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24 Disney Characters That Starts With Y

    Disney Characters That Starts With Y

    Few people know that there are actually quite a few Disney characters whose names start with the letter Y. You might be surprised to learn that some of your favorite characters from Disney movies and TV shows are included in this list. From classic characters like Yen Sid from Fantasia to more modern characters like Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove, there are plenty of Disney characters to choose from. Here are just a few of our favorites.

    • Yen Sid is a classic Disney character who first appeared in the 1940 film Fantasia. He is a sorcerer who serves as a mentor to Mickey Mouse. Yen Sid is a wise and powerful character who is always there to help Mickey when he needs it.
    • Yzma is a villain from The Emperor’s New Groove. She is a power-hungry woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Yzma is a fierce and dangerous character who is always a challenge for our heroes to defeat.

    These are just a few of the great Disney characters whose names start with Y. If you can think of any others, be sure to let us know in the comments!

    Disney Characters Starting With Y

    Yao of “Mulan”

    Yao is one of the main characters in the animated film Mulan. He is a member of the Chinese army and is Mulan’s love interest. He is brave and courageous, and is always there to help Mulan when she needs it.


    Yar of “Dinosaur”

    Yar is a character from the animated film “Dinosaur”. He is a small, fast-moving creature who helps the main character, Aladar, and his friends escape from a group of predators. Yar is brave and resourceful, and he is always ready to help out in a crisis.


    Yax of “Zootopia”

    Yax is a small, timid yak who is one of the main characters in Disney’s 2016 animated film Zootopia. He is a gentle giant who is always eager to please, but his timid nature often gets him into trouble. Despite this, Yax is a good friend and always has the best intentions at heart.


    Yen Sid of “Fantasia”

    Yen Sid is a powerful sorcerer who lives in a tower in the middle of a forest. He is a wise and kind teacher, who takes on Mickey Mouse as his apprentice. Yen Sid is a fair and just leader, who always looks out for the best interests of his people. He is a powerful magic user, and is able to defeat the evil sorcerer, Chernabog.

    Yen Sid is a character that first appeared the 1940 animated film, Fantasia. Appearing in the The Sorcerer’s Apprentice segment, he is a powerful sorcerer that served as Mickey Mouse’s mentor in the arts of magic and sorcery.

    Yesss of “Ralph Breaks the Internet”

    Yesss is an algorithm who is the head of BuzzzTube in the film Ralph Breaks the Internet. She is voiced by Taraji P. Henson.

    Yo-Yo of “Fantasia 2000”

    Yo-Yo is a character in the animated film Fantasia 2000. She is a Chinese yo-yo expert who performs with her yo-yo to the tune of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”.


    Yzma of “The Emperor’s New Groove”

    Yzma is the primary antagonist in the 2000 animated film The Emperor’s New Groove. She is voiced by Eartha Kitt.


    Yzma is the emperor’s advisor and is obsessed with power and control. When the emperor decides to leave her, she plots to kill him and take over the empire. She is eventually thwarted by the emperor’s new friend, Pacha, and is turned into a cat.

    Yaarp of “Leroy & Stitch”

    Yaarp, also known as Experiment 613, is an illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba Jookiba and a character in the Lilo & Stitch franchise. He is designed to create devastating sonic blasts that can shatter windows, flatten buildings, and cause acute loss of hearing. Luckily, he can also reduce these noises to soft, gentle honks. His one true place is at Lilo’s hula school as an alien invasion alarm and buzzer.
    Yaarp, despite his destructive nature, is quite friendly, but he reacts quickly and dramatically to the way others treat him. For example, if he feels intimidated or provoked, he will emit loud sonic blasts. If he feels safe or unthreatened, he will emit small, gentle honks as a sign of affection and friendship.

    Yaarp, for the most part, is pretty easygoing and laid-back. However, he is very ready-minded and cautious, but is loyal to those who win his trust. He is also a bit jumpy and nervous, often sounding his horn at improper times because something trivial had startled him.

    Overall, Yaarp is a kind and gentle creature, despite his ability to cause destruction. He is loyal to those he trusts, and is always ready and willing to help, even if he does get a bit nervous and jumpy at times. He truly belongs at Lilo’s hula school, where he can help protect the students from any potential danger.

    Yacalli of “Elena of Avalor”

    The Yacalli is a character who appears in the Elena of Avalor episode, “Prince Too Charming”. He is the protector of the buhitos and their homes, a job he is absolutely devoted to. As noted by Elena, he is also surprisingly polite.

    He first appears when Prince Alonso’s men are digging in his territory. He politely tells them to leave but they refuse so he destroys the dig site. One goes off and brings Prince Alonso, who is surprised since he thought the Yacalli was just a fairy tale, and Princess Elena of Avalor. The Yacalli once again tells them to leave. Elena is ready to leave but Alonso refuses telling the Yacalli no one tells him what to do and destroys a buhito’s home. This makes the Yacalli declare that he will destroy Cordoba Castle. He gets there quickly with help from the Buhitos and attacks. Suddenly, Elena runs up to him and promises to rebuild the buhitos’ homes. Once the Buhitos’ homes are rebuilt, the Yacalli returns to his slumber.

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    The Yacalli is a fascinating character who highlights the importance of taking care of our natural world. He is a powerful being who is devoted to his cause, but is also willing to listen to reason. Elena’s decision to rebuild the buhitos’ homes shows her compassion and understanding, and ultimately leads to a peaceful resolution. The Yacalli is a reminder that we should all be stewards of the earth, and work together to keep our planet clean and safe.

    Yama of “Big Hero 6”

    Yama is a minor antagonist in Disney’s 2014 animated feature film, Big Hero 6. He is one of San Fransokyo’s most notorious criminals, made especially infamous for his illegal bot-fighting ring. Modeled after rikishi (sumo wrestlers), Yama is also Hiro Hamada’s arch-nemesis.

    Yama is a local crime boss living in the city of San Fransokyo. He has partaken in various illegal acts such as bot-fighting, thievery, illegal money lending, and murder. With his gruff and powerful demeanor (coupled by his massive physique), Yama has gained a notorious reputation and is amongst the most feared members of San Fransokyo’s underworld. His base of operation is in a shady district known as “Good Luck Alley”, which is heavily guarded by a slew of subordinates under Yama’s authority.

    Yama’s primary source of entertainment (and income) are illegal bot-fights held in the back alleys of the city. In this sport, Yama is the undisputed champion with his bot Little Yama (save for when Hiro Hamada enters the ring).

    As the film’s protagonist, Hiro Hamada, is also a talented bot-fighter, he quickly becomes Yama’s arch-nemesis. Their rivalry culminates in a final battle between the two, in which Hiro emerges victorious. Following his defeat, Yama is arrested by the San Fransokyo Police Department and presumably incarcerated.

    Yama of “Gargoyles”

    Yama is a minor character from Disney’s Gargoyles. He is a gargoyle, a member of Clan Ishimura, and a member of the Redemption Squad. He is voiced by Bruce Locke.

    Yama lived a peaceful life among the gargoyles and humans of Ishimura, Japan. In 1996, he betrayed the clan by aligning himself with a human named Taro, a former student of Kai’s, who claimed to be creating a theme park about gargoyles to spread Bushido to the children of the world. To that end, Yama planned in secret with Taro to move the clan from Ishimura to the theme park.


    After this plan began to unfold, Clan Ishimura met the Avalon travelers. Goliath, Angela, Bronx, Yama, and the remaining gargoyles of Clan Ishimura were taken to the theme park based on gargoyles during the day. Taro told Kai the same story he’d told Yama, but Kai eventually decided not to keep the clan there, despite Yama’s protests. Taro responded by hitting Kai with a tranquilizer dart.

    Yama quickly discovered that he had been deceived, and that Taro planned to introduce the Ishimura clan to the world with a group of reporters. Yama followed the rules of Bushido, and engaged Taro in one-on-one combat. Despite his armor and electrically-charged weapon, Taro lost. Soon, Kai awoke, and the clan went back to Ishimura, where they still live to the present. For disgracing the clan, however, Yama was banished until his last honor could be restored.

    Some time thereafter, Yama was recruited into the Redemption Squad by Hunter, Dingo, and Matrix. He was on the helicopter, Redemption, with his squad-mates when they were fired upon by missiles from their target. Matrix, however, protected them by forming a bubble around his squad-mates. Yama destroyed one of his robotic foes, but was attacked by another. Currently his ultimate fate is unknown.

    Yan Lin of “W.I.T.C.H.”

    Yan Lin is a powerful woman who has dedicated her life to serving the Guardians of the Veil. She was the one who kept the Heart of Kandrakar safe until it could be passed down to the next generation. Even though she is no longer a member of the Guardians, she remains a big help to both the Guardians and the Council of Kandrakar. She owns the Silver Dragon, a popular restaurant in Kandrakar, where her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter Hay Lin work. As opposed to the comic book version, Yan Lin didn’t die after the Guardians received their powers. Instead, she remains an active and vital member of the community, always ready to help out when needed.

    Yan Lin

    The Silver Dragon is a popular restaurant in Kandrakar that is owned by Yan Lin, Hay Lin’s grandmother and previous member of Guardian of the Veil. Yan Lin is a powerful woman who has dedicated her life to serving the Guardians of the Veil. She was the one who kept the Heart of Kandrakar safe until it could be passed down to the next generation. Even though she is no longer a member of the Guardians, she remains a big help to both the Guardians and the Council of Kandrakar. As opposed to the comic book version, Yan Lin didn’t die after the Guardians received their powers. Instead, she remains an active and vital member of the community, always ready to help out when needed.

    Yan Yan of “American Dragon: Jake Long”

    Yan Yan is a character in the animated television series American Dragon: Jake Long. She is an award-winning, rare Sphynx cat also known as a Chinese Hairless, that pretends to belong to a young girl called Olivia Mears. She has been Fu Dog’s archenemy ever since the 1400s.

    Being a hairless cat, Yan Yan has absolutely no fur whatsoever. Her skin is completely bare and of a soft pink color. She has two pointy ears, a somewhat pointed snout, a long pointy tail, and blue eyes. She usually wears a purple collar around her neck with Fu Dog’s lucky coin attached to it.

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    During different flashbacks, Yan Yan can be seen wearing several different outfits, like a Renaissance dress, that fit the time period in which she fought Fu Dog.

    Yan Yan

    Yan Yan first appears in the episode “Miss Tinkles” when Jake and Fu Dog mistake her for a real cat. Jake and Fu Dog soon find out that Yan Yan is actually a rare Chinese Hairless Sphynx cat. Olivia, the girl who Yan Yan pretends to belong to, finds out that Jake and Fu Dog know that Yan Yan is not a real cat and tells them to keep it a secret.

    Yan Yan later appears in the episode “The Evil Cat Lady” when she teams up with the Evil Cat Lady to try and take down Fu Dog. In the end, Fu Dog is able to defeat them both and Yan Yan is sent flying into a dumpster.

    Despite her multiple defeats, Yan Yan continues to try and take down Fu Dog. She is a cunning and dangerous adversary that Fu Dog should never underestimate.

    Yang of “Leroy & Stitch”

    Yang, also known as Experiment 502, is an illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba Jookiba and a character in the Lilo & Stitch franchise. He is designed to attack by firing balls of lava from his back spouts. His one true place is creating a new island with Yin.

    Yang is a fiery creature, both in terms of his personality and his ability to generate lava. He is short-tempered and hotheaded, and tends to focus only on what is right in front of him, without paying attention to the bigger picture. This overconfidence in his own powers can be a liability, as Yang has been known to underestimate his opponents.

    However, Yang is also fiercely loyal to his friends and ʻohana, and will defend them to the best of his ability. He works well with Yin, another experiment, with the two of them using their complementary powers to create a new island. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

    Yatta of “The Emperor’s New School”

    If you’re a fan of The Emperor’s New School, then you definitely know who Yatta is. She’s voiced by none other than Miley Cyrus and is one of the main characters’ best friends. Yatta works as a waitress at Mudka’s Meat Hut, and while she’s very friendly and good at her job, she can get a little distracted. This usually happens when she’s talking to customers and gets carried away in conversation.

    Yatta is also a student at Kuzco Academy, and while she’s not the brightest student, she always tries her best. It’s worth noting that Yatta is a vegetarian, so she probably doesn’t enjoy working at Mudka’s Meat Hut too much. But she does it for the money and is always polite to customers, no matter how angry they may be.

    If you’re looking for a character that’s always friendly and cheerful, then Yatta is definitely the one for you. She might not be the smartest person around, but she’s always willing to help out and is a great friend to have.

    Yelana of “Frozen II”

    When Yelena was informed by her daughter, Honeymaren, that the Arendellian soldiers had discovered a way to leave the forest, she was initially skeptical. However, after Honeymaren showed her the opening in the wall of mist, Yelena decided to take the opportunity to leave the forest and explore the outside world for the first time in over three decades.

    Yelena is a brave and determined leader, who is always looking out for the safety of her people. She is also a fierce protector of the natural world, and has a deep understanding of the spirits of the forest. Yelana is a wise and compassionate leader, who is respected by both her own people and the Arendellian soldiers.

    Yin of “Leroy & Stitch”

    Yin, also known as Experiment 501, is an illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba Jookiba and a character in the Lilo & Stitch franchise. She is designed to attack by spraying blasts of water from her tentacles. Her one true place is creating a new island with Yang.

    An experiment of few words, Yin was shown to be cocky, short-tempered and reckless before her rehabilitation. She is single-minded and will focus only on what is right in front of her, paying little heed to anything else going on around her. This clearly demonstrates overconfidence in her own powers, as Yin considers them more than adequate to handle any threat. She is shown to not really care about other people’s surroundings when using her squirting powers. However, she would defend her friends and ʻohana loyally, alongside Yang.

    Yodel and Sniff of “Snow Dogs”

    When Ted first comes to Alaska, he is attacked by a pack of dogs. These dogs turn out to be the Snow Dogs, who were trained by Ted’s late mother. As Ted tries to get to know the dogs, he discovers that they are very loyal to their pack leader, Demon. Yodel and Sniff are the wheel dogs of the pack, and they follow Demon’s orders without question. This loyalty leads them into trouble when they run off without a musher to guide them. Ted must work hard to earn their trust and prove that he is the alpha dog of the pack.

    Yodel and Sniff are two of the main characters in Disney’s 2002 movie, Snow Dogs. They are loyal to their pack leader, Demon, and follow his orders without question. This loyalty leads them into trouble when they run off without a musher to guide them. Ted, the son of their late mistress, must work hard to earn their trust and prove that he is the alpha dog of the pack.

    Yokai of “Big Hero 6: The Series”

    Disney’s 2014 animated feature film Big Hero 6 tells the story of a young boy named Hiro Hamada who, along with his friends, forms a superhero team to stop the villain Robert Callaghan, also known as Yokai. Callaghan is a former head robotics professor at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology and mentor to Tadashi Hamada, Hiro’s older brother. After suffering a personal tragedy, Callaghan became a silent, kabuki-masked supervillain bent on exacting vengeance, with an army of Microbots at his command. The Big Hero 6 team ultimately defeats Callaghan and he is arrested.


    The character of Robert Callaghan is a complex one. On the one hand, he is a victim of tragedy, which can elicit sympathy from audiences. On the other hand, he is a villain who has caused great harm, making him a complex and multi-dimensional character.

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    Yori of “Kim Possible”

    Yori is a student at the Yamanouchi Kinja school in Japan whom Ron Stoppable has a crush on. After Kim, she appears to be the most popular of Ron’s crushes. In the episode “Exchange”, Ron shows repeated interest in Yori, both at their meeting, where he is stunned by her appearance, and again later, when Fukushima is informed that he was right to save a pretty girl. At this time, Ron is not aware that Yori herself has feelings for him. On their second meeting, Ron tells her of his relationship with Kim, which she accepts. Kim shows clear jealousy of Yori, possibly due to Kim believing her to be her greatest competition for Ron’s affections.

    Ron first meets Yori when he and Kim are sent on a mission to the Yamanouchi Kinja school in Japan. Ron is immediately struck by her beauty and is eager to get to know her better. However, he is soon forced to put his feelings for Yori aside when he learns that she is dating his friend, Fukushima.


    Despite being in a relationship with Fukushima, Yori can’t help but feel drawn to Ron. She is impressed by his courage and selflessness, qualities which her boyfriend lacks. When Fukushima is killed in a battle with Drakken, Yori is left heartbroken.

    Ron comforts Yori in her time of grief and the two slowly begin to develop feelings for each other. However, before they can act on these feelings, Ron is forced to return to America.

    Although they are apart, Ron and Yori continue to think about each other. They finally confess their love for each other in a video call and decide to make a long-distance relationship work.

    Young Bucks of “Bambi & Bambi II”

    In the films Bambi and Bambi II, the bucks are minor characters. They are seen doing their annual run out in the meadow. Two of the bucks are seen using their antlers in a fight for one of the does out on the meadow (Faline’s mother and Bambi’s mother both already have mates). The bucks stop when the Great Prince of the forest walks out on the meadow.

    Young Bucks

    The last time you see them is when Man is trying to hunt them after their run when they’re eating. In Bambi II, the bucks are only seen using their antlers to fight and then when doing their annual run, joined by Bambi, Ronno, and the Great Prince.

    Yuckalinda of “DuckTales”

    Yuckalinda is a mythical creature and antagonist who appeared in the DuckTales episode “Home Sweet Homer”.

    Yuckalinda is known to be ferocious and ravenous. Hungry at all times, she will eat anything that comes near her cave, especially sailors who get caught by her large whirlpool. However, if someone were to feed her food, she will pull them out of her whirlpool and into safety.

    Yuckalinda is a green snake-like monster with dark green spots on her back. She has messy orange hair, yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and a forked tongue. Despite being female, she has a little bit of facial hair on her chin. It is unknown if she has limbs or not, or what her tail end looks like. By anyone’s guess, she’s probably conjoined inside her cave.

    This mythical creature is said to be the cause of many a shipwreck. Sailors who get pulled into her whirlpool are never seen again. Some say that she is a vengeful spirit, while others believe that she is simply a creature of myth.

    Yuckalinda is a feared creature, but also one that is shrouded in mystery. What is known for sure is that she is dangerous and should be avoided at all cost.

    Yun Mibu of “The Lion Guard”

    The Lion Guard encounters Yun Mibu in the forest as they journey to the Tree of Life. Yun Mibu is a male clouded leopard who is kind, helpful, and very friendly, always remaining calm no matter the situation. He is a very good climber and is able to hang upside down due to his strong back legs and stability.

    Kion is rude to Yun Mibu and scares him away due to the venom in his scar affecting him. However, when Kion is in danger of falling off a very high cliff, Beshte recruits Yun Mibu to help him. Yun Mibu is hesitant at first, but he agrees to help when he realizes that Kion is not himself due to the venom in his scar.

    Yun Mibu saves Kion and is thanked in return. He simply asks that Kion remember never to growl at a clouded leopard since they don’t like it. Yun Mibu then bids the Lion Guard a farewell after accepting Kion’s apology.

    Yupi of “The Emperor’s New School”

    Yupi is a young boy who possesses great strength. He is first seen using his strength to play with his mother, tossing her in the air and catching her. Later, he is seen using his strength to help his family win a competition. His paddling alone is enough to make their canoe go faster than all the other competitors.

    Yupi is a great example of a young boy with superhuman strength. He is able to use his strength to play and have fun with his family, but also knows how to use it to help them in competition. His strength is an asset to his family and helps them to win.

    Yupi is a lovable character who is always willing to help his family. He is a great example of how young boys can have great strength and use it for good.


    We hope you enjoyed learning about all of the Disney Characters whose names start with the letter Y! We think you’ll agree that there are some truly amazing and memorable characters in the group, from the classic Mickey Mouse to the newest addition to the Disney family, Moana. While there are many more characters whose names start with other letters, we hope you’ll take the time to learn more about all of your favorites. Thanks for reading!

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