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ALARMED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Alarmed

    sentence with Alarmed

    Ever felt a sudden jolt of fear or anxiety? That’s the feeling of being alarmed – a visceral reaction to a perceived threat or danger. When we’re alarmed, our bodies go into high alert, ready to face or flee from the source of our unease.

    In language, expressing being alarmed often involves quick, concise sentences that convey urgency and fear. These sentences can paint a vivid picture of a tense or alarming situation, leaving the reader or listener with a sense of unease or apprehension.

    7 Examples Of Alarmed Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The loud noise alarmed the little bird.
    • The flashing lights alarmed the stray dog.
    • The sudden clap of thunder alarmed the children.
    • The barking of the neighbor’s dog alarmed the cat.
    • The bright flash of lightning alarmed the plants in the garden.
    • The howling wind alarmed the sleeping puppy.
    • The loud knock on the door alarmed the family.
    Examples Of Alarmed Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Alarmed Examples

    • Alarmed by the sudden drop in grades, I realized I needed to study harder for my upcoming exams.
    • As a college student in India, I was alarmed by the increasing number of COVID-19 cases on campus.
    • She was alarmed when she realized she had overslept for her morning lecture.
    • Alarmed by the noise outside, I quickly checked to see if there was a protest happening nearby.
    • Alarmed by the deadline approaching, I rushed to finish my assignment before submission.
    • The students were alarmed when they heard about a possible hike in tuition fees for the upcoming semester.
    • Alarmed by the amount of debt I was accumulating, I decided to create a budget to manage my expenses.
    • The professor was alarmed when he noticed several students cheating on the exam.
    • Alarmed by the loud sound of firecrackers going off, I quickly realized it was Diwali celebrations happening nearby.
    • Being a female college student, I was alarmed when I heard about reports of harassment on campus.
    • The students were alarmed when they received news of an upcoming strike that might disrupt classes.
    • Alarmed by the lack of internship opportunities, I decided to start networking with professionals in my field.
    • As a college student, I was alarmed when I discovered my laptop had been stolen from my dorm room.
    • Alarmed by the sudden change in weather, I made sure to pack my umbrella before heading out for the day.
    Sentences with Alarmed Examples

    How To Use Alarmed in Sentences?

    Alarmed is used to express fear, concern, or anxiety in a sentence.

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    When using alarmed in a sentence, make sure to identify the source of the alarm. For example, “The sound of the fire alarm alarmed the residents of the building.”

    You can also use alarmed to describe the feeling of being worried or frightened. For instance, “She was alarmed by the sudden change in her friend’s behavior.”

    It’s important to remember that when using alarmed in a sentence, you should provide context to help convey the intensity of the fear or concern. For example, “The loud explosion alarmed everyone in the room.”

    How To Use Alarmed in Sentences

    Additionally, you can use alarmed to indicate a sudden awareness of danger or a potential threat. For instance, “He was alarmed by the dark figure lurking in the shadows.”

    Remember to always consider the tone and context of your sentence when using the word alarmed. Try to provide specific details that will help the reader understand why the character is feeling alarmed.

    By following these tips, you can effectively incorporate the word alarmed into your writing to convey a sense of fear, concern, or anxiety.


    In conclusion, the various sentences using the keyword “alarmed” demonstrate a range of situations where individuals or characters are experiencing a sense of fear, concern, or unease. These examples highlight the importance of recognizing alarms or warning signs and responding promptly to potential dangers or threats.

    By paying attention to these signals of distress, individuals can take necessary precautions, seek help, or address issues before they escalate. Whether it is feeling alarmed by a sudden noise in the night or being alarmed by a troubling trend in society, acknowledging and responding to these feelings is crucial for personal safety and well-being. This serves as a reminder for everyone to stay vigilant and proactive when faced with situations that provoke alarm.

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