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1775+ Candy That Starts With A To Z

    Candy That Starts With A To Z

    Embark on a sweet journey from A to Z in this comprehensive candy compendium, a delightful exploration for those with a penchant for sugary treats. “Candy That Starts With A to Z” is your ultimate guide, cataloging the many candies that have graced store shelves and satisfied sweet tooths around the globe. Each letter of the alphabet unfolds to reveal iconic favorites, hidden gems, and international confections, offering a flavorful experience for both the curious novice and the seasoned candy aficionado.

    This article doesn’t just list candies; it delves into the rich history, unique manufacturing processes, and fascinating cultural contexts behind each sugary delight. From the apple-infused treats that start our journey at ‘A’, to the zesty zest-filled creations capping it off at ‘Z’, readers will discover how these confections have evolved over time, reflecting societal changes and preferences.

    Perfect for candy lovers, history buffs, or those seeking inspiration for a global candy tasting adventure, this article serves as both a directory and a doorway into the colorful, diverse world of candies. Prepare your palate for a tour that promises to be as informative as it is delicious, and remember, every candy has a story waiting to be unwrapped.

    What is Candy?

    Candy, also known as sweets or confectionery, refers to a variety of sweet-tasting food items traditionally made from sugar and flavored or combined with fruits, nuts, chocolate, or other sweeteners. These treats are enjoyed worldwide in countless shapes, flavors, and textures, and they are typically indulged in as a snack, dessert, or for special occasions.


    Candy That Starts With The Letter A To Z

    The world of confectionery is vast and diverse, offering a plethora of sweet delights that cater to all tastes. From chocolates and gummies to hard candies and chewables, there’s something for everyone. In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a sugary journey through the alphabet, exploring a unique candy corresponding to each letter. This candy compendium is sure to tempt your taste buds and perhaps introduce you to some new treats!

    A is for Almond Joy

    Owned by Hershey, Almond Joy combines sweet coconut with crunchy almonds and milk chocolate, presenting a tantalizing trio of flavors. This candy bar’s origins date back to 1946 and it continues to joyously satisfy almond-lovers worldwide.

    Almond Joy

    B is for Bonbons

    Bonbons refer to any of a wide variety of confections, with the most common being those coated in chocolate. The term “bonbon” stems from the French word “bon,” meaning good. True to their name, these goodies have been delighting sweet tooths since the 17th century.


    C is for Candy Corn

    A seasonal favorite, particularly in the U.S. during Halloween, candy corn’s characteristic white, orange, and yellow sections mimic a kernel of corn. Created in the 1880s, this candy’s sweetness and unique texture have earned it a dedicated following.

    Candy Corn

    D is for Dum Dums

    These delightfully petite lollipops have been around since 1924. Manufactured by Spangler Candy Company, Dum Dums come in an assortment of flavors, with the Mystery Flavor being a constant intrigue among enthusiasts.

    Dum Dums

    E is for Everlasting Gobstopper

    Inspired by Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the Everlasting Gobstopper offers layers of flavored and colored candy that change as you suck on them. They’re a testament to Wonka’s innovation in the candy landscape.

    Everlasting Gobstopper

    F is for Ferrero Rocher

    Ferrero Rocher is an exquisite sweet treat, representing luxury in the chocolate sphere. It consists of a whole roasted hazelnut encased in a thin wafer shell filled with hazelnut chocolate and covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.

    Ferrero Rocher

    G is for Gummy Bears

    These small, fruit gum candies are shaped like a bear and originate from Germany. Haribo, the original creator, brought these colorful treats to the market in the 1920s, and their popularity rapidly spread worldwide.

    Gummy Bears

    H is for Hershey’s Bar

    This iconic American chocolate bar has been in production since 1900. With its distinctive logo and the choice between plain and almond varieties, Hershey’s bars have become a comfort food and a versatile ingredient for numerous dessert recipes.

    Hershey’s Bar

    I is for Ice Breakers

    Ice Breakers are sugar-free gums and mints known for their strong, refreshing taste and cool flavors. They’re popular for their dual flavor technology and the icy blast they provide, making them a favorite for freshness seekers.

    Ice Breakers

    J is for Jelly Beans

    Jelly beans, with their semi-gelatinous exterior and soft interior, come in a multitude of flavors. They gained particular fame in the United States when Ronald Reagan, the 40th President, professed his fondness for them.

    Jelly Beans

    K is for Kit Kat

    Famous for its catchy “Give me a break” jingle, Kit Kat is a chocolate-covered wafer bar. Each bar consists of three layers of wafer separated by chocolate, with an outer layer of chocolate, perfect for sharing due to its easily separable layers.

    Kit Kat

    L is for Laffy Taffy

    Known for its jokes on every wrapper, Laffy Taffy is a brand of taffy candies produced by the Ferrara Candy Company. The candies are small, individually wrapped, and come in a variety of artificial fruit flavors.

    Laffy Taffy

    M is for M&M’s

    These button-shaped chocolates, each of which has the letter “m” printed in lower case on one side, surround a variety of fillings, including plain chocolate, peanuts, and more. They were first introduced to the market in 1941 and have a rich wartime history.


    N is for Nerds

    Produced by Wonka, these tiny, tangy, crunchy candies come in various flavors and are usually presented in boxes with two flavors separated by a divider. Popular since the 1980s, Nerds are a nostalgic treat for many.


    O is for Oreos

    Though primarily known as a cookie brand, Oreos have entered the candy universe with chocolate candy bars and Oreo-flavored chocolate candies, combining the classic cookies and cream flavor with various confectionery forms.


    P is for Pop Rocks

    This carbonated candy causes a fizzy reaction when it melts in your mouth. First offered in 1975, Pop Rocks have become synonymous with childhood wonder and continue to amaze new generations with their explosive effect.

    Pop Rocks

    Q is for Quality Street

    This assortment of chocolates and toffees has been produced by Nestlé since the 1930s. Known for its iconic tin packaging, Quality Street offers a variety of individual treats, making it popular, especially during the holiday season.

    Quality Street

    R is for Reese’s Pieces

    Introduced in 1977 and gaining fame due to their appearance in the movie “E.T.,” these peanut butter candy in a crunchy shell are similar to M&M’s but have a peanut butter filling instead of chocolate.

    Reese’s Pieces

    S is for Skittles

    “Taste the Rainbow” with Skittles, fruit-flavored candies with a hard sugar shell. Introduced in 1974, these have various production variations, including sour, wild berry, and tropical flavors.


    T is for Twix

    First produced in the UK in 1967, Twix bars are made of a biscuit finger, topped with caramel, and coated in milk chocolate. They’re typically packaged with two bars per wrapper, playing into their advertising tagline “Two for me, none for you.”


    U is for U-No Bar

    This smooth, rich chocolate truffle-like bar with a chocolate coating is often compared to a 3 Musketeers bar but has a firmer, more truffle-like consistency. It’s less known but cherished among its fans for its unique texture.

    U-No Bar

    V is for Violet Crumble

    An Australian specialty, this candy bar consists of crumbly honeycomb toffee coated in compound chocolate. Its slogan, “It’s the way it shatters that matters,” aptly describes the candy’s appeal.

    Violet Crumble

    W is for Werther’s Original

    Known for their caramel candies, Werther’s Original products are a brand of caramel-flavored candy owned by the German company August Storck KG. They have expanded their range to include a variety of flavors, including a line of caramel-filled candies.

    Werther’s Original

    X is for X-Treme Sour Drops

    While not as commonly recognized as other candies, these sour drops are treasured by lovers of tangy treats. They come in a small portable bottle, perfect for giving yourself a sour kick throughout the day.

    X-Treme Sour Drops

    Y is for York Peppermint Pattie

    First produced in 1940, this American candy consists of a mint candy center enveloped in dark chocolate. Its strong peppermint flavor and rich chocolate coating make it distinct from other candies.

    York Peppermint Pattie

    Z is for Zotz

    Zotz is a candy with a fizzy, sour center that comes in the form of hard candies or strings. Originating in Italy, they’ve been available since 1968 and continue to surprise first-time tasters with their unexpected zing.


    List of Candy Starting with A to Z

    List of Candy Starting with A to Z
    • 100 Grand
    • 3 Musketeers
    • 5 Star
    • 5Th Avenue

    Candy Beginning With A

    A Heavenly AffairA&W Cream Soda TaffyA&W Root Beer Barrels
    AakkosetAbba ZabaAdams & Brooks Candy
    Aero BarAero Chocolate BarsAfter Eight Mints
    After EightsAhlgrens BilarAir Heads
    AkanesAlbanese CandyAlbert’S
    Alexander The GrapeAllen’SAllsorts
    Almond JoyAlmond RocaAlmonds
    Alter EcoAltoidAltoids
    AmarantoAmarulaAmbrosia Chocolate
    American LicoriceAmos SweetsAmport Foods
    Andes Crème De MentheAndies MintsAngel Mints
    AngelitosAnis De FlavignyAnise Squares
    Aniseed TwistsAnnabelle’S CandyAnnie’S Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks
    Anthon Berg ChocolateAplets & CotletsApple Candies
    Apple CandyApple CrispsApple Sours
    Apple ToffeeAppleheadArchie Mcphee
    ArcorArway Confections CandiesAsbach Uralt
    Asher’S Chocolate Co.AstraAstro Pops
    AstrosAtkins Chocolate BarsAtkinson’S
    Atomic BombAtomic FireballsAustin Zoo Animal Crackers
    Awful Awfuls (A Rhode Island Classic!)Ayds

    Candy Beginning With B

    Baba CandyBaby Bottle PopsBaby Ruth Candy Bar
    Baci ChocolateBags Of FunBakers Candies
    Bali’S BestBalikutsaBanana Bonkers Bar
    Banana RuntsBanderillaBar Dreamer
    Bar GrillBar OneBar Whipped
    Barber PolesBarnierBarnone Candy Bar
    Bars Of ChocolateBaskin-RobbinsBazooka Bubble Gum
    Bb BatsBee International Candy ButtonsBelgian Chocolate Seashells
    Bequet CaramelsBergamote De NancyBerlingot
    Bêtises De CambraiBig CherryBig Hunk
    Big League Chew Bubble GumBig Red Cinnamon GumBing Candy Bar
    Bissinger’S ChocolateBit O HoneyBit-O-Licorice
    Black CowBlack Forest Gummy BearsBlack Jack Gum
    Black LicoriceBlackcurrant Flavoured CandiesBlackjack
    Blow PopsBlue GumBlue Jolly Rancher
    Blue Raspberry Blow PopBlue Raspberry LollipopBlue Skittles
    Bon BonsBonesBonomo Turkish Taffy
    Bontan AmeBonzBoogers
    BoostBoscoBoston Baked Beans
    Botan Rice CandyBottle Caps CandyBounty Bar
    Bounty CherryBourbon BallsBourbon Street Pecan Pralines
    BoyerBrach’SBrach’S Candy Corn
    Brain LickerBreath MintsBreathsavers
    Bridge MixBrightside CandyBrittle
    Brock’S Jelly BeansBronner’S Magic All-OneBrookside
    Brown & Haley Co.Brown ChocolateBrownie Batter Truffles
    BrowniesBubbaloo Liquid-Filled Bubble GumBubble Gum
    Bubble Gum CigarsBubble TapeBubble Yum Gum
    Bubblicious Bubble GumBubbly BarBubu Lubu
    BuckeyesBun BarsBuncha Crunch
    Butlers ChocolatesButter FingersButter Mints
    Butter Rum And Coffee NipsButter ScotchButter Toffee Peanuts
    ButterfieldsButterfinger Milk Chocolate Candy BarButterscotch Disks
    Button Candy

    Candy Beginning With C

    C. Howard CoCachou LajaunieCadbury
    Cadbury CaramilkCadbury Creme Egg TwistedCadbury Dairy Milk Caramel
    Cadbury EclairsCadbury EggsCaffarel
    Cake PopsCalissonCampfire
    Canada MintsCandel AstraCandied Apple
    Candy AdoreCandy BitesCandy Blox
    Candy BrixCandy ButtonsCandy Canes
    Candy CharmersCandy CigarettesCandy Corn
    Candy GustoCandy HeartsCandy Necklace
    Candy PumpkinCandy RaisinsCandycorn
    CandylyticalCaneCape Cod Provisions
    Caramel AppleCaramel CandyCaramel Corn
    Caramel CreamsCaramel Mou Au Beurre SaléCaramello
    CaramelsCaramilkCarmel Apple
    CarmelloCarousel Fine CandiesCavendish & Harvey
    Chaca ChacaChancacasCharleston Chew
    CharmsCharms Blow PopCharms Fluffy Stuff
    Charms Mini PopsCherry MashCherry Ripe
    Cherry SoursCherryheadChicklets
    Chick-O-StickChicletsChiclets Gum
    Chili RokasChimes Ginger ChewsChips Ahoy!
    Chipurnoi ConfectioneryChoc NutChocolate
    Chocolate BlissChocolate ChipsChocolate Coins
    Chocolate Covered PretzelsChocolate Covered RaisinsChocolate Fish
    Chocolate FrogsChocolate FudgeChocolate Kisses
    Chocolate RaisinsChocolate RocksChocolate Truffles
    Chortle CrunchChubbyChuckle Chew
    Chuckle ClusterChuckle CrunchChuckle Munch
    Chuckleberry BarChuckleberry BlissChuckles
    Chuckling CaramelChuckling Cherry ChewChuckling Choco Chunk
    Chunky BarChupa Chups LollipopsChurchkhela
    Cinnamon BearsCircus PeanutsClaeys Candy
    Claeys Old Fashioned Hard CandyClark BarClio
    Cocon De LyonCoconut ClustersCoconut Long Boys
    Coffee CandyCoffee CrispCoffee Go
    Coffee NipsCoffee RioCoffeego
    Coke BottlesCola BottlesCola Cubes
    Cookie Dough BitesCorn NutsCorrios
    Cote D’Or Chocolate BarsCotton CandyCoucougnette
    Cougar YoghurtCoussin De LyonCow Tales
    Cow Tales Caramel AppleCracker JacksCrayon Candy
    Creme EggCrisperyCrispy Crunch
    Cry BabyCry Baby TearsCuberdon
    Curd Snack

    Candy Beginning With D

    D’Aim Chocolate BarsD’Anjou Pear Caramel CandyDad’S Root Beer Barrel Candy
    Daffin’S CandiesDagoba ChocolateDagoba Organic Chocolate Bars
    DaimDaim ChocolateDairy Milk
    Dairy Milk ChocolateDalgona (Aka Ppopgi)Dark Choco
    Dark ChocolateDark Chocolate Covered Espresso BeansDark Chocolate Covered Raisins
    Dark Chocolate M&M’SDark Chocolate Peanut M&M’SDark Chocolate-Covered Almonds
    Darrell Lea LicoriceDate Lady Chocolate SpreadDavis Chocolate
    De La Rosa CandyDe La Rosa GumDe La Rosa Mazapan
    De La Rosa Pulparindo CandyDee BestDeep-Fried Mars Bar
    DeliciousDentyneDentyne Gum
    Depression CakeDeuk Deuk TongDew Drops
    Di Matteo ConfettiDiablo Sour JawbreakersDickmanns
    Dilly BarDimatteoDime Bars
    Dino CandyDip N DotsDippers
    DipstickDisney Chocolate CoinsDiva Chocolates
    Divine ChocolateDivinityDivvies Candy
    Doberge CakeDolcetto PetitesDonas
    DonauwelleDotsDouble Bubble Gum
    Double Bubble Twist GumDouble Chocolate FudgeDouble Decker
    Doublemint GumDove BarDove Chocolate Bar
    Dracula PillerDragon’S Beard CandyDream Bar
    Dream Chocolate BarsDries FruitDroste Chocolate
    DrumsticksDubalinDubble Bubble
    Dubble Bubble GumDudsDulces Piguet
    Dulces PiguiDum Dum LollipopDum Dum Pop
    Dum DumsDum Dums Dragon FruitDum Dums Gingerbread
    Dum Dums Root BeerDumleDunkaroos
    Dunkin DonutsDunkle SchokoladeDutch Chocolate
    Dutch LicoriceDuvalDuvalin

    Candy Beginning With E

    Easter BunnyEaster CandyEaten
    Eat-MoreEat-More Chocolate BarsEclairs
    EclipseEclipse GumEco-Kids Organic Gummy Bears
    Eda’S Sugar-Free Hard CandyEden Organic Gummy BearsEfrutti
    Egg GummiesEgg GummyEgg Jellies
    EggiesEggnog TrufflesEiffel
    Eiffel Bon BonsEiffel Bonbons Filled With Fruit JellyEiffel Tower Lollipops
    EisEiskonfektEl Bubble Bubble Gum Cigars
    Elephant GummiesElite ChocolateElmer Chocolate
    Elvis FudgeEmeraldEmoti Candy
    Endangered Species ChocolateEnergy BallsEnergy Bars
    Energy ChewsEnglish ToffeeEnjoy Life Chocolate Chips
    EntenmannsEpicEqual Exchange
    EshaalEskimoEspresso Chewy Mints
    Espresso Chocolate BeansEstrella Butterscotch Hard CandyEton Mess
    Eucalyptus LollyEuropean LicoriceEvergreen Gum
    Everlasting GobstopperExcel GumExtra Gum
    Extra Strong MintExtreme Sour WarheadsEye Popper

    Candy Beginning With F

    Fairy FlossFamous AmosFantabols Dg Bar
    Fast BreakFazerFazer Blue Chocolate
    Fazer ChocolateFazer Dumle ChocolateFazermint
    FerraraFerrara Candy CompanyFerrara Pan Cherryheads
    Ferrara Pan LemonheadsFerrero RocherFerrero Rocher Truffles
    Fiendish FanciesFini SweetsFinlandia
    FireballsFish Finger FriendsFive Flavor Life Savers
    Five Star Chocolate BarFizzy Cola BottlesFlake
    Flat TopsFlicksFlipsticks
    FlossugarFluffy Stuff Cotton CandyFoam Shrimps
    Fort KnoxFraise TagadaFralinger’S
    Frango MintsFrank MarshmallowFrankford Chocolate Coins
    FreddoFrench Burnt PeanutsFresh Fruit
    FrootiesFrosted Animal CrackersFrozen Fruit
    FruchtgummiFruit By The FootFruit Chews
    Fruit GummiesFruit GummyFruit Gushers
    Fruit PastillesFruit RingFruit Roll-Ups
    Fruit SlicesFruit StripeFruit Stripe Gum
    FruitellaFruits And Veggies ChipsFruittella
    Fruity TootyFruzelFry’S Chocolate Cream
    FudgeFudge (Chocolate Bar)Fudge Brownie M&M’S
    Fudge RoundsFun DipFunny Fudge Fuse

    Candy Beginning With G

    Galaxy Chocolate BarGarbage Pail Kids CandyGaroto
    GellingGeltGerman Chocolate
    Ggb CandiesGhirardelliGhirardelli Chocolate Company
    Giant Chewy NerdsGiant Sweet TartsGiddy Gobstopper
    Giggles GaloreGimbal’SGinger
    Ginger ChewsGingersnap CookiesGlaze
    GleeGlitterati Fruit & Berry MedleyGobstoppers / Jawbreakers
    GodingerGodivaGodiva Chocolate Truffles
    Goetze’S Caramel CreamsGold Mine GumGoldenberg’S Peanut Chews
    Goo Goo Chocolate Co.Goo Goo ClustersGoobers
    Good & PlentyGood News BarGoodbar With Almonds
    Goody-GoodyGoogoo ClustersGoorganic
    Grape Blow PopsGrape ChewsGrape Hi-Chew
    Grape Laffy TaffyGrapeheadsGratification
    Green Apple Pop RocksGreen CandyGreen Lollipop
    Green Tea Kit KatGroff’S CandiesGuava Hard Candy
    Guffaw GumdropGuittard Chocolate CompanyGum
    Gum DropsGumballsGumdrops
    Gummi BearsGummi WormsGummy Bears
    Gummy CandyGummy GigglefestGummy Grin
    Gummy SharksGummy ShotzGummy Worms

    Candy Beginning With H

    Ha-Ha HeathHalloween CandyHalls Cough Drops
    Hamburger GummiesHammond’SHanukkah Gelt
    HanyHappy Hazelnut HootHard Boiled Sweets
    Hard CandyHard CaramelsHaribo
    Haribo BerriesHaribo GoldbearsHaribo Gummi Bears
    Haribo Gummi FrogsHaribo Gummy BearsHaribo Happy Cola
    Haribo Sour GoldbearsHaribo Sour SpaghettiHaribo Sour Streamers
    Haribo Twin SnakesHarry LondonHaw Flakes
    Haw Haw Milk CandyHawhaw Milk Powder CandyHazelnut Chocolate
    Heart CandiesHeart CandyHeart Shaped Chocolate
    Heath Bar.HeladoHello Panda
    HematogenHeroesHershey Bars
    Hershey KissHershey’S Almond JoyHershey’S Chocolate Bar
    Hershey’S Chocolate SyrupHershey’S Cookies ‘N’ CremeHershey’S Kisses
    Hershey’S Kit KatHershey’S Milk Chocolate BarHershey’S Milk Duds
    Hershey’S MiniaturesHershey’S Mr. GoodbarHershey’S Nuggets
    Hershey’S Reese’S PiecesHershey’S Special Dark ChocolateHershey’S Symphony Bar
    Hershey’S Take 5 BarHershey’S WhoppersHersheys Bar
    Hersheys ChocolateHershey’S Cookies ‘N’ CremeHershey’S Kisses
    Hershey’S Milk ChocolateHershey’S MiniaturesHershey’S Special Dark
    HershiesHi-ChewHi-Chew Dragon Fruit
    High ChewsHint MintHoch
    HohosHomemade Fruit LeatherHomemade Honey-Roasted Nuts
    Homemade PopsiclesHoney SticksHoneycomb Candy
    Hoot ‘N’ Holler HersheyHopeatoffeeHopjes
    Horehound Candy DropsHostess TwinkiesHot Lips
    Hot TamalesHotlixHubba Bubba Bubble Tape
    Hubba Bubba Candy CaneHubba Bubba Cotton CandyHubba Bubba Sour Blue Raspberry
    Hubba Bubba.Hubble BubbleHundred Grand

    Candy Beginning With I

    Ibc Root Beer BarrelsIbc Root Beer Float BarrelsIce Blue
    Ice Blue MintsIce Blue Raspberry Gummi BearsIce Breaker Mint
    Ice CandyIce Cream LollipopsIce Cream Sundae M&Ms
    Ice Cubes GumIce DropsIce Lollies
    Ice LollyIce PopsIced Caramel Macchiato Truffles
    Iced Lemonade Jelly BellyIced Mocha M&MsIcee Spray Candy
    IcelollyIcing Sugar CookiesIcy Hot Cinnamon
    Icy SquareIdaho Candy CompanyIdaho Spud
    Igloo PopsImli CandyImli Goli
    Inca Kola Hard CandyIndian Brand Pumpkin SeedsIndian Corn Candy
    Indian Spiced ToffeeIndigo M&MsIndy Dedos
    Ingwer BonbonsInsignia Peppermint PattiesIntense Dark Chocolate
    IolipopIrish Cream Chocolate CoinsIrish Cream Truffles
    Island Punch Blow PopsIsland Punch Jelly BellyItalian Almond Cookies
    Italian Chewy CandyItalian Fruit JelliesItalian Ice
    Italian Pizzelle Cookies

    Candy Beginning With J

    JabalinaJackfruit CandyJaffa Cakes
    JaffasJammie Dodgers CookiesJammie Dodgers Mini Biscuits
    Japanese CandyJapanese Kit KatsJaw Busters
    Jawbreakers Or Jaw BustersJawbustersJelly Baby
    Jelly BeansJelly BearsJelly Belly Beanboozled
    Jelly Belly Gummy PetJelly Belly Jelly BeansJelly Candy
    Jelly FishJelly Fruit SlicesJelly Mints
    Jelly RingsJelly RollJelly Sweets
    Jelly TotsJersey MilkJet-Puffed Marshmallows
    Jimmies SprinklesJolly Jellybean JoyJolly Ranchers
    Jordan AlmondsJordan Peanut Butter CupsJos Louis
    Jovy RevolcaditasJoyvaJoyva Halvah
    Ju-C Jelly CandyJudgeJuicy Candy
    Juicy Drop GumsJuicy Drop PopsJuicy Fruit Gum
    JuicyfruitJuji FruitJuju Fruit
    Jumbo HaystacksJumbo LollipopJumbo Mints
    Jumbo NerdsJumbo Sour Patch KidsJumping Beans
    Junior CaramelsJunior Mints

    Candy Beginning With K

    K’S ConfectioneryKaboomKamasutra
    Kandy KornKaramellpojkarnaKarma Candy Inc
    KaugummiKazoozles TwistsKeks
    Kellogg’S Froot Loops Candy CanesKenny’SKettle Corn Popcorn Balls
    Kettle Pop CandyKey Lime Jelly BellyKey Lime Pie Taffy
    Kiddie Mix CandyKimmie Candy Shimmer PearlsKimmie Candy Sixlets
    Kimmie Candy SunburstsKinder BuenoKinder Bueno Bar
    Kinder ChocolateKinder Happy HippoKinder Joy
    Kinder Surprise EggsKingKing Kong Milk Candy
    King LeoKinoKisses Deluxe Chocolates
    Kiss-KissKit ChewsKit Kat
    Kit Kat ChunkyKit Kat DarkKit Kat White
    Kits CandyKlikKlinkers
    Klondike Kandy BarKnoppersKoalas
    Koko KrunchKola KubesKona Coffee Truffles
    Kongen Af DanmarkKookaburra LiquoriceKookaburra Raspberry Licorice
    Kool-Aid BurstsKool-Aid GummiesKool-Aid Gummy Snacks
    Kool-Aid SinglesKool-Aid Sour JammersKopiko
    Kopper’S ChocolateKoppers Chocolate Covered Espresso BeansKotten Kandy
    Kotton KandyKountry Candy StoreKrabby Patties Candy
    Krabby Patties Gummy CandyKracie Popin Cookin Sushi CandyKrackel
    Krackel BarKrinosKrispy Crem
    Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Jelly BeansKrówkiKrunch Bar

    Candy Beginning With L

    Laffy Taffy Ropes Sour AppleLaffy Taffy TwirlLafy Tafy
    Lake ChamplainLake Country CandiesLäkerol
    Lammes CandiesLaugh-A-Lot AlmondLaughin’ Lollipop
    Laughy TaffyLava BallsLekach
    Lemon BitesLemon CandyLemon Chewies
    Lemon Creamsicle TrufflesLemon DropsLemon Gummies
    Lemon HeadLemon Lime LollipopsLemon Lime Soda Pop Rocks
    Lemon Lime WarheadsLemon Meringue PieLemon Meringue Taffy
    Lemon SherbertLemon SkittlesLemon Sour
    Lemon SweetLemon Tart Hard CandyLemon Warhead
    Lemonade Fizz Jelly BellyLemonheadsLemonheads & Friends
    LicoriceLicorice AllsortsLicorice Pipes
    Licorice Scottie DogsLicouriceLife Savers
    LifesaversLimon 7Limoncho
    LindorLindor TrufflesLindt
    Lindt Chocolate TrufflesLinzer CookiesLinzer Torte
    Lion BarLiqueur FillsLiquorice
    Liquorice AllsortsLiquorice ComfitsLiquorice Twists
    Lollipop RingsLollipop WhistlesLollipops
    Lolly Gobble Bliss BombsLollypopsLondon Cheesecake
    London DropsLong JohnLook!
    LoukoumadesLove Hearts CandyLove Hearts Or Shannens
    LozengesLucas CandiesLucas Gusano
    Lucas MangoLucas MuecasLuscious Licorice

    Candy Beginning With M

    Madelaine Chocolate CompanyMain Article: Hard CandyMalley’S Chocolates
    Mallo CupsMallobarMalteasers
    Malted Milk BallsMaltesersMamba
    Mamba Fruit ChewsManalan MakeisetManita Lollipop
    MantecolMaoamMaple Candy
    Maple CreamsMaple DropsMaple Taffy
    MarathonMarathon BarMarathon Candy Bar
    MarianneMarich ConfectioneryMariola
    Marron GlacéMars BarMarshmallow Creme
    Marshmallow PeepsMarshmallowsMary Jane
    MarzipanMassam’SMaud Borup
    MaxxMaynards Wine GummiesMazapan
    MeijiMelon CandyMelster Candies
    Melted ChocolateMentos Gum Cotton CandyMentos Matcha
    MerciMexican Mango LollipopsMike & Ikes
    Mike And IkeMike N IkesMilk & Cookies Chocolate Bar
    Milk BottlesMilk ChocolateMilk Chocolate Covered Almonds
    Milk Chocolate Covered Espresso BeansMilk Chocolate Covered RaisinsMilk Chocolate Malt
    Milk Chocolate NonpareilsMilk Chocolate PretzelsMilk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
    Milk DudsMilkaMilka Chocolate Bars
    MilkfulsMilkfuls Caramel Filled Milk ChewsMilkita Milk Candy
    Milky WayMilkybar ButtonsMilkyways
    Milton S. HersheyMini EggsMini Swedish Fish
    Mint ChocolateMint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream TrufflesMiodek Turecki
    MochiMochi Ice CreamMoon Pie
    Mounds BarMountain BarMr. Goodbar
    MuecasMunch BarMunchies Cookies & Cream
    MunchosMusk SticksMusketeers

    Candy Beginning With N

    Nanaimo BarNappoNata De Coco
    Nature Valley Granola BarsNature’S Garden Trail Mix Snack PacksNeapolitan
    Necco BananaNecco WafersNeco Wafers
    Nectar CandyNegroNerd Rope
    NerdsNerds Big ChewyNerds Gummy Clusters
    Nerds Peach & Wild BerryNerds RopeNestlé
    Nestle Aero Chocolate BarsNestle Butterfinger BitesNestle Chocolate Bar
    Nestle ChocolatesNestlé ChunkyNestle Crunch
    Nestle Crunch BarNestlé Milk ChocolateNestle Raisinets
    Nestle SmartiesNestles CrunchNewblers
    Newman’S OwnNewtonNickel Candy
    Nik-L-Nip Wax BottlesNilla WafersNiniche De Quiberon
    NinichesNipsNips Coffee
    Nips Hard CandyNom NomsNougat
    Nougat De MontélimarNougat MontelimarNougatti Bar
    NougetNow And LaterNow And Later Extreme Sour
    NuggetsNum NumsNut Chocolate
    Nut Goodie BarNut RageousNutbar
    NutcrackerNutellaNutella & Go!
    Nutella BarsNutella B-Ready Wafer BarsNutella Chocolate Spread
    Nutella FudgeNutella SticksNutrageous
    Nutrageous BarNutri GrainNutrine
    Nutter Butter BitesNutter Butter CookiesNutty Bars
    Nutty ButtersNutty HilarityNutty Nonsense
    Nutty Nougat Nonsense

    Candy Beginning With O

    ObleasOcean Spray Fruit SnacksOcho Organic Candy Bars
    Oh HenryOh PoopOh Ryan’S
    Old Dominion Peanut BrittleOld FaithfulOld-Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks
    Old-Fashioned Root Beer BarrelsOld-School Candy SticksOlive Gummies
    Olly RanchersOne Pound Reese’S Peanut Butter CupsOpal Fruits
    Opera CreamOrange BitesOrange Chocolate
    Orange Creamsicle TrufflesOrange Crush Soda Pop RocksOrange Dream Jelly Belly
    Orange Flavored CandyOrange Gummy BearsOrange Jelly Beans
    Orange Jelly BellyOrange Jelly CandyOrange Lollipop
    Orange SkittleOrange Slice GummiesOrange Slices
    Orange StarburstOrange SweetsOrange Taffy
    Orange Tic TacsOrange Vanilla Creme Soda PopOrangeneis
    OrbitOrbit GumOreo
    Oreo BitesOreo Candy BarOreo Chocolate Bar
    Oreo CookiesOreo Mint CremeOrganic Chocolate Covered Raisins
    Organic Dark Chocolate AlmondsOrganic Dark Chocolate Covered AlmondsOrganic Fruit Taffy
    Organic Fruity BearsOrganic Ginger ChewsOrganic Hard Candies
    Organic Honey CandyOrganic LollipopsOrganic Maple Candy
    Original Gourmet LollipopsOriginal LemonheadsOriginal Skittles
    Otter Pops

    Candy Beginning With P

    PaçocaPaleta PayasoPalitos De La Selva
    PalmerPalmer’S Double CrispPalmer’S Peanut Butter Cups
    Paradise PopParma VioletsParty Darby
    Party MixParty SweetsPastel De Nata
    PastilaPastillas De LechePastilles
    Pâte De FruitsPaydayPay-Day
    Pb MaxPeach BlossomsPeach Jolly Ranchers
    Peach RingsPeanut Butter CupsPeanut Butter Fudge
    Peanut Butter KissesPeanut Butter M&M’SPeanut Butter Snickers
    Peanut Butter TwixPeanut ChewsPeanut M&M’S
    Pear CandyPecan TurtlesPé-De-Moleque
    Peen TongPeepsPelon Pelo Rico
    Penny CandyPeppermint BarkPeppermint Patty
    PeppermintsPercy PigPesek Zman
    Peter PaulPezPez Candy
    Philips PretzePica GomasPica Limon
    Pica MedianoPicnicPina Colada Jelly Beans
    Pina Colada LollipopsPina Colada Mike And IkePineapple Lumps
    Pink Bubble GumPink LollipopPink Shrimps
    Pink StarburstsPinwheel MintPirate Coins
    PişmaniyePixie StixPixy Stix
    Plantation CandiesPockyPocky Sticks
    PolkagrisPollito AsadoPollywaffle
    PoloPolo MintsPop Rocks
    Pop TartsPopcorn BallsPopcorn Candy
    PopsiclePortico TicoPotchi
    Ppopgi (Aka Dalgona)Primrose CandyPrince Polo
    Ptasie MleczkoPuccaPucca Chocolate
    Puffy PolesPullin’ TaffyPumpkin Spice M&M’S
    PuntiniPurple SkittlesPush Pop

    Candy Beginning With Q

    Q Bel Chocolate Wafer RollsQ-Bee Sour CandyQoo Fruit Gummies
    Qoo Jelly CupsQottabQ-Tee’S Lollipops
    Quail Egg Chocolate TrufflesQuaker Oats Chewy DippsQuaker Oats Granola Bars
    Quakers Oat So Simple BarsQuakes Rice SnacksQuality Candy Company
    Quality SticksQuality Street ChocolatesQuattro Chocolate Bars
    Quattro Gummy BearsQueen Of PuddingsQueijada
    Quench GumQuench MintsQuench Your Thirst Candy
    Quench Your Thirst GumQuenchers CandyQuetschentaart
    Quick Blast Sour Candy SprayQuik Energy ChewsQuilted Maple Hard Candy
    Quince CandyQuince PasteQuinoa Almond Chocolate Bites
    Quinoa Chocolate Chip BarsQuinoa Coconut BitesQuinoa Dark Chocolate Bites
    Quinoa Milk Chocolate BitesQuinoa Peanut Butter BarsQuinoa Trail Mix Bites
    QuirksQuirky Quarks Gummies

    Candy Beginning With R

    RaffaeloRahat-LokumRain-Blo Pops
    Rainbow CandyRainbow DropsRainbow Nerds
    RaisinettesRamune SodaRandoms
    Rapid Acting ProteinRascalsRaspberry Candy
    Raspberry Chocolate TrufflesRaspberry DropsRaspberry Filled Chocolates
    Raspberry GummiesRaspberry Hard CandyRaspberry Jelly Beans
    Raspberry LollipopRazzberry M&M’SRazzberry Twizzlers
    RazzlesRc ColaReces
    Red FrogsRed HotsRed Licorice
    Red Swedish FishRed Velvet Kit KatRed Vines
    Reese’S Big CupReese’S Fast BreakReese’S Nutrageous
    Reese’S Peanut Butter CupsReese’S PiecesReese’S Sticks
    Reese’S Take 5Reese’S WhippsReese’S White Chocolate Cups
    ReesesReese’S Crispy CrunchyReeses Cups
    Reese’S Fast BreakReese’S NutrageousReese’S Peanut Butter Cups
    Reese’S PiecesReese’S SticksReese’S Take 5
    Reese’S WhippsRellerindosRibbon Candy
    RibonRice Crispy TreatRice Krispies
    RichardsonRico PepinoRicoa
    RicolaRiesenRing Pops
    Ritter SportRitter Sport ChocolateRoaring Reese’S
    Robin EggsRocaRoca Thins
    RocherRock CandyRock Candyrocky Road
    RockaletaRockstarRocky Road Candy Bar
    Rockyroad CandyRolosRoot Beer Barrels
    RufflesRuntsRussell Sifers
    Russell StoverRussell Stover Chocolate

    Candy Beginning With S

    S’Mores Candy BarSaladitosSaladulces Hola Lobito
    SalmiakkiSalsaghetiSalt Water Taffy
    Salted CaramelSatellite WafersSconza Chocolates
    Scream SnickersSeattle ChocolateSee’S Candies
    SherbetSherbet LemonsShortbread
    Silly S’MoresSillyliciousSisu
    Skittles CandySkittles ChewiesSkor
    Sky BarSlapsSlurpee
    SlushSmart SweetsSmarties
    S’MoreSnapsSnickerdoodle Snort
    Snickerdoodle-DooSnickersSnickers Almond
    Snickers CrisperSnickers Peanut Butter SquaredSno Caps
    Snortle SnickersSnowcapsSorbet
    SouffleSour Cherry BlastersSour Drops
    Sour FlushSour Gummy WormsSour Jacks
    Sour Patch KidsSour PatchesSour Power
    Sour PunchSour Punch StrawsSour Punch Twists
    Sour RazzlesSour SkittlesSour Snakes
    Sour StrapSour WormsSours
    Spangler CandySpangler Candy CornSport Szelet
    Squirrel Nut ZippersStarbucksStarburst
    Starburst Jelly BeansStick CandyStrawberry Gum
    Strawberry MentosStrawberry Pocky SticksStrawberry Twizzlers
    Sugar BabiesSugar CandySugar Cookie
    Sugar DaddySugarfinaSugar-Free Gummy Bears
    SundaeSunflower Seeds ChocolateSunridge Farms
    SupercocoSwedish BerriesSwedish Fish
    Sweet OasisSweet TartsSweetart Ropes
    SweetartsSweetheartsSweethearts Conversation Hearts
    SweettartsSweetworks ConfectionsSwiss Miss
    Switzer Candy CompanySwizzlersSzaloncukor

    Candy Beginning With T

    TabletTaffyTaffy Town
    Tahini Caramel ChewsTahitian Vanilla CaramelsTake 5 Candy Bar
    Tangerine Jelly BeansTangyTangy Tarts
    Tangy ZangyTart And TangyTart N’ Tiny
    Tea CandyTeaberry GumTeja
    TheoThin MintsThingamajig
    Thompson ChocolateThree MusketeersTickle Twix
    Tickle-Me-TwixieTic-TacTiler Khaja
    TimtamsTiny TotsTiramisu Truffles
    Toasted Coconut MarshmallowToblaroneToffee
    Toffee CellarToffifeeTootsie Pop Drops
    Tootsie PopsTootsie RollsTorie & Howard
    Toxic Waste CandyToxic Waste Sour Smog BallsTraffic Light
    Tree HuggerTrefoils Shortbread CookiesTrident
    TrolliTrolli GummiesTrolli Sour Brite Crawlers
    Trolli Sour Brite EggsTropical LifesaversTropical Skittles
    Tropical StarburstTrufflesTunes
    Turkish DelightsTurkish PeberTúró Rudi
    TurrónTurtlesTwin Snakes
    Twisted Tornado Sour CandyTwixTwix Dark Chocolate
    TwizzlersTyrkisk Peber

    Candy Beginning With U

    Ube CandyÜlkerUltimate Gobstoppers
    Ultimate M&M’SUltimate Reese’S PiecesUltimate Snickers
    Ultra Sour CandyUltra Sour WarheadsUmbrella Candy
    Umbrella GummyUmbrella Shaped CandyUnican Milkita Assorted Fruits Candy
    Unican Milkita Creamy CandyUnican Milkita Milkshake CandyUnicorn Cake Pops
    Unicorn Chocolate Covered OreoUnicorn Cotton CandyUnicorn Cupcakes
    Unicorn Dipped Pretzel RodsUnicorn DropsUnicorn Gummies
    Unicorn Horn CandyUnicorn Ice CreamUnicorn Lollipop Rings
    Unicorn LollipopsUnicorn MarshmallowsUnicorn Poop Candy
    Unicorn PopsUnicorn Rock Candy SticksUnicorn Suckers
    Unicorn TearsUnited Coffee Hard CandyU-No Bars
    U-No Chocolate BarUpside Down Gummi WormsUpside Down Haribo Gummies
    Upside Down Jelly BeansUpside Down NerdsUpside Down Sour Patch Kids
    Upside Down Trolls GummiesUsherUtz Potato Chips Chocolate Covered

    Candy Beginning With V

    Valentine’S Day CandyValentine’S Day HeartsValentines Candy
    Valentines Day ChocolateValomilkValomilk Jr.
    Vanhat AutotVanillaVanilla Bean Fudge
    Vanilla Bean MarshmallowsVanilla Bean ToffeeVanilla Buttercream Chocolates
    Vanilla Caramel CreamsVanilla CaramelsVanilla Fudge
    Vanilla Ice Cream Candy BarsVanilla Malted Milk BallsVanilla Nut Fudge
    Vanilla TaffyVanilla Tootsie RollsVanilla Wafer Bars
    Vanilla WafersVanparysVegan Fruity Gummy Bears
    VelamintsVelvet CandyVelvet Milk Chocolate
    Velvet MintsVelvet TrufflesVenus Bars
    Vermont Maple CandyVero MangoVero Rebanaditas
    Very Berry GummiesVery Dark ChocolateVery Sour Sweets
    Vichy PastillesVickermanVictorinox
    VidalVidal Blue Raspberry GummiesVidal Cherry Gummies
    Vidal Cola GummiesVidal GummiesVidal Sour Gummies
    Vidal Strawberry GummiesVihreät KuulatVimto
    Vimto BonbonsVimto ChewsViolet
    Violet CreamsViolet CrumbleViolet Mints
    VioletsViolette De ToulouseVodka Candy
    Vosges Chocolate BarsVosges Chocolate TrufflesVovo

    Candy Beginning With W

    Wacky WafersWacky Walnut WhipWaggoner Chocolates
    Warheads Chewy CubesWarheads Extreme SourWarheads Sour Spray
    Warheads Sour TwistsWatermelon Jolly RanchersWatermelon Sour Patch Kids
    Wax BottlesWax FangsWax Lips
    Welch’S Fruit SnacksWerther’S Caramel Apple FilledWerther’S Originals
    Werther’S Soft CaramelsWerther’S Sugar-Free CandyWerthers Originals
    Whatchamacallit Candy BarWhimsical Waffle BarWhirly Pop Lollipops
    Whistle PopsWhite CandyWhite Chocolate Kit Kat
    White Chocolate M&M’SWhite Chocolate SnickersWhite Rabbit Creamy Candy
    White Reese’S CupsWhoppersWhoppers Malted Milk Balls
    WhozeewhatzitWild Berry SkittlesWild Cherry Lifesavers
    Wiley WallabyWilly WonkaWilly Wonka Anything
    Willy Wonka RuntsWiltonWintergreen Lifesavers
    WispaWonkaWonka Kazoozles
    Wonka NerdsWoodstock Yogurt-Covered RaisinsWrigley’S Doublemint Gum
    Wrigley’S Juicy Fruit GumWrigley’S Spearmint Gum

    Candy Beginning With X

    Xaier GumXan Confections Chocolate BarsXan Confections Chocolate Truffles
    Xan Confections Chocolate-Covered AlmondsXan Confections TrufflesXmas Mix Gumballs
    Xmas Peppermint BarkXotic Cherry GummiesXotic Cola Bottles
    Xotic Fruit ChewsXotic Grape GummiesXotic Orange Gummies
    Xotic Peach GummiesXotic Pineapple GummiesXoxo Gummies
    X-PopsX-Ray GumXtreme
    Xtreme Sour SmartiesXtreme Sour Trolli CrawlersXylitol Candy
    Xylitol Chocolate-Covered AlmondsXylitol GumXylitol Lollipops
    Xylitol MintsXylitol Mints With B12Xyloburst Chocolate Bars
    Xyloburst Fruit GummiesXyloburst Fruit SoursXyloburst Hard Candy
    Xyloburst Lollipops

    Candy Beginning With Y

    Yak BarsYellow BellyYellow Candy
    Yellow GumballsYellow Lemon M&M’SYellow Lemonheads
    Yellow Mike And IkeYellow PeepsYellow Skittles
    Yellow TaffyYogurt Covered AlmondsYogurt Covered Cranberries
    Yogurt Covered PretzelsYogurt RasinsYogurt-Covered Raisins
    Yoo-HooYork Peppermint PattiesYorkie Bars
    Yorkie Chocolate BarYorksYowie Chocolate Surprise Eggs
    Yum Earth Gummy BearsYum Yum Candy SticksYumearth
    Yumearth GummiesYumearth Gummy WormsYumearth Organic Fruit Snacks
    Yumearth Organic LicoriceYummy Earth Candy CornYummy Earth Candy Drops
    Yummy Earth GigglesYuzu Hard Candy

    Candy Beginning With Z

    ZabalaZachary ConfectionsZagnut Candy Bar
    Zagnut King Size Candy BarZagnutsZany Candy Necklaces
    Zany ZagnutZaotangZaps
    Zaza Candy ChewsZazers Candy ButtonsZazoo Bubble Gum Tape
    Zebra CakesZed Candy Heart PopsZed Candy Jelly Fruits
    Zed Candy Mini JawbreakersZed Candy Popping CandyZed Candy Sour Belts
    Zed Candy Whistle PopsZehacZeno’S Chewy Chocolate Mint
    ZeppelisZeroZero Bar
    Zero Candy BarZhaotongZinck’S Candy Corn
    Zinger Marshmallow TreatsZingy Zaps Sour Candy BeltsZitner’S Butter Krak Eggs
    Zitner’S Coconut Cream EggsZitner’S Peanut Butter EggsZots
    ZotzZotz Fizzy CandyZotz Strings Sour Candy
    ZoursZours Chewy CandyZours Sour Candy


    From A to Z, the candy landscape is rich with variety, history, and flavor. This sweet journey is a testament to the confectionery world’s creativity and its ability to continuously evolve to satiate the universal craving for sweetness, texture, and comfort. Whether you prefer chocolate, fruit flavors, or a burst of sour, there’s always a candy out there for you to discover and enjoy.

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