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59 Disney Characters That Starts With P

    Disney Characters That Starts With P

    If you’re a fan of Disney, then you know there are a ton of great characters that start with the letter P. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Disney characters that start with this letter. From Mickey Mouse to Pocahontas, there are plenty of great characters to choose from. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we take a look at some of the best Disney characters that start with P. Disney Characters That Starts With P

    • Pocahontas is one of the most popular Disney princesses. She’s a brave and independent woman who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She’s also a great role model for young girls.
    • Percy is a small blue train who is part of the Thomas the Tank Engine series. Percy is a very loyal and hardworking engine. He’s also a bit of a mischief-maker, which often gets him into trouble.
    • Pluto is Mickey Mouse’s loyal pet dog. Pluto is a fun-loving and playful dog who loves to have adventures with his best friend, Mickey.
    • Piglet is a small, pink pig who is one of Winnie the Pooh’s best friends. Piglet is a shy and timid character, but he’s also very brave. He’s always there to help his friends, even if he’s scared.

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    Disney Characters Starting With P

    Perry the Platypus of “Phineas and Ferb”

    Perry the Platypus is the loyal pet and crime-fighting partner of Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher. A platypus from the O.W.C.A. (Organization Without a Cool Acronym), Perry’s mission is to stop Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz’s evil plans.

    Though Perry is a platypus, he is also a highly skilled secret agent. He is equipped with various gadgets and gizmos, which he uses to defeat Doofenshmirtz. Perry is also a master of disguise, and is often seen assuming different identities in order to complete his missions.

    Perry the Platypus

    Though he is a serious and dedicated agent, Perry also has a playful side. He enjoys playing with Phineas and Ferb, and often joins them in their various antics and escapades.

    Perry is a brave and courageous platypus, who is always ready to save the day. He is a loyal friend, and an invaluable member of the O.W.C.A.

    Pete of “Alice Solves the Puzzle”

    Pete is a large, burly anthropomorphic cat who first appears in the animated short “Alice Solves the Puzzle”. He is the owner of a puzzle store, and is voiced by Jim Cummings.


    Pete is very gruff and intimidating, but is actually a softie at heart. He is very patient with Alice as she tries to solve the puzzle in his store, and even gives her a hint when she gets stuck. In the end, he is very proud of her for solving it.

    Pete McGee of “The Ghost and Molly McGee”

    Pete McGee is the main character in the animated film “The Ghost and Molly McGee”. He is a ghost who is trying to find his way back to the human world. He meets Molly McGee, a human girl who can see ghosts, and together they try to find a way to send Pete back to the human world.

    Pete McGee

    Pete Junior of “Goof Troop”

    Pete Junior is the son of Pete, the main antagonist of the film. He is a troublemaker like his father and is always getting into mischief. He is also shown to be a bit of a bully, picking on Max, the protagonist’s son. However, he does have a soft spot for his father and is always quick to defend him.

    Pete Junior

    Peter Pan of “Peter Pan”

    Peter Pan is the main character of the 1953 animated film Peter Pan. He is a young boy who never grows up and lives in the world of Neverland. He can fly with the help of his magical friend Tinker Bell and he often goes on adventures with the Lost Boys. He is also the enemy of Captain Hook, who is always trying to capture him.

    Peter Pan

    Peter Pan of “Return to Never Land”

    One of the main characters in the film “Return to Never Land” is Disney’s character, Wendy. She is a young girl who is taken captive by the evil Captain Hook and his band of pirates. Wendy is eventually rescued by her brother, John, and the Lost Boys. Wendy then helps John and the Lost Boys defeat Captain Hook and his pirates.

    Peter Pan

    Peter Pig of “The Wise Little Hen”

    Peter Pig is a supporting character in Disney’s 1934 film The Wise Little Hen. He is a pig who is one of the hen’s lazy neighbors. When the hen asks him and his friend, Donald Duck, to help her plant and harvest corn, they both refuse and make up excuses. However, when the hen’s corn is ready to harvest, they both want a share. The hen then tricks them into doing all the work while she takes a nap. At the end, the two pigs are exhausted while the hen and her chicks enjoy the corn.

    Peter Pig

    The Phantom Blot of “DuckTales”

    The Phantom Blot is a duck-like Disney character who serves as the main antagonist in the animated film DuckTales. He is a master of disguise and is known for his shady and secretive behavior. He is always plotting something nefarious and is always one step ahead of his enemies. He is a powerful and dangerous foe, but ultimately, he is no match for the clever and resourceful ducks who always seem to foil his plans.

    The Phantom Blot

    Philoctetes of “Hercules”

    Philoctetes is a character from the 1997 Disney animated film Hercules. He is the satyr companion of Hercules and is voiced by Danny DeVito.

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    Philoctetes is first seen when Hercules is brought to Mount Olympus by Zeus. Philoctetes is assigned to be Hercules’ mentor and teach him about the gods. However, Hercules is more interested in learning about humans and often ignores Philoctetes’ lessons.

    One day, Philoctetes takes Hercules to the Temple of Zeus where they meet Zeus’ daughter, Athena. Athena is intrigued by Hercules and asks him to tell her about humans. Hercules eagerly agrees and tells her about his life on Earth.


    Athena is so impressed by Hercules’ stories that she decides to visit Earth herself. She disguised herself as a human and went to Hercules’ hometown of Thebes.

    There, she met Hercules’ friend, Icarus. The two of them became fast friends and Athena soon fell in love with Icarus. However, she had to return to Mount Olympus when Zeus called for her.

    Before she left, Athena gave Icarus a lock of her hair as a token of her love.

    Hercules is heartbroken when he learns that Athena is in love with Icarus. He becomes even more depressed when he learns that Icarus has been killed.

    In order to cheer Hercules up, Philoctetes takes him to the Underworld where they meet Hades. Hades is impressed with Hercules and offers him a deal: if Hercules can retrieve his helmet from the River Styx, Hades will give him anything he wants.

    Hercules agrees and is successful in retrieving the helmet. When he returns to the Underworld, he asks Hades to bring Icarus back to life.

    Hades agrees and Icarus is resurrected. Hercules is overjoyed to see his friend alive again and the two of them return to Thebes.

    Philip Wittebane of “The Owl House”

    Philip Wittebane is a young boy who lives in the Owl House, an old abandoned house that is home to a family of owls. He is a bit of a loner and prefers to spend his time reading books or exploring the house. He is also a bit of a scaredy-cat and is often scared by the owls that live in the house.

    Philip Wittebane

    Philippe the Horse of “Beauty and the Beast”

    Philippe is a horse who first appears in Disney’s 1991 animated film Beauty and the Beast. He is the horse of Maurice, Belle’s father.

    Philippe is a very loyal horse, and is always there to help Maurice and Belle when they need it. He is a brave horse, and is not afraid to stand up to the Beast when he needs to.

    Phillipe the Horse

    Philippe is a very kind horse, and is always ready to lend a helping hoof. He is a true friend, and is always there for Belle and Maurice when they need him.

    Phineas Flynn of “Phineas and Ferb”

    Phineas Flynn is the main character of the animated film “Phineas and Ferb”. He is a young boy who is always looking for new and exciting things to do. He is also very intelligent and resourceful, able to come up with creative solutions to problems.

    Phineas Flynn

    Pico of “Encanto”

    Pico is a young boy who lives in the magical world of Encanto. He is a caring and brave boy who is always looking out for others. He is also a bit of a mischievous prankster, but always means well. Pico is a great friend and always puts others first. He is always ready to help out anyone in need and always has a positive attitude.


    Piglet of “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day”

    Piglet is a small, timid creature who is always ready to help his friends, even though he sometimes gets scared. He is best friends with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, and he often looks to them for guidance and reassurance. Piglet is also very loyal and always wants to do what is best for his friends.


    Piniet of “The Owl House”

    Piniet is a small, blue-green owl-like creature who is one of the main characters in the animated film “The Owl House.” She is very shy and is often seen hiding behind her friend Luz’s leg. Piniet is also very curious and loves to explore new things.


    Pinocchio of “Pinocchio”

    Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy. He is created by the woodcarver Geppetto and brought to life by the Blue Fairy. Pinocchio’s nose grows long whenever he tells a lie. He gets into a lot of trouble, but in the end he learns the value of honesty and is transformed into a real boy.


    Pip of “Enchanted”

    Pip is a supporting character in the 2007 Disney animated film Enchanted. He is a young boy who befriends Giselle, who has been transported from her home in the animated world of Andalasia to live in the live-action world of New York City. Pip helps Giselle to adjust to life in the city and introduces her to his friends.


    Pistol Pete of “Goof Troop”

    Pistol Pete is the main antagonist of the 1992 Disney animated film Goof Troop. He is a criminal mastermind and the leader of a group of criminals known as the “Beagle Boys”. He is also the boss of Goofy’s son, Max.

    Pete is a tall, lanky, anthropomorphic dog with black fur, a long snout, and a thin, black mustache. He wears a black Hawaiian shirt, black pants, and a black fedora. He is always seen carrying a gun, hence his name.

    Pistol Pete

    Pete is a cunning and diabolical criminal mastermind. He is always coming up with new schemes to try and rob banks or jewelry stores. He is also very short tempered and easily frustrated, especially when things don’t go his way.

    Despite his criminal ways, Pete does have a soft spot for his son, Max. He is often seen scolding Max for his various misdeeds, but he does care for him and wants what’s best for him.

    Plio of “Dinosaur”

    Plio is a character from the Disney animated film Dinosaur. She is a member of the herbivore herd that is being hunted by the film’s main antagonist, the Carnotaurus. Plio is voiced by Alfre Woodard.


    Pluto of “The Chain Gang”

    Pluto is a loyal and obedient dog who loves his owner, Mickey Mouse. He is always by Mickey’s side, no matter what adventure they’re embarking on. Pluto is also always up for a game of fetch – he’s an enthusiastic player and loves to show off his skills.


    Pocahontas of “Pocahontas”

    Pocahontas is the main character of the 1995 Disney animated film of the same name. Pocahontas is the daughter of the chief of the Powhatan tribe. She is a beautiful and brave young woman who is willing to risk everything for her people and her true love, John Smith. Pocahontas is a powerful and inspiring figure, and she is one of the most popular Disney princesses.

    Poe De Spell of “DuckTales”

    Poe De Spell is a black cat who is the arch-enemy of Donald Duck. She is a sorcerer who uses her magic to try and take over the world. She is also the leader of a group of evil ducks called the Fearsome Four.

    Poe De Spell

    Polly Petunia Plantar of “Amphibia”

    Polly Petunia Plantar is a character in the animated film “Amphibia”. She is a frog who lives in a small pond with her family. Polly is a kind and caring frog, who is always willing to help others. She is a good friend to her amphibian friends, and is always ready to lend a helping hand.

    Polly Petunia Plantar

    Pom-Pom of “Cinderella II: Dreams Come True”

    Pom-Pom is a fluffy little dog who is one of Cinderella’s animal friends. He is very loyal to her and always wants to help her, even though he sometimes gets in the way. He is also very friendly and loves to play with the other animals.


    Pongo of “101 Dalmatians”

    Pongo is the lead male character in Disney’s “101 Dalmatians”. He is a loyal and protective father to his many offspring, and is always ready to defend them from danger. He is also a loving husband to his wife, Perdita. Pongo is a brave and courageous dog, who always stands up for what he believes in.


    Pony Head of “Star vs. the Forces of Evil”

    Pony Head is a student at the School for Gifted Youngsters and a member of the Friendship Club. She is voiced by Esmé Bianco.

    Pony Head

    Pony Head is a fashionable and popular student at the school. She is always seen with her best friend, Star Butterfly. Pony Head is always eager to help her friends and is always there for them when they need her.

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    Powerline of “A Goofy Movie”

    Powerline is the rockstar persona of Goofy in the 1995 animated film A Goofy Movie. After his son Max is embarrassed by him in front of his friends, Goofy sets out on a cross-country road trip to try to bond with Max. When they end up in Los Angeles, Goofy meets Powerline, who is performing at the Hollywood Bowl. Goofy is inspired by Powerline and decides to become a rockstar himself.


    Powerline is a fun-loving and positive character who loves to perform. He’s also a great role model for Goofy, showing him that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

    Practical Pig of “Three Little Pigs”

    Practical Pig is one of the three little pigs from the animated film “Three Little Pigs”. He is the most level-headed and practical of the three pigs, and often has to bail his brothers out of trouble. He is also the smartest of the three, and is always coming up with new inventions.

    Practical Pig

    Preston B. Whitmore of “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”

    Preston B. Whitmore is an eccentric billionaire and the financial backer of the expedition to find the lost city of Atlantis in the animated film “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”. He is an old friend of Milo Thatch, the expedition’s leader, and has known about the existence of Atlantis for many years. He is a very generous man, and is always willing to help Milo and the others in their quest to find Atlantis.

    Preston B. Whitmore

    Pretty Boy of “Teacher’s Pet”

    Pretty Boy is a character in the 2004 animated film Teacher’s Pet. He is a dog who is turned into a human boy by a scientist named Dr. Krank. Pretty Boy is voiced by Nathan Lane.

    Pretty Boy

    Prince of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

    Prince is the love interest of Snow White in the animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He is of royal blood and is very handsome. He and Snow White meet when she is lost in the forest and he helps her find her way home. They fall in love and eventually get married.


    Prince Charming of “Cinderella”

    Prince Charming is the handsome prince from the animated film Cinderella. He is kind, brave, and charming, hence his name. Prince Charming falls in love with Cinderella at first sight and is determined to find her again after she runs away from the ball. He eventually succeeds in finding her and they live happily ever after.

    Prince Charming

    Prince Edward of “Enchanted”

    Prince Edward is a kind and handsome prince from the animated film Enchanted. He is madly in love with Giselle, and does everything he can to win her heart. He is also a bit of a ditz, and often says things without thinking them through first. Despite his shortcomings, Edward is a good man who always tries to do the right thing.

    Prince Edward

    Prince Eric of “The Little Mermaid”

    Prince Eric is the prince of Atlantica who is rescued by Ariel, the little mermaid, after she saves him from drowning. He is a kind and handsome prince who falls in love with Ariel, despite the fact that she is not human. Eric is a brave prince who is not afraid to stand up to Ariel’s father, King Triton, when he is angry with Ariel. He is also a loyal friend, as he stands by Ariel even when she is turned into a human by Ursula, the sea witch. In the end, Eric and Ariel are able to overcome all the obstacles and they live happily ever after.

    Prince Eric

    Prince Hans of “Frozen”

    Hans is a prince from the southern isles and the youngest of twelve siblings. He is handsome, charming, and completely devoted to his family. However, when Hans is rejected by his true love, he sets out on a journey to find himself. Along the way, he meets a beautiful young woman named Anna, who he immediately falls in love with. Hans is willing to do whatever it takes to make Anna happy, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness. In the end, Hans is a selfless, heroic character who puts others before himself.

    Prince Hans

    Prince James of “Sofia the First”

    Prince James is Sofia’s older brother and Prince of Enchancia. He is voiced by Zach Callison. He is full of energy and loves to play practical jokes. He is also a bit of a klutz, but he means well. He is very protective of his sister and is always ready to defend her.

    Prince James

    Prince John of “Robin Hood”

    Prince John is the main antagonist of Disney’s 1973 animated film Robin Hood. He is the younger brother of King Richard the Lionheart and thus next in line for the throne. When Richard goes off to fight in the Crusades, John takes over as regent.

    John is a selfish, cowardly, and greedy ruler who taxes the people of Nottingham to the brink of starvation. He is also quite paranoid, seeing conspiracies and plots everywhere. His chief henchman is the Sheriff of Nottingham, who does his bidding without question.

    Prince John

    In the end, Prince John gets his comeuppance when Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men steal his treasure and humiliate him in front of the people of Nottingham. He is last seen being carted off to the Tower of London.

    Prince Naveen of “The Princess and the Frog”

    Prince Naveen is the charming and handsome prince from the Disney animated film, The Princess and the Frog. He is of Maldonian descent and is the youngest son of the king and queen. When we first meet Prince Naveen, he is living a life of luxury and has everything he could ever want. However, he is also quite lazy and doesn’t really do anything. This all changes when he is transformed into a frog by the evil voodoo doctor, Facilier.

    Prince Naveen

    Now, Prince Naveen must find a way to break the spell and become human again. Along the way, he meets the beautiful and strong-willed Princess Tiana. The two of them must learn to work together in order to break the spell and find their happily ever after.

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    Prince Phillip of “Sleeping Beauty”

    Prince Phillip is the prince of a kingdom who is betrothed to the beautiful Princess Aurora. When Aurora is cursed by the evil witch Maleficent, Phillip is the only one who can save her with true love’s kiss. He is a brave and determined prince who will stop at nothing to save the woman he loves.

    Prince Philip

    Princess of “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”

    Princess is a beautiful and regal Dalmatian who is the mother of Pongo and Perdita’s fifteen Dalmatian puppies. She is a loving and devoted mother, always putting her children’s needs before her own. Despite her royalty, she is down-to-earth and approachable, making her a favorite among her subjects. Princess is a loyal and true friend, always ready to lend a helping paw.

    Princess Amber of “Sofia the First”

    Princess Amber is the eldest child of King Roland II and Queen Miranda of Enchancia. She is a kind and caring sister to Princess Sofia. Princess Amber can be a bit bossy and spoiled at times, but she truly loves her family and would do anything for them.

    Princess Amber

    Princess Eilonwy of “The Black Cauldron”

    Eilonwy is a spunky, independent princess who doesn’t need a prince to save her. She’s loyal and protective of her friends, and has a sharp wit. She wields a magical bauble that can light up the darkness, and is unafraid to use it when necessary.

    Princess Eilonwy

    Princess Jasmine of “Aladdin”

    Princess Jasmine is the beautiful and feisty daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah. Jasmine is not content with the life of a typical princess and yearns for more. She meets Aladdin, a street urchin, who she initially disapproves of but later falls in love with. Jasmine is a strong and independent woman who stands up for what she believes in. She is a loyal friend and an excellent role model.

    Princess Kidagakash of “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”

    Princess Kidagakash was born into a royal family of the lost city of Atlantis. She was the daughter of King Kashek and Queen Antares. Kidagakash was a brave and strong young woman, who was not afraid to stand up for what she believed in. She was also a skilled fighter, and was able to hold her own against the film’s main antagonist, Rourke. In the end, Kidagakash helped her people to escape the city of Atlantis before it was destroyed.

    Principal Faust of “The Owl House”

    Faust is the principal of Hexside School of Magic and the boss of Lana, Hooty, and Gus. She is a tall, slender woman with orange skin, black hair, and green eyes. She wears a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie.

    Faust is a strict and no-nonsense person, but she is also fair and just. She has a strong belief in the school’s rules and expects her students to follow them. However, she is also open to new ideas and is willing to listen to her students’ suggestions.

    Principal Faust

    Faust is a powerful witch and is very skilled in magic. She is also a talented teacher and is able to help her students learn and grow.

     Faust is a kind and caring person, and she is always looking out for her students. She wants them to succeed in their studies and in their lives.

    Principal Hal of “The Owl House”

    Principal Hal is the principal of the Boiling Isles’ School for Witches. He is a human who is unaware of the existence of magic and witches. He is a kind, caring, and strict individual who wants what is best for his students. He can be strict at times, but he always has the best intentions.

    Principal Mazur of “A Goofy Movie”

    Principal Mazur is the principal of Max’s school in the film “A Goofy Movie”. He is a bit of a goofball himself, and is always getting into trouble. However, he is a good principal and cares about his students. He is also a big fan of Goofy, and is always trying to get him to come to the school for events.

    Principal Mazur

    Principal Skeeves of “Star vs. the Forces of Evil”

    Skeeves is the principal of Echo Creek Academy and the tertiary antagonist of the Disney XD animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

    He is a short, stocky man with a bald head, a mustache, and a monocle. He is often seen wearing a suit and tie. He is very strict and has a no-nonsense attitude, but he is also shown to be incompetent and inept.

    Principal Skeeves

    Skeeves is shown to be very corrupt, as he is often taking bribes from students and staff members. He is also shown to be very lazy, as he is often seen taking naps in his office.

    Despite his corruption and laziness, Skeeves is shown to care about the students and staff of Echo Creek Academy. He has even been shown to go above and beyond to help them, such as when he helped Star Butterfly defeat Ludo and his army of monsters.

    Priscilla the Chicken of “Muppet Babies”

    Priscilla the Chicken is one of the main characters in the animated film Muppet Babies. She is a chicken who loves to dance and is always full of energy. She is also very friendly and always up for a game or a race.

    Priscilla the Chicken

    Prissy the Elephant of “Dumbo”

    Prissy the Elephant is a character from the 1941 animated film Dumbo. She is one of the three female elephants in the circus and is Dumbo’s best friend. Prissy is often seen as the voice of reason and is always there for Dumbo when he needs her.

    Prissy the Elephant

    Professor Abominable of “The Owl House”

    Professor Abominable is a character in the animated film The Owl House. He is a teacher at the magical school that the film’s protagonist, Luz Noceda, attends. Abominable is a bit of an eccentric, and is known for his love of owls. He is also a bit of a recluse, and is often seen reading in his office.

    Professor Abominable

    Professor Norton Nimnul of “Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers”

    Professor Norton Nimnul is a brilliant but eccentric scientist who is always coming up with new gadgets and inventions, much to the dismay of his long-suffering assistant, Monty. While his inventions may not always work as intended, Nimnul is always able to find a way to use them to his advantage, usually to the detriment of others. He is the antagonist of the Disney animated TV series Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers.

    Professor Norton Nimnul

    Professor Ratigan of “The Great Mouse Detective”

    Ratigan is the main antagonist of Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective. He is a gigantic, intelligent, and charismatic mouse, who is also the leader of a group of rodents. He is also a master of disguise and uses his charm and wit to get what he wants. Ratigan is voiced by Vincent Price in the film.

    Professor Ratigan

    Pronk Oryx-Antlerson of “Zootopia”

    Pronk Oryx-Antlerson is a character in the animated film Zootopia. He is an oryx who is the assistant to Mayor Lionheart. He is loyal to the mayor and is always eager to help out, even if it means getting his hooves dirty. He is a bit of a klutz, but his good nature and helpful attitude make him a valuable member of the mayor’s team.

    Pronk Oryx-Antlerson

    Prudence of “Cinderella II: Dreams Come True”

    Prudence is one of Cinderella’s stepsisters, who appears in the Disney animated film Cinderella II: Dreams Come True. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

    Prudence is not as prominently featured as her sister Drizella, but she is shown to be just as cruel and vain. She is also shown to be rather unintelligent, as she is often outwitted by Cinderella.


    Despite her negative qualities, Prudence does have a few moments where she shows she is not all bad. For example, she is the one who suggests that Cinderella should be allowed to go to the ball, even though she herself will not be attending.

    In the end, Prudence is forgiven by Cinderella and she even attends the royal wedding.

    Pua of “Moana”

    Pua is a little pig who is Maui’s best friend and sidekick. He is always there to support Maui and helps him on his many adventures. Pua is a lovable character who is always enthusiastic and excited about everything. He is a loyal friend who always has Maui’s back, no matter what.

    Pumbaa of “The Lion King”

    Pumbaa is an animated character from the film The Lion King. He is a warthog who is best friends with Timon, a meerkat. Pumbaa is known for his flatulence and his love of food. He is also a brave and loyal friend.


    Pyro of “Ralph Breaks the Internet”

    Pyro is a small, blue, flame-like creature who is one of the main characters in the animated film Ralph Breaks the Internet. He is a member of the Netizens, who are the characters that live in the internet, and he is one of Ralph’s friends. He is voiced by Bruce Campbell.



    Pocahontas, Prince Phillip, and Pinocchio are just a few of the great Disney characters that start with the letter “P”. Each of these characters has their own unique story and personality that has helped to make them some of the most beloved characters in all of Disney history. No matter what your favorite “P” Disney character is, there’s no doubt that they have left a lasting impression on you.

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