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APPROACHING in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Approaching

    sentence with Approaching

    Are you unsure about how to use the word “approaching” in a sentence? Well, you’re in the right place! “Approaching” is a verb that means moving closer to someone or something in distance or time.

    Using it in a sentence is quite simple. Just remember that “approaching” is often followed by a noun, indicating what is being moved closer to. With a bit of practice, you’ll be confidently incorporating “approaching” into your sentences in no time.

    7 Examples Of Approaching Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The train is approaching the station.
    • The big dog is approaching us slowly.
    • Look, a squirrel is approaching the tree.
    • I see a bird approaching our window.
    • The kite is approaching the tree branch.
    • The butterfly is approaching the flowers.
    • Be careful, the bus is approaching the bus stop.
    Examples Of Approaching Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Approaching Examples

    • Approaching the deadline for submitting your assignments, make sure to manage your time effectively.
    • As exams are approaching, it’s essential to start revising early to avoid last-minute cramming.
    • With placement season approaching, it’s crucial to update your resume and practice for interviews.
    • Approaching a professor for guidance on your research project can help clarify any doubts you may have.
    • As the end of the semester is approaching, make sure to plan your study schedule accordingly.
    • Approaching seniors for advice on courses and professors can help you make informed decisions.
    • With college festivals approaching, don’t forget to participate in various competitions and events.
    • Approaching the library for reference books can significantly enhance your understanding of complex subjects.
    • As project deadlines are approaching, it’s vital to collaborate effectively with your team members.
    • Approaching career counselors for guidance on higher studies or job opportunities can be beneficial.
    • Approaching the college administration for any academic or personal issues can help in finding solutions.
    • With internship deadlines approaching, ensure that your resume and cover letter are updated and error-free.
    • Approaching classmates for study groups can facilitate better understanding of challenging topics.
    • As the date for college fests is approaching, start preparing for any performances or competitions you plan to participate in.
    Sentences with Approaching Examples

    How To Use Approaching in Sentences?

    Approaching is a verb that is used to describe the action of moving closer to something. When using the word approaching in a sentence, it is important to keep in mind how the word functions within the context of the sentence. Here are some tips on how to effectively use approaching in a sentence:

    1. Subject-Verb Agreement: Make sure that the subject of your sentence agrees with the use of approaching as a present participle verb. For example, “The train is approaching the station.”
    2. Tense: Pay attention to the tense of your sentence when using approaching. For example, you could say “She will be approaching the finish line soon” to indicate a future action.
    3. Adverb Placement: You can modify the action of approaching by adding adverbs like “quickly,” “slowly,” or “steadily.” For instance, “The storm clouds were approaching rapidly.”
    4. Object: Be clear about what is being approached in your sentence. This could be a physical object, a destination, or even an abstract concept. For example, “The deadline is approaching” or “He saw a figure approaching in the distance.”
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    Remember, using approaching effectively in a sentence helps convey movement, progress, or imminent arrival. Experiment with different sentence structures and contexts to become more comfortable with incorporating approaching into your writing.

    How To Use Approaching in Sentences


    In conclusion, the sentences with the keyword “approaching” illustrate various instances where something or someone is drawing near or getting closer to a specified point or goal. These sentences can range from describing physical distances, like a car approaching a stop sign, to more abstract concepts, such as a project deadline approaching rapidly. By using “approaching” in a sentence, one can effectively convey a sense of impending arrival or progression towards a particular outcome.

    Overall, the examples provided demonstrate the flexibility and utility of incorporating “approaching” in sentence construction. Whether highlighting imminent events, impending deadlines, or gradual progress, this keyword adds clarity and conveys a clear sense of movement or transition in language. By utilizing sentences with “approaching,” writers can effectively communicate the notion of things drawing closer, creating a more vivid and dynamic narrative.