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FRIGHTENED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Frightened

    sentence with Frightened

    Have you ever experienced a moment where fear completely took over, leaving you feeling scared and anxious? When someone is frightened, they are experiencing intense fear or apprehension. This feeling can be triggered by various situations or stimuli, leading to a sense of unease or distress.

    Being frightened can cause physical reactions such as increased heart rate, sweating, or trembling. It can also impact one’s thoughts and behaviors, influencing decision-making and the ability to cope with the source of fear. Understanding how to manage and address feelings of being frightened is essential for maintaining emotional well-being and resilience.

    7 Examples Of Frightened Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The little girl was frightened of the loud thunder.
    2. The puppy looked frightened when he saw the big dog.
    3. The boy felt frightened of the dark and asked for a night light.
    4. The loud firecrackers made the children feel frightened.
    5. The spooky ghost costume made the kids frightened during Halloween.
    6. The loud noise from the fireworks made the baby feel frightened.
    7. The sudden loud bark of the dog made the cat feel frightened.
    Examples Of Frightened Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Frightened Examples

    1. Frightened by the heavy workload, the college students sought help from their seniors.
    2. The loud thunderstorm outside made the students feel frightened as they sat in the classroom.
    3. Frightened by the thought of failing their exams, the students spent long hours studying in the library.
    4. The sudden power outage in the middle of the night left the students feeling frightened in their dark dorm rooms.
    5. Frightened by the aggressive behavior of a classmate, the students reported it to the authorities.
    6. Walking alone on the dark campus at night, the students couldn’t help but feel frightened.
    7. The news of a robbery near the college campus left the students feeling frightened for their safety.
    8. The professor’s strict demeanor often left the students frightened to ask questions in class.
    9. Frightened by the prospect of public speaking, the students practiced their presentations repeatedly.
    10. The increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the city had the students feeling frightened about attending in-person classes.
    11. Frightened by their uncertain future post-graduation, the students sought guidance from career counselors.
    12. A fire drill in the middle of the night left the students feeling frightened as they evacuated the dormitories.
    13. The sight of a stray dog on campus left some students feeling frightened while walking back to their hostel.
    14. The sudden announcement of surprise quizzes by the professor always left the students feeling frightened about their preparation.
    Sentences with Frightened Examples

    How To Use Frightened in Sentences?

    To use the word Frightened in a sentence, keep in mind that it is an adjective used to describe when someone is scared, afraid, or feeling fear. Here is a helpful guide for beginners on how to incorporate this word into a sentence:

    1. Subject-Verb-Object structure: Begin your sentence with the subject followed by a verb, and then use Frightened to describe the subject. For example, “She was frightened by the loud noise.”
    2. Use in a question: You can also pose a question using Frightened to inquire about someone’s fear or concern. For instance, “Why are you so frightened of the dark?”
    3. In a description: Use Frightened to convey someone’s emotional state in a descriptive manner. For example, “The little girl looked frightened as she saw the thunderstorm approaching.”
    4. Expressing empathy: Show understanding or empathy by incorporating Frightened in a sentence. For instance, “I can see you are frightened, but I am here to help you.”
    5. In storytelling: Create vivid imagery by using Frightened in a narrative. For example, “The character felt frightened as shadows danced in the dimly lit room.”
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    By following these simple guidelines, you can easily incorporate Frightened into your sentences to express fear or anxiety effectively.

    How To Use Frightened in Sentences


    In summary, sentences with frightened convey a sense of fear, anxiety, or alarm experienced by individuals in various situations. Whether it’s a character in a book or a real-life event, using the word “frightened” enhances the emotional impact of the narrative by evoking a strong sense of unease. These sentences often depict characters feeling alarmed, scared, or apprehensive, contributing to a compelling and dynamic story.

    By incorporating sentences with frightened, writers can effectively capture the intensity of emotions experienced by characters, drawing readers into the narrative and creating a gripping atmosphere. This word choice adds depth and tension to the writing, making it easier for readers to connect with the characters’ inner turmoil and heightened states of fear.