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7 Bathroom Items That Start With V

    Bathroom Items That Start With V

    There are many items that we use in our bathrooms on a daily basis that we take for granted. It’s easy to forget how important these items are until we don’t have them. Here is a list of bathroom items that begin with the letter “V”.

    Toilet paper is one of the most important items in any bathroom. It’s hard to imagine going to the bathroom without it. Many people don’t realize that toilet paper is actually a relatively new invention. It was first patented in 1891 by Joseph Gayetty.

    Toilet paper is not the only important item in the bathroom that begins with the letter “V”. There is also the toilet brush. This is an essential tool for keeping your toilet clean. It’s also important to have a toilet plunger on hand in case of a clog.

    Bathroom Items Beginning With Letter V


    A vanity is a piece of furniture with a mirror and a flat surface. Vanities are usually found in the bathroom, but they can also be found in other rooms, such as bedrooms. Vanities are often used to store toiletries and other items.


    Vanity mirror

    A vanity mirror is a mirror that is mounted on a vanity. Vanity mirrors are often used in the bathroom to help people see themselves while they are getting ready.

    Vanity mirror

    Vessel sink

    A vessel sink is a type of sink that sits on top of a counter or vanity. Vessel sinks are often used in the bathroom because they add a decorative touch.

    Vessel sink

    Ventilation fan

    A ventilation fan is a type of fan that helps to remove air from a room. Ventilation fans are often used in the bathroom to remove moisture and odors.

    Ventilation fan

    7 Bathroom Items Beginning With V

    VaselineVent Fan
    Vicks Vapor RubVanity
    Vanity mirrorVessel sink
    Ventilation fan


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    Vacuum cleaners are an essential part of keeping a bathroom clean. They help to remove dirt and dust from the floors and surfaces.

    There are many different types of vacuum cleaners available on the market. Some are designed specifically for bathrooms. Others are more general purpose.

    The best vacuum cleaner for a bathroom is one that is able to remove all the dirt and dust from the floors and surfaces. It should also be easy to use and maintain.


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