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HOLLOW in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Hollow

    sentence with Hollow

    Do you ever find yourself grasping for the right words to explain something intangible, like a feeling or notion? Describing abstract concepts can be challenging, but fret not – through the power of language, we can paint vivid pictures and convey complex ideas. One useful tool in our linguistic arsenal is the usage of “hollow” in our sentences.

    When we describe something as “hollow,” we evoke a sense of emptiness, vacancy, or shallowness. This term can be applied to physical objects, sounding characteristics, emotions, or even promises. The versatility of “hollow” offers a rich tapestry of descriptive possibilities in our communication. Whether we aim to illustrate a haunting emptiness, a resonant echo, or a lack of substance, integrating “hollow” into our sentences can add depth and clarity to our expressions.

    7 Examples Of Hollow Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The hollow tree made a funny sound in the wind.
    2. We found a hollow log in the forest during our nature walk.
    3. The hollow drum made a loud noise when we played it.
    4. The spooky noise seemed to be coming from the hollow cave.
    5. The hollow pumpkin was perfect for carving a jack-o’-lantern.
    6. The old pot was hollow inside and had echoey sounds.
    7. The hollow straw made it easy to blow bubbles in the milk.
    Examples Of Hollow Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Hollow Examples

    1. The sound of footsteps echoed through the hollow hallway late at night.
    2. The hollow feeling in her chest lingered long after receiving disappointing exam results.
    3. The professor’s hollow promises of a curve in the grading system fell flat with the students.
    4. The hollow stares of exhaustion on the faces of students during exam week were all too familiar.
    5. The hollow laughter of friends studying together in the library brightened the monotony of finals week.
    6. The hollow victory of getting an A in a subject you have no interest in studying left a bitter taste.
    7. The hollow interior of the abandoned building made it the perfect spot for a secret study session.
    8. The hollow sound of the wind blowing through the campus trees soothed stressed-out students.
    9. The hollow emptiness of the cafeteria during holidays made homesickness more pronounced.
    10. The hollow feeling of regret for not joining a club at college stayed with her long after graduation.
    11. The hollow echo of slamming lockers in the sports complex signaled the end of another practice session.
    12. The hollow thud of textbooks hitting the desk after a long day of classes was oddly satisfying.
    13. The hollow promises of time management apps fell short when assignments piled up.
    14. The hollow excuses made by group project members for not contributing were met with frustration and disappointment.
    Sentences with Hollow Examples

    How To Use Hollow in Sentences?

    To use the word Hollow in a sentence, first identify an object, place, or feeling that lacks substance or depth. For example, when describing a tree trunk that is empty inside, you can say, “The hollow tree trunk provided shelter for small forest animals.”

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    Another way to use Hollow is to express a feeling of emptiness or hollowness. For instance, you can write, “After the breakup, Jane felt a hollow ache in her chest.” This conveys a sense of emotional emptiness or sadness.

    How To Use Hollow in Sentences

    Furthermore, Hollow can be utilized to describe a physical space that is empty or unfilled, as in the sentence: “The basement of the abandoned house was dark and hollow, echoing every sound.”

    Additionally, you can use Hollow in a metaphorical sense to imply a lack of meaning or significance. For example, “His hollow promises left her feeling betrayed and disappointed.”

    Remember that Hollow can be used as an adjective to describe nouns, such as objects, places, or emotions, that lack fullness or substance. By incorporating this word into your vocabulary, you can effectively convey various meanings related to emptiness, sadness, or lack of depth in a sentence.


    In conclusion, sentences with the keyword “hollow” often describe something empty, devoid of substance, or lacking depth. These sentences paint a vivid picture of emptiness or shallowness, evoking feelings of hollowness or a sense of lacking true meaning or significance. Whether referring to emotions, sounds, or objects, the use of “hollow” in sentences effectively conveys a sense of vacancy or insubstantiality.

    Through the use of “hollow” in sentences, writers can easily convey a range of emotions and imagery, capturing the essence of emptiness or hollowness in a clear and evocative manner. Such sentences can provoke introspection, creating a somber tone or emphasizing the shallowness of an experience, object, or feeling, making “hollow” a powerful keyword that adds depth and complexity to written expressions.

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