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24 Disney Characters That Starts With N

    Disney Characters That Starts With N

    Who are the most famous Disney characters whose names start with the letter N? Here is a list of some of the top characters:

    • Nemo: The lovable clownfish from Finding Nemo
    • Nick Wilde: The sly fox from Zootopia
    • Nala: The brave lioness from The Lion King
    • Ned of “Earth to Ned”

    These are just a few of the many Disney characters whose names start with the letter N. Do you have a favorite?

    Disney Characters Starting With N

    Nakoma of “Pocahontas”

    Nakoma is Pocahontas’s best friend and confidante. She is a loyal and supportive friend, always there for Pocahontas when she needs her. She is also a voice of reason, often giving Pocahontas wise advice that she sometimes doesn’t want to hear. Nakoma is a strong and independent woman, comfortable in her own skin and confident in her own abilities. She is a proud member of her tribe and takes great pride in her culture and heritage.


    Nala of “The Lion King”

    Nala is a character from the animated film The Lion King. She is the daughter of Sarafina and the best friend of Simba. Nala is a brave and determined young lioness who is not afraid to speak her mind. She is also a loyal friend who is always ready to help Simba when he needs it.


    Namaari of “Raya and the Last Dragon”

    Namaari is the daughter of the chief of the Heart tribe and a formidable warrior. She is fiercely competitive, always striving to be the best, and her desire to win sometimes gets the better of her. She is confident and independent, but also has a bit of a temper. When she was younger, she and Raya were best friends, but a disagreement led to them becoming rivals. Namaari is determined to find the last dragon, believing that it will give her the power to finally defeat Raya.

    Nana of “Peter Pan”

    Nana is the loyal and loving nursemaid to the Darling children in the Disney film, “Peter Pan”. She is a kind and nurturing woman who is always looking out for the safety and well-being of her charges. Nana is also a bit of a worrywart, and is always fretting over something or other. However, she is a devoted caregiver who loves the children dearly.


    Nancy Green of “Big City Greens”

    Nancy Green is a character from the animated film Big City Greens. She is the mother of Cricket and Tilly, and the wife of Bill. Nancy is a kind and caring woman who is always there for her family. She is also a great cook, and she loves to garden.

    Nancy Green

    Nancy Tremaine of “Enchanted”

    Nancy Tremaine is the mother of Giselle, Robert Philip’s future wife, and Morgan Philip’s future mother-in-law. She is a cold, calculating woman who is determined to see her daughter marry a wealthy man, even if it means trapping him into it. Nancy is also shown to be quite manipulative, as she is able to convince Robert to go along with her plan to marry Giselle by preying on his fears of being alone and unloved. However, she is ultimately unsuccessful in her scheme, as Robert and Giselle end up falling in love and getting married without her consent.

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    Nani Pelekai of “Lilo & Stitch”

    Nani is Lilo’s big sister and guardian in the animated film “Lilo & Stitch”. She is a 20-year-old surfer who works at a local tourist agency. Nani is a responsible and loving sister, but she often feels overwhelmed by the challenges of raising Lilo on her own. When Lilo gets in trouble, Nani is always there to help her out. Nani is also friends with Stitch, the alien experiment that Lilo adopts as her pet. Together, they help each other through the ups and downs of life on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i.

    Nanny of “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”

    Nanny is the trusted babysitter of the Dalmatian puppies in the film One Hundred and One Dalmatians. She is kind and loving, always making sure the puppies are happy and safe. Her main concern is their safety, and she goes to great lengths to protect them from harm. Nanny is a reliable and trustworthy character who always has the best interests of the puppies at heart.


    Napoleon the Bloodhound of “The Aristocats”

    Napoleon the Bloodhound is a supporting character from the 1970 Disney animated film The Aristocats. He is a large, lazy bloodhound who works for Edgar Balthazar, the villain of the film. Napoleon is often seen sleeping on the job, much to Edgar’s frustration. However, he does have his moments of brilliance, such as when he manages to track down the runaway cats Duchess and her kittens. In the end, Napoleon is arrested along with Edgar and taken to prison.

    Napoleon the Bloodhound

    Nasira of “Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge”

    Nasira is a powerful sorceress and the main antagonist in the direct-to-video animated film Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge.

    Nasira was once the apprentice of the powerful sorcerer Jafar, but was cast out by him when she failed to kill Aladdin. Nasira is determined to get revenge on Aladdin and anyone who gets in her way.

    Nasira is a powerful sorcerer and is able to create illusions and cast spells. She is also a skilled fighter and is not afraid to get her hands dirty.

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    Nasira is a cold and calculating villain who will stop at nothing to get her revenge. She is a danger to anyone who stands in her way and is not to be underestimated.

    Nathaniel of “Enchanted”

    Nathaniel is a supporting character in the Disney film Enchanted. He is Giselle’s friend and confidante, and is always there to offer sage advice and support. Nathaniel is a loyal and true friend, who always has Giselle’s best interests at heart. He is a wise and level-headed presence in her life, and helps her to see the good in people, even when they may not deserve it.


    Ned of “Amphibia”

    Ned is a small, orange frog who is one of the main protagonists of the Amphibia TV series. He is an adventurous, optimistic, and determined individual who aspires to be a great explorer like his hero Captain Grimey. When he first meets Anne Boonchuy, he is immediately enamored with her and quickly befriends her.


    However, he is unaware of Anne’s true intentions and is completely oblivious to her ways of manipulating him. Despite this, Ned is always there for Anne when she needs him and is always willing to help her, no matter what the cost.

    Ned of “Earth to Ned”

    Ned is an alien from the planet Blib who comes to Earth in his ship, the USS Blib, in order to study human life. He takes on the form of a human man, and befriends a young boy named Tim. Together, they go on adventures and learn about life on Earth. Ned is a kind and friendly character, always eager to help and learn more about humans.


    Ned the Baboon of “Jungle Cubs”

    Ned the Baboon is a character from the animated film Jungle Cubs. He is a wise and elderly baboon who is the leader of the jungle animals. He is a father figure to the young animals and helps them to learn and grow. Ned is a kind and compassionate character who always looks out for the best interests of his animal friends.

    Ned the Baboon

    Nemo of “Finding Nemo”

    Nemo is the titular tritagonist of the 2003 Disney/Pixar animated film, Finding Nemo and a major character in its 2016 sequel.


    Nemo is a very energetic young clownfish. He is very eager to go to school at the beginning of the movie, but lazy at the end. He is also quite friendly towards anyone he meets. His father, Marlin’s, overprotectiveness leads to him being frustrated most of the time, which leads him into being captured by scuba divers. Adventuring and exploring are some of his likes.

    Neera of “Dinosaur”

    Neera is a kind and caring character from the animated film “Dinosaur”. She is always looking out for the well-being of others and is always willing to help in any way she can. Neera is also very brave and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, even if it means putting herself in danger.


    NegaDuck of “Darkwing Duck”

    NegaDuck is the main antagonist of the animated film Darkwing Duck. He is a powerful and evil duck who desires nothing more than to conquer the world. He is dark, brooding, and completely ruthless. He is also extremely intelligent and has a diabolical plan for world domination. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.


    Nessus of “Hercules”

    Nessus is a minor character in the 1997 Disney film Hercules. He is a satyr and friend of Hercules. He is voiced by Danny DeVito.

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    Nessus first appears when Hercules is feeling down about his place in the world. Nessus tries to cheer him up by telling him that he is special and that he should never give up on himself.


    Later, when Hercules is kidnapped by Hades, Nessus is one of the satyrs who helps rescue him. In the end, Nessus is seen celebrating Hercules’ victory over Hades with the rest of his friends.

    The Newsman of “Muppet Babies”

    The Newsman is a character from the animated film Muppet Babies. He is a news reporter who appears in several episodes of the show. He is voiced by Greg Berg.

    The Newsman

    Nibs of “Peter Pan”

    Nibs is one of the Lost Boys in the film Peter Pan. He is best friends with the other Lost Boys and is always up for an adventure. He is a bit of a troublemaker and is always getting into mischief. But he is also a loyal friend and always has each other’s back.


    Nicholas “Nick” P. Wilde of “Zootopia”

    Nick Wilde is a supporting character in the 2016 Disney animated film Zootopia. He is a con artist fox who works as a hustler and scam artist. He is also the love interest of Judy Hopps, the main character of the film.


    Nick Wilde is a fox who is Judy Hopps’ love interest and a supporting character in Disney’s 2016 animated film, Zootopia. He is a cunning and clever fox, who is also rather charming. He is also known for being a bit of a trickster.

    Nita of “Brother Bear 2”

    Nita is a Native American girl who befriends Kenai, the main character of Brother Bear 2. She helps Kenai on his journey to find his childhood friend, Koda. Nita is a kind and caring person, and she is always there for her friends when they need her.

    Nurse Mouse of “The Rescuers Down Under”

    Nurse Mouse is a supporting character in the animated film The Rescuers Down Under. She is a mouse who works at the Rescue Aid Society in New York City. She is kind and caring, and is always ready to help anyone in need.

    Nutsy the Vulture of “Robin Hood”

    Nutsy the Vulture is one of the main antagonists in Disney’s 1973 film Robin Hood. He is a member of Prince John’s army and is often seen alongside his fellow henchman, Trigger the Vulture.

    Nutsy is a large, intimidating bird with a gruff voice. He is not very bright, but he is fiercely loyal to Prince John. He is always ready to fight and will gladly follow orders, even if they are not well thought out.

    Nutsy the Vulture

    Nutsy is not a particularly successful villain, but he does manage to capture Robin Hood on one occasion. He is eventually defeated by Robin and his friends, and he is last seen being chased off by Little John.


    There are so many great Disney characters that start with the letter N! We hope you enjoyed learning about them all. We hope you have a great day!
    Disney Characters That Starts With N

    There are a lot of great Disney characters that start with the letter N. We hope you enjoyed learning about them all. We hope you have a great day!

    Disney Characters That Starts With:


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