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EACH in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Each

    sentence with Each

    Do you ever find yourself unsure about when to use “each” in a sentence? “Each” is a determiner that refers to every individual item in a group or a specific number of items considered separately.

    When incorporating “each” into a sentence, it is essential to pay attention to the context and the subject of the sentence to ensure clarity and accuracy. This versatile word can be a useful tool in emphasizing equality or distinctiveness among multiple items or individuals.

    7 Examples Of Each Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Each child has their own favorite color.
    • We will plant each seed in the ground.
    • Let’s count how many cookies each friend gets.
    • Each student will have a turn to share a story.
    • Each pair of shoes should be placed neatly in the rack.
    • The teacher will give each of you a sticker for doing well in class.
    • Remember to wash each fruit before eating it.
    Examples Of Each Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Each Examples

    • Students must submit each assignment on time to avoid late penalties.
    • Make sure to bring each required textbook to class for reference.
    • Each student should participate in the group project to contribute ideas.
    • Remember to save each article you use for your research paper.
    • It is important to attend each lecture to stay updated with course material.
    • Allocate each task in your study schedule to ensure balanced preparation.
    • Utilize each resource available in the library for better understanding.
    • Participate in each extracurricular activity to broaden your skill set.
    • Proofread each draft of your assignment before submitting it.
    • Set aside time for each subject to maintain a good academic record.
    • Give your best effort in each exam to achieve your desired grades.
    • Complete each internship assignment with dedication and professionalism.
    • Stay connected with each classmate to build a strong support network.
    • Evaluate each internship opportunity carefully before making a decision.
    Sentences with Each Examples

    How To Use Each in Sentences?

    Each is used to refer to every individual item in a group of two or more items. In a sentence, each should be followed by a singular noun and a singular verb. For example, “Each student was given a textbook.”

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    To use each in a sentence, start by identifying the group of items you are referring to. Then, mention the action or description that applies to every individual item in that group. Remember to ensure that the noun following each is singular.

    Here are some examples of sentences using each:

    • Each flower was carefully picked from the garden.
    • Each member brings their own unique perspective to the team.
    • Each cookie was delicious and freshly baked.
    • The teacher handed out a book to each student in the class.
    How To Use Each in Sentences

    It’s important to note that each emphasizes the individuality of the items within a group. This word is commonly used in situations where you want to highlight that every single item is included.

    By following these guidelines and examples, you can confidently use each in your sentences. Remember to pay attention to subject-verb agreement and maintain a singular form when using each to refer to multiple items in a group.


    In conclusion, incorporating sentences with “each” can help to emphasize individuality or quantify items separately within a group. By using structures that highlight distinctions or distribution, such as “each student received a prize” or “he handed out five candies to each child,” clarity and precision are added to communication. These sentences allow for clear and specific expressions, ensuring that each element is precisely accounted for or treated separately.

    Through the use of sentences featuring “each,” a sense of granularity and attention to detail is achieved, making it easier for readers or listeners to follow the intended message. Whether denoting equality or specifying individual components, incorporating sentences with “each” enhances the overall coherence and precision of the language while providing a structured means of conveying information effectively.

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