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18 Disney Characters That Starts With Q

    Disney Characters That Starts With Q

    In the world of Disney, there are so many beloved characters. From Quackerjack to Queen of “Tangled Ever After,” there are characters that everyone knows and loves. But what about the characters that start with Q?

    In this article, we will take a look at some of the Disney characters that start with Q. From the cute and cuddly to the brave and bold, these characters are sure to bring a smile to your face.

    So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the Disney characters that start with Q.

    Disney Characters Starting With Q

    Quackerjack of “Darkwing Duck”

    Quackerjack is a toon character created by Disney for the animated television series Darkwing Duck. He is an anthropomorphic duck who is a master of technology and toys, and uses them to commit crimes. He is also a former member of the Fearsome Five.

    Quackerjack is one of the most popular villains in the Darkwing Duck series, and is known for his catchphrase, “And now, for my next trick!”, which he often says before unveiling his latest invention or scheme. He is also known for his high-pitched, maniacal laughter.

    While Quackerjack is not the most intelligent of villains, he more than makes up for it with his creativity and resourcefulness. He is always coming up with new gadgets and gizmos to use in his crimes, and is never afraid to experiment with them. This often gets him into trouble, as his inventions often backfire on him.


    Despite his criminal tendencies, Quackerjack is actually a quite friendly and outgoing individual. He is always eager to make new friends, and is often seen chatting and joking with Darkwing Duck and his sidekick Launchpad McQuack. He also has a soft spot for children, and is often seen playing with them or giving them presents.

    Overall, Quackerjack is a fun-loving, if somewhat misguided, individual who is always up for a good time, even if it means breaking the law.

    Quasimodo of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

    Quasimodo is the hunchbacked bell ringer of Notre Dame Cathedral in Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He is voiced by Tom Hulce.

    Born with a deformed spine, Quasimodo was abandoned by his mother as an infant and sold to Claude Frollo, the Archdeacon of Notre Dame. Frollo took pity on the child and raised him as his own, despite the disapproval of the other Parisians, who considered Quasimodo to be a monster.

    As he grew older, Quasimodo developed a strong bond with the gargoyles of the cathedral, particularly Victor, Hugo, and Laverne. He also befriended a gypsy girl named Esmeralda, which Frollo disapproved of.


    Frollo eventually began to see Quasimodo as more of a monster than a son, and when he learned that Esmeralda was in love with Captain Phoebus, he had Quasimodo kidnap her. However, Quasimodo had a change of heart and saved Esmeralda from being burned at the stake.

    In the end, Quasimodo was accepted by the people of Paris and found happiness with his friends.

    Queen of “Tangled Ever After”

    The Queen is a minor character in the 2012 Disney animated film Tangled Ever After. She is the mother of Rapunzel and the wife of the King.

    The Queen is a kind and loving mother, but she is also shown to be a bit over-protective of her daughter. After Rapunzel is kidnapped as a baby, the Queen becomes paranoid and never lets her daughter out of her sight. This changes when Rapunzel is sixteen and she is finally allowed to leave the castle to explore the kingdom.


    The Queen is a wise and fair ruler, but she can also be a bit stubborn. She is not afraid to stand up to her husband when she disagrees with him.

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    The Queen is a strong and independent woman, but she also has a soft side. She loves her family very much and wants nothing more than for them to be happy.

    Queen Clarion of “Disney Fairies”

    Queen Clarion is the ruler of Pixie Hollow and the leader of the Never Fairies. She is a beautiful fairy with golden hair and blue eyes. She is kind and wise, and always looks out for the best interests of her subjects. Queen Clarion is a powerful fairy, and her magic is very strong. She is also a skilled fighter, and is always ready to defend Pixie Hollow from any danger.

    Queen Grimhilde of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

    Queen Grimhilde was the main antagonist in Disney’s first ever animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She was the vain and wicked stepmother of Snow White who became consumed with jealousy when her Magic Mirror informed her that Snow White was now “the fairest one of all”. Queen Grimhilde made several attempts to kill Snow White, but she was ultimately foiled by the Seven Dwarfs and she ended up being crushed to death by a boulder.

    Queen Grimhilde

    Queen Leah of “Sleeping Beauty”

    Queen Leah is the queen of the Moors and the mother of Princess Aurora. She is a kind and loving mother who only wants what is best for her daughter. Queen Leah is also a powerful sorceress and is able to help Aurora when she is in need.

    Queen Leah

    Queen Miranda of “Sofia the First”

    Queen Miranda is the loving and supportive mother of Sofia in the Disney Junior animated series, “Sofia the First.” She is a wise and kind ruler of Enchancia, who is always looking out for her daughter and her kingdom. Queen Miranda is a loving wife to King Roland, and a devoted mother to Sofia and her step-brothers, James and Amber. She is a fair and just ruler, who always puts her people first. Queen Miranda is a strong and powerful woman, who is always ready to fight for what is right.

    Queen Miranda

    Queen Mousetoria of “The Great Mouse Detective”

    Queen Mousetoria is the queen of the mice and the wife of King Ratigan in the animated film The Great Mouse Detective. She was voiced by actress Barbara Mitchell. Queen Mousetoria is a kind and caring queen who loves her husband and her subjects. She is also a brave queen who is not afraid to stand up to Ratigan when he is being evil. Queen Mousetoria is a great role model for all mice and she is loved by all who know her.

    Queen Mousetoria

    Queen Narissa of “Enchanted”

    Queen Narissa is the evil queen from the Disney film Enchanted. She is a beautiful and powerful woman who is determined to keep her throne and will do whatever it takes to stay in power. She is vain, cruel, and selfish, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She is also a skilled sorceress, and is able to transform herself into a dragon. Queen Narissa is a powerful and dangerous opponent, and is not to be underestimated.

    Queen Narissa

    The Queen of Hearts of “Alice in Wonderland”

    The Queen of Hearts is the tyrannical ruler of the Wonderland and is obsessed with executing anyone she deems as guilty. She is often portrayed as a short tempered and irrational woman, who is quick to sentence people to death. However, she also has a softer side, which is sometimes shown when she takes care of her subjects and shows concern for their well-being.

    The Queen of Hearts

    Q.T. of “Dumbo’s Circus”

    Q.T. is one of the main characters in Disney’s 1985-1987 television series Dumbo’s Circus. He was voiced by Ron Gans. Q.T. is a slow-witted, but good-natured orangutan who is the resident strongman and calliope player (in earlier episodes, he was accompanied by a small pink creature while playing the calliope). He makes friends easily and has other talents, like kite making. He sometimes doesn’t know his own strength, which sometimes results in some misfortunes.

    Q.T. joined the circus following Lilli. Q.T. is one of the few characters who actually consider Sebastian a friend, the other being Fair Dinkum’s little sister Matilda.


    Q.T. is a lovable character who is always quick to make friends. His gentle nature and good sense of humor make him a hit with everyone he meets. Despite being the strongman of the circus, Q.T. is often clumsy and his good intentions often result in mishaps. However, his friends and circus family always forgive him and are quick to help him out.

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    Q.T.’s easygoing personality is a refreshing change from the other characters in the circus. Sebastian is often grumpy and doesn’t socialize much, while Fair Dinkum is always busy trying to outdo everyone else. Q.T. provides a much-needed sense of fun and friendship to the group.

    If you’re looking for a lovable, friendly character to add to your child’s favorite TV show, look no further than Q.T. from Dumbo’s Circus. With his good nature and fun-loving personality, Q.T. is sure to become a fast favorite.

    Quincy of “Little Einsteins”

    Quincy is a kind, sweet, fun, loyal, and trustworthy little boy. He is also very talented in playing all types of musical instruments. He is around five years of age.

    His friends are Leo, June, Annie, and Rocket. He also has other friends, but they are not human, like a car named Carmine and an ivory-billed woodpecker named Tapper.


    Quincy is a very talented musician and is always able to help his friends when they need it. He is a great friend to have and always puts others before himself.

    If you are looking for a fun and friendly little boy to be your friend, Quincy is the perfect choice!

    Quint of “Timon & Pumbaa”

    Quint is a devious man with a knack for getting under Timon and Pumbaa’s skin. No matter what job he holds, Quint always seems to find a way to bother the duo. He is often vain and arrogant, but can also be polite and helpful. In the episode “Klondike Con”, Quint starts out as a courteous man who helps Timon and Pumbaa with their gold-mining efforts.


    However, when Timon and Pumbaa are falling off a cliff with a sack of gold, Quint betrays them and steals the gold. Quint is a man who cannot be trusted, and Timon and Pumbaa would do well to stay away from him.
    Quint is a man who cannot be trusted, and Timon and Pumbaa would do well to stay away from him.

    Quique of “Elena of Avalor”

    Quique is a student in the Disney Channel animated series, Elena of Avalor. He first appears in “Crystal in the Rough” when Señorita Marisol introduces Princess Isabel to the class. Señorita Marisol has Isabel sit next to him and Amara before telling the class about the field trip to the Crystal Caverns. Quique is rude to Isabel her entire first day for her smarts and mocks her dream to enter the Science Academy causing her to go home brokenhearted.

    The next day, Quique is confused yet amused when Isabel acts very similar to him. When Princess Elena arrives, Quique is delighted when she announces that she going on the field trip too. At the Crystal Caverns, Quique mocks the Caverns as a giant hole but is quickly put in his place by Elena who tells him to listen to Señorita Marisol. When Isabel mocks Elena, he is horrified yet amused. Inside the Caverns, Quique spots an unexplored area and takes Isabel and Amara with him into it. The trio have fun playing in it until an unstable crystal collapses under them and they get stuck on a lily pad.


    When Elena arrives to rescue them, Isabel and Amara jump to her but Quique is too scared. Elena jumps to him but the stem holding the lily pad in place snaps and they float away. Isabel and Amara save them and Isabel gets them out by making Avaloran Rubber which they put on their shoes to bounce to safety. Upon rejoining the rest of the class, Señorita Marisol punishes the trio by sending them back to school to clean the schoolyard. Quique is unhappy about this until Isabel and Elena make it fun.

    Quita Moz of “Elena of Avalor”

    In “Realm of the Jaquins”, Quita Moz makes his debut and warns Elena of the dangers Marimonda poses. He also forewarns her of an impending test that will decide whether or not she can become Queen of Avalor. In “Rise of the Sorceress”, Elena discovers that the test is to defeat Shuriki for good. Quita Moz returns in “The Race for the Realm”. He offers to take Elena with him to help her learn everything she needs to know about the Scepter of Light to prepare for the inevitable confrontation with Shuriki and her crew. Elena accepts his offer and flies off with him to begin her training.

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    As the oracle of Vallestrella, Quita Moz is a powerful Sun Bird who knows much about the magical realm of Avalor. He has helped Elena in her quest to become Queen and defeat the evil sorceress Shuriki. In “The Race for the Realm”, Quita Moz offers to take Elena with him to help her learn everything she needs to know about the Scepter of Light. Elena accepts his offer and flies off with him to begin her training. Thanks to Quita Moz’s wisdom, Elena is able to become the Queen of Avalor and defeat Shuriki once and for all.

    Quita Moz

    Quita Moz is a powerful and wise Sun Bird who has helped Elena in her journey to become Queen of Avalor. He is an oracle who knows much about the magical realm of Avalor and the dangers that lurk within it. Thanks to Quita Moz’s wisdom, Elena is able to become the Queen of Avalor and defeat Shuriki once and for all. In “The Race for the Realm”, Quita Moz offers to take Elena with him to help her learn everything she needs to know about the Scepter of Light. Elena accepts his offer and flies off with him to begin her training. Thanks to Quita Moz’s wisdom, Elena is able to become the Queen of Avalor and defeat Shuriki once and for all.

    Quoodles of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”

    Quoodles is a new friend of Toodles who he met in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode “Space Adventure”. She is Space Pirate Pete’s helper who seems quite friendly to him and likes to help him as well. She has also assisted in helping Minnie on some occasions when Minnie goes on an adventure. Quoodles has a pink face and a red bow on her head.

    Quoodles’ disk and ear-shaped appearances are similar to Toodles’ but her colors are light purple and dark purple instead. She has a red bow on top, peachy face with dark peach spots and cheeks, light blue eyes with eyelashes and red lips.


    Quoodles is a helpful and friendly character who is always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it is to her friend Toodles or to Minnie Mouse. She is a loyal friend and an excellent helper, making her a valuable member of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse team.
    Quoodles is a great addition to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is sure to be a hit with viewers of all ages. Quoodles is a lovable character who will no doubt become a firm favorite in the coming months.

    Quorra of “Tron: Uprising”

    Quorra is the deuteragonist of the Disney’s 2010 live-action film, Tron: Legacy. Quorra is the last known ISO alive. She is a skilled warrior and confidant to Kevin Flynn.

    Quorra can be quite innocent and, at times, naïve. Her innocence in a social setting gives way to a form of determined passion when she is confronted by dangers. Under such circumstances, she can become very protective of the people she loves. Her bravery is such that she is willing to be self-sacrificing, “removing herself from the equation”, to protect those who are important to her.

    Quorra likes reading books from the real world, taking a particular interest in books by Jules Verne. She even asks Sam if he knows Verne personally. Quorra bonds with Sam throughout the course of Tron: Legacy, and shares a master-student relationship with Kevin Flynn. She becomes good friends with Anon in Tron: Evolution, and is deeply affected by his loss.

    Quosmir of “Dave the Barbarian”

    The ancient god Quosmir was the god of freshly laundered trousers, overused punctuation, and possibly other random and ridiculous things. He appeared in the cartoon show Dave the Barbarian.

    Quosmir had “mommy issues” and carried a security blanket known as his “ni-ni lankie”. He often experienced short-term memory loss and attention deficit disorder. He was trapped in a coffin for thousands of years. In the present, Dave played on the bagpipe-like instrument ‘The Garglepipes’, unknowingly causing the coffin to break and freeing Quosmir from his prison.


    Quosmir was a silly god, but he was still worshipped by some people. If you were a fan of Dave the Barbarian, then you might want to consider worshipping Quosmir too! Who knows, maybe he could bring you some good luck, or at least make you laugh.


    There are so many great Disney characters that start with the letter Q! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites for you to check out. From the lovable and huggable Winnie the Pooh to the courageous and daring Pocahontas, there’s a Disney character for everyone starting with Q. Be sure to check out our list and see which ones are your favorites!

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