungent smell is strong and often unpleasant.
    • Rancid – Rancid smells are foul and often indicate that something has gone bad.
    • Earthy – An earthy smell is often associated with nature, like fresh dirt or leaves.
    • Musty – A musty smell is old and stale, like that of an attic or basement.
    • Sweet – Sweet smells are pleasant and often sugary, like those of flowers or candy.
    • Sour – Sour smells are sharp and acidic, like vinegar or lemons.
    • Spicy – Spicy smells are warm and often contain strong aromas, like those of cinnamon or cloves.
    • Fragrant – A fragrant smell is pleasant and often used to describe flowers.
    • Foul – A foul smell is unpleasant and often indicative of something rotten.

    Adjectives For Wow

    When it comes to describing smells, there are endless possibilities. Whether you’re trying to describe the scent of a flower or the stench of a sewage plant, there’s an adjective out there to fit the bill.

    Here are just a few of the most commonly used adjectives for smells:

    • Pleasant: This is the most basic adjective used to describe a scent. If something smells nice, it’s probably pleasant.
    • Unpleasant: The opposite of pleasant, this adjective is used to describe smells that are not nice.
    • Strong: A strong smell is one that is very potent and easily detectable.
    • Weak: A weak smell is one that is not very strong or potent.
    • Intense: An intense smell is one that is so strong it can be overwhelming.
    • Pungent: A pungent smell is one that is sharp and often unpleasant.
    • Acrid: An acrid smell is one that is bitter and irritating.
    • Putrid: A putrid smell is one that is nauseating and sickening.
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    These are just a few of the most commonly used adjectives for smells. As you can see, there are endless possibilities when it comes to describing smells. So the next time you’re trying to describe a scent, make sure you choose the right adjective.

    Adjectives For Wow

    A | B | C

    AnxiouslyBeautifulBowl Over
    Break One UpCharmCheer
    Crack Up

    D | E | G

    GenuinelyGo Over Big

    I | K | M | P

    Knock DeadMake LaughPersuaded
    Adjectives For Wow

    S | T | V | W | Z

    TickleTickle PinkTickle To Death

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