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ASTONISHED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Astonished

    sentence with Astonished

    Do you know what it means to be astonished? To be astonished is to be filled with a sudden feeling of wonder or amazement, often accompanied by feelings of surprise or disbelief.

    Imagine coming across something so unexpected or extraordinary that it completely stops you in your tracks, causing your jaw to drop and your eyes to widen in astonishment. Being astonished is a powerful emotion that can be triggered by witnessing something truly remarkable or unbelievable.

    7 Examples Of Astonished Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Astonished by the magic trick, the children clapped and cheered.
    • The students were astonished to see a rainbow after the rain.
    • The teacher was astonished when the pumpkin grew so big.
    • The monkey was astonished to see a butterfly fly by.
    • The children were astonished by how fast the rabbit hopped.
    • The kite flew so high that everyone was astonished.
    • The children were astonished by the beautiful peacock feathers.
    Examples Of Astonished Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Astonished Examples

    1. I was astonished by the professor’s vast knowledge on the subject.
    2. The students were astonished by the sudden announcement of a pop quiz.
    3. She was astonished by the challenging question asked during the seminar.
    4. The group was astonished by the innovative project ideas presented at the symposium.
    5. He was astonished by the high scores achieved by his classmates in the exam.
    6. The guest speaker’s speech left the audience astonished with its powerful message.
    7. The college team was astonished by their victory in the inter-collegiate competition.
    8. The students were astonished by the campus facilities available for their use.
    9. She was astonished by the diverse cultural activities organized by the college.
    10. The professor was astonished by the students’ lack of understanding of the basic concepts.
    11. The students were astonished by the sudden change in the course schedule.
    12. The college administration was astonished by the overwhelming response to the career fair.
    13. The students were astonished by the guest lecturer’s unconventional teaching methods.
    14. The college band’s performance left the audience astonished with their musical talent.
    Sentences with Astonished Examples

    How To Use Astonished in Sentences?

    To use Astonished in a sentence, start by identifying a situation or event that evokes a feeling of extreme surprise or amazement. Once you have your context, insert the word Astonished into your sentence to convey this sense of astonishment.

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    For example, “I was astonished by the amazing magic trick that the magician performed at the party.”

    Alternatively, you could say, “She looked astonished when she saw the beautiful birthday cake that her friends had secretly prepared for her.”

    How To Use Astonished in Sentences

    When using Astonished in a sentence, make sure that the tone and context match the level of surprise or amazement that the word conveys. This will help you effectively communicate the sense of astonishment you are trying to express.

    Practice using Astonished in various sentences to become more comfortable incorporating it into your vocabulary. Experiment with different situations and scenarios to fully grasp the impact and nuances of the word.

    Remember to pay attention to the reactions and emotions associated with the word Astonished in both your writing and speech. This will help you effectively convey surprise and amazement in your communication.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences using the word “astonished” convey a sense of shock, surprise, and wonder at unexpected events or situations. From being astonished by jaw-dropping magic tricks to being pleasantly astonished by a friend’s generosity, the word captures a range of emotions associated with being taken aback by something extraordinary. It highlights the powerful impact of unexpected occurrences that leave us amazed and bewildered.

    The use of “astonished” in sentences serves to emphasize the intensity of our reactions to the unforeseen, adding depth and vividness to our descriptions. Overall, these examples showcase how this word can effectively convey the sense of awe and wonder that accompany moments of surprise and amazement in our daily lives.

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