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AS SOON AS in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use As Soon As

    sentence with As Soon As

    “Imagine being able to convey urgency or immediacy in a sentence with just two simple words: ‘as soon as.’ This phrase is commonly used to indicate the quickness or promptness of an action that will take place immediately after a certain condition is met.”

    When using the phrase ‘as soon as’ in a sentence, it serves as a signal that the action to be taken will happen without delay once the specified circumstance is fulfilled. This straightforward combination of words efficiently communicates the swift timing of an event or task.

    7 Examples Of As Soon As Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. As soon as the bell rings, it’s time for lunch break.
    2. We will go out to play as soon as the rain stops.
    3. As soon as the teacher enters the classroom, we must all sit quietly.
    4. We should start our homework as soon as we reach home.
    5. As soon as the school bus arrives, everyone should line up.
    6. We will have art class as soon as the music lesson is over.
    7. As soon as we finish eating, we can go for a walk in the garden.
    Examples Of As Soon As Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with As Soon As Examples

    • As soon as the bell rings, everyone rushes out of the classroom.
    • College students start lining up for coffee as soon as the canteen opens.
    • As soon as the exam schedule is released, students begin forming study groups.
    • Students grab their bags and head to the library as soon as their last lecture ends.
    • As soon as the professor announces a surprise quiz, everyone scrambles to study.
    • College students eagerly check their emails as soon as the results are uploaded online.
    • As soon as the hostel curfew hits, students rush back to their rooms.
    • The line at the photocopy center grows longer as soon as the assignment deadline approaches.
    • Students grab their raincoats as soon as they hear thunder during monsoon season.
    • As soon as the college festival is announced, students start planning their performances.
    • The sound of a food delivery app notification is followed by students racing to the gate as soon as their meal arrives.
    • As soon as the sports fest registration opens, students start forming teams.
    • The college canteen gets crowded as soon as the lunch break begins.
    • Students start discussing internship opportunities as soon as the placement cell releases the company list.
    Sentences with As Soon As Examples

    How To Use As Soon As in Sentences?

    As Soon As is a commonly used phrase to indicate that something will happen immediately after a certain event or time. Here are some examples of how to use As Soon As in a sentence:

    1. You can go play outside as soon as you finish your homework.
    2. I will call you as soon as I receive your message.
    3. As soon as the rain stops, we can go for a walk.
    4. She will start her new job as soon as she graduates from college.
    5. Please send me the report as soon as it is ready.
    6. We will leave for the airport as soon as Dad arrives home.
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    In each of these examples, As Soon As is used to connect two events or situations, with the second event occurring immediately following the first. This phrase is handy for expressing the idea of immediacy or promptness in a sentence.

    How To Use As Soon As in Sentences

    Remember, when using As Soon As, the event that happens first is mentioned before the phrase, while the event that follows immediately is mentioned after. This helps to clarify the sequence of events in the sentence.

    By following these guidelines and practicing using As Soon As in sentences, you can effectively convey the idea of something happening promptly or immediately after another event or time.


    In conclusion, using “as soon as” in sentences indicates a quick or immediate action. By mentioning this phrase, the speaker or writer conveys a sense of urgency or promptness. For example, “I will call you as soon as I finish work” or “He left the party as soon as he heard the news.” These examples demonstrate how “as soon as” is employed to emphasize the immediacy of an action or event.

    Overall, including “as soon as” in sentences helps to establish a clear timeline or sequence of events, ensuring that the reader or listener understands the swift nature of the action being described. This phrase is useful for expressing the idea that something will happen promptly or without delay, adding precision and clarity to communication.