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1250+ Disney Characters List From A To Z – Complete List

    Disney Characters List From A To Z

    Assuming you would like an introduction to the article “Disney Characters That Start With A To Z“:

    Disney Characters That Start With A To Z:

    • Ariel – The little mermaid
    • Belle – Beauty and the Beast
    • Cinderella – Cinderella
    • Donald Duck – Donald Duck
    • Elsa – Frozen
    • Flynn Rider – Tangled
    • Goofy – Goofy
    • Hercules – Hercules
    • Iago – Aladdin
    • Jake – Jake and the Neverland Pirates
    • Kermit – The Muppets
    • Louis – The Princess and the Frog
    • Mickey Mouse – Mickey Mouse
    • Nemo – Finding Nemo
    • Olaf – Frozen
    • Percy – Percy Jackson
    • Quasimodo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    • Rapunzel – Tangled
    • Simba – The Lion King
    • Tinkerbell – Peter Pan
    • Ursula – The Little Mermaid
    • Vanellope – Wreck-It Ralph
    • Woody – Toy Story
    • Yzma – The Emperor’s New Groove
    • Zazu – The Lion King

    There are so many great Disney characters that it’s hard to choose a favorite! Do you have a favorite Disney character that starts with a letter of the alphabet?

    From Agrabah’s Sultan to Zurg, the Toy Story villain, Disney has created a plethora of iconic characters over the years. This extensive list includes many of your favorites, all of whom have names that begin with the letter of the alphabet. Take a stroll down memory lane with us as we explore Disney Characters That Start With A To Z.

    Disney Characters That Start With The Letter A To Z

    • A is for Ariel

    The Little Mermaid is one of the most popular Disney Princesses and has been since she was first introduced in 1989. Ariel is a fun-loving and free-spirited mermaid who is curious about the human world. She is brave and determined, and she ultimately gets her happy ending when she marries her true love, Prince Eric.

    • B is for Belle
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    Belle is the heroine of Disney’s classic film Beauty and the Beast. She is a beautiful and intelligent young woman who is not content with living a life of boredom in her small town. When she is taken prisoner by the Beast, she ultimately learns to see past his appearance and falls in love with him.

    • C is for Cinderella

    Cinderella is one of the most iconic Disney Princesses. She is kind, hardworking, and always remains positive, despite her difficult life. She dreams of one day escaping her life of servitude and finding happiness with a prince. With the help of her Fairy Godmother, she gets her wish and attends the Royal Ball where she meets her prince.

    • D is for Daisy Duck

    Daisy Duck is a fun-loving and fashionable duck who first appeared in 1940. She is best friends with Donald Duck and often finds herself getting him into (and out of) trouble. Daisy is always ready for a good time and enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

    Daisy Duck
    Daisy Duck
    • E is for Elsa

    Elsa is the Snow Queen from Disney’s 2013 film Frozen. She is a powerful and independent woman who is struggling to control her icy powers. When her sister Anna is put in danger, Elsa realizes the importance of family and love and is able to thaw her frozen heart.

    • F is for Fiona

    Fiona is the lead female character in the Shrek franchise. She is a beautiful and kind-hearted princess who falls in love with the ogre Shrek. Fiona is a strong and independent woman who stands up for what she believes in.

    • G is for Goofy

    Goofy is one of Disney’s most popular and beloved characters. He is a lovable goofball who is always getting himself into (and out of) trouble. Goofy is known for his catchphrase “Gawrsh!” and his signature Goofy grin.

    • H is for Hercules

    Hercules is the protagonist of Disney’s 1997 film of the same name. He is a strong and courageous young man who is trying to find his place in the world. When he learns of his true identity, he sets out on a quest to become a true hero.

    • I is for Ian

    Ian is a character from Disney’s popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He is a young boy who is taken prisoner by Captain Jack Sparrow and forced to work on his ship. Ian is a brave and resourceful boy who ultimately helps Jack and his friends defeat their enemies.

    • J is for Jasmine

    Jasmine is the independent and strong-willed Princess of Agrabah from Disney’s Aladdin. She is tired of living a life of luxury and longs to experience the world outside her palace walls. When she meets Aladdin, a street-rat, she is immediately drawn to his adventurous spirit. Jasmine is a brave and compassionate woman who fights for what she believes in.

    • K is for Kristoff
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    Kristoff is a lovable and rugged ice harvester from Disney’s Frozen. He is a bit of a skeptic when it comes to love, but he ultimately falls head-over-heels for Anna. Kristoff is a loyal and protective friend who is always there for those he cares about.

    • L is for Lilo

    Lilo is the spirited and mischievous protagonist of Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. She is a young girl who lives on the island of Kauai with her sister Nani and her alien friend Stitch. Lilo is a fun-loving and imaginative child who loves to dance and sing.

    • M is for Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse is one of the most iconic and beloved characters in the history of Disney. He is a friendly and optimistic mouse who always looks on the bright side of life. Mickey is known for his catchphrase “Hiya, pal!” and his signature Mickey Mouse ears.

    Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse
    • N is for Nemo

    Nemo is the adorable and courageous clownfish from Disney’s Finding Nemo. He is a young fish who is taken from his home and placed in a fish tank at a dentist office. Nemo is a brave and determined fish who ultimately finds his way back home to his father.

    • O is for Olaf

    Olaf is the loveable and goofy snowman from Disney’s Frozen. He is created by Elsa and Anna out of snow and magic. Olaf is always ready for a hug and loves warm hugs. He is a loyal friend to Anna and Elsa and always looks out for their safety.

    • P is for Pocahontas

    Pocahontas is the strong and independent daughter of the Powhatan tribe from Disney’s Pocahontas. She is a brave and compassionate woman who is trying to stop a war between her people and the English settlers. Pocahontas is a kind and loving person who always tries to see the best in people.

    • Q is for Quasimodo

    Quasimodo is the protagonist of Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He is a kind and gentle soul who is hidden away from the world because of his deformities. When he meets the gypsy Esmeralda, he immediately falls in love with her. Quasimodo is a brave and selfless man who is willing to risk his life for the people he loves.

    • R is for Rapunzel

    Rapunzel is the Princess of Corona from Disney’s Tangled. She is a fun-loving and adventurous young woman who has been locked away in a tower her whole life. When she meets the thief Flynn Rider, she finally gets her chance to see the world outside her tower. Rapunzel is a kind and caring person who always tries to see the best in people.

    • S is for Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty is one of Disney’s classic Princesses. She is a beautiful and kind-hearted young woman who is cursed by an evil witch. She falls into a deep sleep but is ultimately awakened by true love’s kiss. Sleeping Beauty is a gentle and compassionate woman who always tries to see the best in people.

    Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping Beauty
    • T is for Tiana
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    Tiana is the hardworking and ambitious Princess of Maldonia from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. She is a kind and caring person who always puts others first. When she is turned into a frog, she must journey through the Louisiana bayou to find a way back to her human form. Tiana is a brave and determined woman who never gives up on her dreams.

    • U is for Ursula

    Ursula is the sea witch from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. She is a cruel and manipulative woman who is determined to take over the kingdom. Ursula is a powerful sorceress who uses her magic to control others.

    • V is for Vanellope

    Vanellope is the spunky and mischievous princess of Sugar Rush from Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. She is a fun-loving and adventurous girl who loves to race. When her kingdom is threatened, she must team up with Ralph to save her home. Vanellope is a brave and determined girl who never gives up on her dreams.

    • W is for Winnie the Pooh

    Winnie the Pooh is a lovable and clumsy bear who first appeared in Disney’s 1967 film The Jungle Book. He is best friends with Christopher Robin and is always eager to help out his friends. Winnie the Pooh is a kind and gentle bear who always looks out for his friends.

    Winnie the Pooh
    • X is for Xerxes

    Xerxes is the evil emperor of Persia from Disney’s Aladdin and the King of Thieves. He is a cruel and power-hungry ruler who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Xerxes is a dangerous and manipulative man who will not hesitate to hurt others.

    • Y is for Yo-Yo

    Yo-Yo is a character from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. He is one of Stitch’s friends and is always up for a game of catch. Yo-Yo is a fun-loving and playful character who loves to have a good time.

    • Z is for Zazu

    Zazu is the royal advisor to the King of Pride Rock from Disney’s The Lion King. He is a wise and level-headed bird who is always ready to lend a helping hand. Zazu is a loyal and trusted friend who always has the best interests of others at heart.


    76 Disney Characters That Start With A

    Abby MallardAchillesThe Agent
    Abigail CallaghanAdegastAgent Wendy Pleakley
    Abigail GabbleAdellaAgustín Madrigal
    Abomatons 2.0AdelaideAjax the Gorilla
    AbuAdorabeezle WinterpopAkela
    Abuela Alma MadrigalAdrian Graye VernworthAl the Alligator
    AladarAlbus DuckweedAlucard Grigorian
    AladdinAlcmeneAlly and Jess the IT Gals
    Alador BlightAlfonso DolittleAmber
    Alameda SlimAliceAmelia
    Alan-a-DaleAlice BluebonnetAmelia Gabble
    AlanaAlice’s SisterAmity Blight
    Amos SladeAngie DiazAnne Boonchuy
    Anastasia TremaineAngus MacBadgerAntonio Madrigal
    Andrea DavenportAnimalApril
    AndrinaAnita RadcliffeApollo
    Aracuan BirdArmoireAttina
    The ArchdeaconArthur/WartAudrey the Chicken
    Archimedes Q. PorterArthurAudrey Ramirez
    ArchimedesAssistant Mayor Dawn BellwetherAugustus “Gus” Porter
    ArielAtkaAunt Cass
    AristaAtroposAunt Sarah
    Aunt SiqiniqAunt TaqqiqAurora

    105 Disney Characters That Start With B

    B.E.N.Bacon BeagleBallerina
    BabetteBaggy BeagleBaloo Bear
    Baby Red BirdBagheeraBambi
    Baby SinclairBaileywickBambi’s Mother
    Babyface BeagleBakerBanzai
    Backwoods BeagleBakerBankjob Beagle
    Basil of Baker StreetBeary BarringtonBen Ali Gator
    Bat QueenBeastBenjamin Clawhauser
    Bent-Tail the CoyoteBig AlBill the Titan Trapper
    Bent-Tail JuniorBig Bad WolfBilly Boss
    Bentina BeakleyBig MamaBilly Bones
    Beret GirlBigtime BeagleBimbette
    BerliozBill GreenBinkie Muddlefoot
    BernardBill the LizardBinky Beagle
    Black BartBobbleBoomer
    BlarneyBogBoone Wiseman
    BlakeBoltBonkers D. Bobcat
    BlazeBomber BeagleBoscha
    Blue FairyBonnie HoppsBoun
    BoBooksellerBouncer Beagle
    Bowler Hat GuyBradley P. “B.P.” RichfieldBrittney Wong
    Br’er BearBradley “Brad” ButtowskiBrudo Avarius
    Br’er FoxBradley Uppercrust IIIBruno the Dog
    Br’er FrogBraxusBruno Madrigal
    Br’er RabbitBrettBruton
    BraddockBriaBrutus and Nero
    BuckBuff FrogButch the Bulldog
    Buck CluckBuford the CookButcher Boy
    Buck LeatherleafBuford Van StommBuzzie the Vulture
    Bucky BugBugle BeagleBucky the Squirrel
    Bucky Oryx-AntlersonBunsen HoneydewBurger Beagle

    93 Disney Characters That Start With C

    Cabin 7 the Gravesfield TeensCamilo MadrigalCaptain Calypso Khan
    CadpigCandace FlynnCaptain Grime
    Calamity GuardianCandleheadCaptain Hook
    CalliopeThe CaptainCaptain John Smith
    Camilia NocedaCaptain AmeliaCaptain Phoebus
    Camilia the ChickenCaptain BufoCaptain Salty
    Carl the RobotCassandra/CassChair Mouse
    Carlos the FrogCatChainsaw
    Carlotta the MaidThe CaterpillarCharlene Fiona Sinclair
    The CarpenterCatty the ElephantCharlotte La Bouff
    Casey JuniorCedric the SorcererCheetata and Cheetato
    Cass HamadaChacaChef Bouche
    Chef LouisChiefChip Whistler
    ChernabogChief BenjaChip Potts
    Cheshire CatChief BogoChristopher Robin
    Chi-FuChief PowhatanChuck
    Chicken LittleChipCircus Animals
    ClankClioCobra Bubbles
    Clara CluckCloak and DaggerCodfish
    Clarabelle CowClopin TrouillefouCody
    Clarence Francis “Kick” ButtowskiClothoCogsworth
    ClaytonCloverThe Collector
    CleoThe CoachmanColette
    The ColonelCopperCrane
    Colonel HathiThe CoreCreeper
    Commander Lyle RourkeCornelius RobinsonCricket Green
    Commander PeepersCousin RandyCri-Kee
    Community SueCoven CaptainThe Crocodile (Tick Tock)
    CookieCoven Guards and ScoutsCruella de Vil [a.k.a. De Vil]
    Crumbelina DiCaramelloCubbyCyril Proudbottom

    82 Disney Characters That Start With D

    Daisy DuckDannyDeacon (Preacher) Crow
    DaleDarbyDelilah Dalmatian
    DallbenDariusDell Clawthorne
    Dandy (Jim) CrowDarlingDella Duck
    Dang HuDarryl McGeeDemetrius
    DanielleDavid KawenaDemon Hunters
    DenahiDex BarringtonDinky
    Dennis AvariusDiablo the RavenDipper Pines
    Derek BluntDigger the MoleThe Director
    DerwinDijon the ThiefDixie
    DeSotoDinah the CatDizzie the Vulture
    DeweyDinah the DachshundDjali
    DocDolly DalmatianThe Doorknob
    Doctor MouseDolores MadrigalThe Doorman
    The DodoDon KarnageDopey (Straw Hat) Crow
    The Dog CatcherDonald DuckDoris
    DoliDoofus DrakeThe Dormouse
    Double DanDr. FacilierDr. Joshua Sweet
    Doug DalmatianDr. ForresterDr. Jumba Jookiba
    Doug RamsesDr. FrakesDr. Reginald Bushroot
    Dr. CalicoDr. Heinz DoofenshmirtzDr. Teeth
    Dr. David Q. DawsonDr. Jacques von HämstervielDrake Mallard (Darkwing Duck)
    Dr. Delbert DopplerDr. JanDrew Lipsky / Dr. Drakken
    Drizella TremaineDuke WeaseltonDuke
    DuchessDumboDuke of Weselton
    DuckworthDylan Dalmatian

    33 Disney Characters That Start With E

    Earl Sneed SinclairEdric BlightEl Capitan
    EberwolfEdwardEli “Big Daddy” La Bouff
    Eclipsa ButterflyEemaEllie Mae
    Edalyn “Eda” ClawthorneEileenElmer Elephant
    Edgar Balthazar the ButlerEinsteinElsa
    Emira BlightThe EnchantressEvangeline
    Emmitt OttertonEsmeraldaEvil Queen
    Emo KidEthan CladeEvinrude
    Emperor AwesomeEthyl Hinkleman PhillipsEmperor of China
    Emperor BelosEudoraEugene Fitzherbert

    62 Disney Characters That Start With F

    Fa LiFall-Apart RabbitFelicia the Cat
    Fa ZhouFalooFélix Madrigal
    FaginFat CatFelony
    Fairy GodmotherFather WolfFens
    Fairy MaryFats CrowFenton Crackshell (Gizmoduck)
    FalineFaunaFenton Q. Harcourt
    Ferb FletcherFiddler PigFinnick
    Ferdie FieldmouseFife the PiccoloFirst Ancestor Fa
    Ferdinand the BullFifer PigThe Firebird
    Ferguson O’DurgusonFifi the FeatherdusterFish Out of Water
    Fflewddur FflamFigaro the CatFix-It Felix, Jr.
    FidgetFigmentFlaps the Vulture
    FlashFlounderFozzie Bear
    Flintheart GlomgoldFlowerFran
    FlitFlunkey the BaboonFrancis
    FloraFootmanFrancis Monogram
    Flora D’EsploraForte the Pipe OrganFrancis Johanna “Fran” Phillips Sinclair
    Flotsam and JetsamFoxy LoxyFrancois
    FrancoisFriend OwlFranny Robinson
    FrankFrou-FrouFriar Tuck
    Frankie the FrogFred

    62 Disney Characters That Start With G

    Gabriela EspinosaGazelleGeorge Darling
    Gadget HackwrenchGeneral HologramGeorges Hautecourt
    Gaetan “Mole” MolièreGeneral LiGeorgette
    Captain GantuGeneral YunanGeppetto
    GastonGenieThe Ghost Council
    Giddy the ElephantGlittering GoldieGonzo
    GideonGlobgor ButterflyGoob
    Gilbert and Mr. ParkGloria SatoGoofy
    GiselleGlossaryckGoosey Loosey
    Gladstone GanderGloyd OrangeboarGopher
    GlissGo Go TomagoGordie Gibble
    Gosalyn MallardGrand CouncilwomanGreat Prince of the Forest
    Governor John RatcliffeThe Grand DukeGreater Basilisk
    GraceGrandma DuckGregly
    Gramma AliceGrandma NinGrimsby
    Gramma TalaGrandmother FaGrimwalkers
    GrampsGrandmother WillowGrumpy
    Grunkle StanGwendolyn ZappGus Lollygagger
    Gunther MagnusonGyro GearlooseGwendolyn “Gwen” Clawthorne
    GurgiGus Goose

    43 Disney Characters That Start With H

    HadesHaroud Hazi BinHekapoo
    Hand DragonHarold “Harry” ButtowskiHelga Sinclair
    HandsHarvey FennerHen Wen
    Hannibal McFistHeadless HorsemanHenry Fenner
    HappyHeidi WeinermanHera
    Harold the SeahorseHeihei the RoosterHerb Muddlefoot
    HerculesHoney LemonHorace
    HermesHonker MuddlefootHorace & Jasper
    Hieronymus BumpHook HandHorace Horsecollar
    Hiram FlavershamHoonahThe Horned King
    Hiro HamadaHootyHoward Handupme
    Hit Cat the English CatHopediah “Hop Pop” PlantarHoward Weinerman
    HueyHyacinth HippoHumphrey the Bear
    HugoHumphrey Westwood
    Humbert the HuntsmanHunter

    7 Disney Characters That Start With I

    IagoIan the AlligatorIchabod Crane
    The Indian Big ChiefIridessaIsabela Madrigal
    Ivy Sundew

    46 Disney Characters That Start With J

    J. Audubon WoodloreJack SkellingtonJake
    J. Gander HooterJackie Lynn ThomasJane Porter
    J. Thaddeus ToadJackie WackermanJanna Ordonia
    J. Worthington FoulfellowJackson “Jaq” HopscotchJeb the Goat
    J.P. SpamleyJacob HopkinsJennifer “Jenny” Foxworth
    Jenny WrenJim DearJock
    JerboJill the FrogJoe Giraffe
    Jeremy BirnbaumJim HawkinsJoey Hippo
    Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.Jiminy CricketJohn Darling
    Jesse the RamJoannaJohn DePlume
    Jessica RabbitJobless JoeJohn Smith
    John SilverJulieta MadrigalJudge Claude Frollo
    Johnny AppleseedJuneJudy Hopps
    José CariocaJunior
    Jubileena Bing-BingJunior the Buffalo

    44 Disney Characters That Start With K

    KalaThe Keeper of the Looking Glass RuinsKermit the Frog
    KangaKekata the Medicine manKiki
    KataKenaiKim Possible
    Katrina Van TasselKendall PerkinsThe King
    KingKing’s fatherKing Roland II
    King Aldrich LeviathanKing HubertKing Stefan
    King Andrias LeviathanKing Kashekim NedakhKing Triton
    The King of HeartsKing LeonidasKirby
    King Candy/TurboKing LouieKit Cloudkicker
    King EiddilegKing RichardKnowsMore
    KocoumKronk PepikrankenitzKristoff

    52 Disney Characters That Start With L

    LachesisLady TremaineLaverne
    LadyLafayette the Basset HoundLawrence the Valet
    Lady AvariusLampwickLe Fou
    Lady KluckLarry the DuckLefty
    Lady MouseLarsLeif
    Lady OliviaLaunchpad McQuackLekmet
    Leonard HelpermanLil Bad WolfLittle Debbie
    Leopold LoggleLil LightningLittle John
    LePlumeLilith ClawthorneLittle Noi
    LewisLilo PelekaiLittle Toot
    Li ShangLingMr. Litwak
    Libby Stein-TorresThe LiquidatorLizzy
    Lizzy GriffithsLucifer the CatLuisa Madrigal
    Lord DominatorLucille KrunklehornLuke
    Lord HaterLuckyLumière
    LouieLucky JackLuz Noceda
    Louie the Hot Dog ManLudo Avarius
    Louis the AlligatorLudwig Von Drake

    136 Disney Characters That Start With M

    Ma BeagleMadame UpanovaMagica De Spell
    Mabel PinesMaddie FlourMahra the Baboon
    Mad HatterMadellaineMaid Marian
    Madame Adelaide BonfamilleMaggieMajor the Horse
    Madame MedusaMagic CarpetMaleficent
    Madam MimThe Magic MirrorMalina
    MalphasMarco DiazMarkowski
    Mama HeffalumpMarcy WuMarlon the Alligator
    Mama OdieMaria MediaMary Darling
    Man the HunterMariano GuzmanMary Poppins
    MarahuteMarieThe Matchmaker
    March HareMariposa “Marco Jr.” DiazMatriarch Elephant
    MauiMayor LionheartMegavolt
    MauriceMayor ToadstoolMelinda
    Max GoofMechaniclesMelpomene
    Max HareMeekoMelvin
    MaximusMegabyte BeagleMena
    MerchantMeteora ButterflyMilo Thatch
    Meridian CladeMichael DarlingMina Loveberry
    MerlinMickey MouseMindy
    Merlock the MagicianMike the MicrophoneMinnie Mouse
    MerryweatherMildredMinty Zaki
    Mertle EdmondsMilo MurphyMirabel Madrigal
    MirageMiss NettleMoley
    Miranda WrightMiss PiggyMolly Cunningham
    Miss BiancaMiss SkullnickMolly Jo
    Miss KittyMittensMolly McGee
    Miss LightfootMoanaMonica Devertebrae
    Miss NannyMochiMonsieur D’Arque
    Monterey JackMortimer MouseMowgli
    Moon ButterflyMortonMozenrath
    Morcupine PorcupineMorty FieldmouseMr. Arrow
    MorganaMother GothelMr. Boonchuy
    Morgana McCawberMother RabbitMr. Big
    Mr. FlourMr. SmeeMr. Yama
    Mr. JollyMr. SnoopsMrs. Boonchuy
    Mr. LizardMr. StorkMrs. Calloway
    Mr. MannyMr. WillersteinMrs. Featherby
    Mr. PettiboneMr. WoolensworthMrs. Hasagawa
    Mr. PulmanMr. XMrs. Judson
    Mrs. JumboMufasaMrs. Quail
    Mrs. OttertonMulanMs. Chicarelli
    Mrs. PossumMungo
    Mrs. PottsMushu

    23 Disney Characters That Start With N

    NanaNancy GreenNancy Tremaine
    Nani PelekaiNannyNapoleon the Bloodhound
    NedNed the BaboonNeera
    NegaDuckNessusThe Newsman
    NibsNicholas “Nick” P. WildeNita
    Nurse MouseNutsy the Vulture

    23 Disney Characters That Start With O

    OakenThe OctopusOdalia Blight
    Officer KeysOlafOliver
    Olivia FlavershamOllie the PigOmnitraxus Prime
    OnusOrange BirdOrddu
    Orville H. OctopusOrwenOskar Greason
    Oswald the Lucky RabbitOtabinOtto
    OwlOwl Beast

    84 Disney Characters That Start With P

    PachaPatch the Demon HunterPenguin Waiters
    Pain and PanicPatriciaPenn Zero
    Panchito PistolesPearl GesnerPenny
    PascalPeg PetePenny
    PatchPegasusPenny’s Mom
    Pepa MadrigalPerditaPete Junior
    Pepe the King PrawnPeriwinklePeter Pan
    Pepper Ann PearsonPerry PotterPeter Pig
    Peppo the Italian CatPerry the PlatypusThe Phantom Blot
    Percival C. McLeachPetePhiloctetes
    PercyPete McGeePhilip Wittebane
    Philippe the HorsePipPolly Petunia Plantar
    Phineas FlynnPistol PetePom-Pom
    PigletPlutoPony Head
    PinocchioPoe De SpellPractical Pig
    Preston B. WhitmorePrince HansPrincess Amber
    Pretty BoyPrince JamesPrincess Eilonwy
    PrincePrince JohnPrincess Jasmine
    Prince CharmingPrince NaveenPrincess Kidagakash
    Prince EdwardPrince PhillipPrincipal Faust
    Prince EricPrincessPrincipal Hal
    Principal MazurProfessor RatiganProfessor Abominable
    Principal SkeevesPronk Oryx-AntlersonPumbaa
    Priscilla the ChickenPrudenceProfessor Norton Nimnul
    Prissy the ElephantPuaPyro

    10 Disney Characters That Start With Q

    Queen ClarionQueen GrimhildeQueen Leah
    Queen MirandaQueen MousetoriaQueen Narissa
    The Queen of Hearts

    57 Disney Characters That Start With R

    RabbitRachelRafael Diaz
    RafikiRaine WhispersRajah
    Rancis FluggerbutterRandall “Randy” CunninghamRapunzel
    Rashida RemingtonThe Rat (“Herman”)Ratigan
    RattyRay the FireflyRaya
    RazoulRebecca CunninghamRed
    RemyRemy RemingtonReuben (Experiment 625)
    RhinoRhoda DendronRhombulus
    RicoThe RingmasterRita
    River ButterflyRizzo the RatRobert “Bobby” Zimuruski
    Robert CallaghanRobert Mark “Robbie” SinclairRobert Otto
    Robin HoodRobin the FrogRoger Rabbit
    Roger RadcliffeRollyRonaldo
    Ron StoppableRooRoquefort the Mouse
    RoscoeThe RoseRoselle and Dottie
    RosettaRowlf the DogRoxanne
    Roy Danger HessRozzie the BearRuby
    RufusRufusRunt of the Litter
    Russell RemingtonRusty the DogRutt and Tuke

    97 Disney Characters That Start With S

    Sadie CroakerSamson the HorseSashi Kobayashi
    Sally ragdollSarafinaScat Cat
    Sam FlynnSarah HawkinsScooter
    Sam the EagleSarouschScratch
    Sam the SheriffSasha WaybrightScratchy
    Scrooge McDuckSensei BrantleyShanti (The Girl)
    ScroopSergeant CalhounSha-ron
    ScuttleSeverineSharon McGee
    Searcher CladeSgt. TibbsSheela
    SebastianShan YuShego
    Secretary BirdShankShenzi
    Shere KhanSimbaSis Bunny
    Sheriff of NottinghamSir EctorSisu
    Shun Gon the Chinese CatSir GilesSitka
    Si & AmSir HissSkara
    Sidney Tiberius “Sid” TurtlepussSir KaySkeeter
    SilvermistSir PellinoreSkippy Bunny
    SleepySnowanna RainbeauSparky (Experiment 221)
    SlightlyPrincess SofiaSparky
    Smolder the BearSoggy JoeSpecks (Glasses) Crow
    SnagglebackSorcerer’s ApprenticeSpeedy the Snail
    SneezySour BillSpike
    Snow WhiteSparkySpot
    Spot Helperman/Scott Leadready IIStatler and WaldorfStumpy
    Sprig PlantarSteelbeakThe Sultan
    Spring SpriteSteveSultan the Footstool
    Squeaks the CaterpillarStitchSummer the Penugin
    Stabbington brothersStromboliSuri
    Star ButterflyStu HoppsSven
    Swedish ChefSylvia SundewSylvia Marpole
    Swizzle “The Swizz” MalarkeySylvia

    70 Disney Characters That Start With T

    Tadashi HamadaTank MuddlefootTaurus Bulba
    Taffyta MuttonfudgeTantorTe Fiti
    Tagalong BunnyTantor’s MotherTe Kā
    TamatoaTarakTed Betterhead
    TerpsichoreThugTiger Lily
    Terra SnapdragonThumperTigger
    TerriThumper’s MotherTillie Tiger
    ThaliaThunderboltTilly Green
    Thomas O’MalleyTibblet-Tibblie “Tibbles” Grimmhammer IIITimothy Q. Mouse
    TinaTipoToby Turtle
    Tinker BellTitoTod
    Tino TonitiniToadieToffee
    TinyTobias the Reluctant DragonTom
    Tiny NoseToby the DogTom Lucitor
    TipToby TortoiseTong
    TootlesTritonio EspadaTuskernini
    ToulouseTugTweedledum and Tweedledee
    TrampTuiTwo Fingers
    TravisTuk Tuk
    Trigger the VultureTurkey Lurkey

    4 Disney Characters That Start With U

    Uncle ArtUncle WaldoUrl

    14 Disney Characters That Start With V

    Vanellope von SchweetzVanessa (The Little Mermaid)Varian
    VazquezVee the Number FiveVeteran Cat
    VictorVidiaVincenzo “Vinny” Santorini
    Vladimir Goudenov GrizzlikofVanessa Doofenshmirtz

    31 Disney Characters That Start With W

    Walliam “One-Eyed Wally” RibbitonThe WalrusWander
    Warden WrathWartlopWasabi
    Webby VanderquackWendy CorduroyWendy Darling
    WesleyWestley “Weezie” EastmanWhite Rabbit
    Widow TweedWigginsWilbur
    Wilbur RobinsonWilhelmina PackardWillie the Giant
    Willow ParkWinifred the ElephantWinkie the Barman
    Winnie the PoohWinstonWitherspoon
    Woolter the RamWormwood the RavenWreck-It Ralph

    16 Disney Characters That Start With X, Y, Z

    YaxYen SidYesss
    ZeusZiggy the VultureZini


    There are a lot of great Disney characters that start with the letter A to Z.

    Some of our favorites include Ana and Elsa from Frozen, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Cinderella, and of course Mickey Mouse.

    Each one of these characters has their own unique story and personality that has helped to make Disney the magical place that it is today.

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