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AS A RESULT in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use As A Result

    sentence with As A Result

    Looking to understand how to properly structure your sentences to show cause and effect? When you want to convey that one action leads to another, you can use the phrase “as a result.” This signals to the reader that the following sentence will explain the consequences of the initial action.

    “As a result” is a useful tool in writing to clearly connect two events or actions and show the cause and effect relationship between them. By using this phrase, you can effectively explain the outcomes that arise from specific circumstances.

    7 Examples Of As A Result Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The sun was shining brightly as a result we went outside to play.
    • I watered the plants every day, as a result they grew tall and colorful.
    • I studied hard for my test, as a result I got a good grade.
    • I helped my friend clean up the classroom, as a result we finished quickly.
    • I listened carefully to the teacher, as a result I understood the lesson better.
    • I shared my toys with my friends, as a result we all had fun playing together.
    • I ate all my vegetables, as a result I felt strong and healthy.
    Examples Of As A Result Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with As A Result Examples

    • As a result, of poor time management, many students struggle to meet assignment deadlines.
    • Students who attend lectures regularly tend to perform better in exams, as a result of increased understanding of the subject matter.
    • As a result of joining study groups, students have reported improvements in their grades.
    • Lack of communication with professors can lead to misunderstandings and confusion, as a result students may not perform as well in their courses.
    • As a result of participating in extracurricular activities, students can develop valuable skills beyond the classroom.
    • As a result of excessive social media use, students often face distractions and a decrease in productivity.
    • As a result of effective note-taking during lectures, students are better able to recall information for exams.
    • As a result of attending career fairs, students have opportunities to network with potential employers.
    • As a result of taking breaks while studying, students can prevent burnout and maintain focus.
    • Procrastination can lead to rushed work and lower quality assignments, as a result students may receive lower grades.
    • As a result of presenting confidently during class presentations, students can showcase their knowledge and improve their communication skills.
    • As a result of forming study groups, students can share resources and help each other with difficult concepts.
    • As a result of seeking help from academic advisors, students can clarify their academic goals and plan their course schedules effectively.
    • As a result of regularly revising coursework, students can retain information better and perform well in exams.
    Sentences with As A Result Examples

    How To Use As A Result in Sentences?

    As A Result is a transition phrase that shows a cause and effect relationship between two actions or events. It is used to explain the consequence of a previous action or situation.

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    For beginners, here’s how to use As A Result in a sentence:

    1. As A Result must always be followed by a comma to separate it from the rest of the sentence. For example: “Tom studied hard for his exams, as a result, he got straight A’s.”
    2. As A Result can also be used at the beginning of a sentence to clearly show the cause and effect relationship. For example: “As a result of the heavy rain, the game was canceled.”
    3. When using As A Result, make sure that the consequence you mention is directly related to the action or situation that came before it. This helps to maintain clarity and coherence in your writing.
    4. You can also use As A Result to summarize a series of events or ideas. For example: “She missed her train, as a result, she arrived late to the meeting and missed an important presentation.”

    By following these simple guidelines, you can effectively use As A Result in your sentences to clearly express cause and effect relationships.

    How To Use As A Result in Sentences


    In conclusion, the use of “as a result” in sentences serves to clearly connect cause and effect, indicating the outcome of a previous action or event. This phrase helps to establish a logical flow in writing, making it easier for readers to understand the relationship between different parts of a text. For example, “She studied diligently, and as a result, she aced her exam,” effectively communicates the cause-effect relationship between studying and performing well on the exam.

    By incorporating “as a result” in sentences, writers can effectively convey consequences and outcomes in a concise and straightforward manner. This phrase is a valuable tool for establishing clarity and coherence in writing, ensuring that the intended message is easily understood by the audience.

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