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LARGE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Large

    sentence with Large

    Ever struggled with constructing a sentence that perfectly exemplifies the meaning of “large”? In writing, “large” serves as an adjective to describe something of great size, extent, or capacity.

    When crafting an example sentence with “large,” it’s essential to consider the context and purpose of your writing. Whether you’re emphasizing the vastness of an object, space, or quantity, choosing the right words to accompany “large” can significantly enhance the impact of your sentence.

    7 Examples Of Large Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I saw a large elephant at the zoo.
    • The sun is a large yellow ball in the sky.
    • My grandfather has a large garden with many flowers.
    • I have a large red ball for playing outside.
    • The dinosaur was large and scary in the movie.
    • I made a large tower with my building blocks.
    • We saw a large ship in the ocean.
    Examples Of Large Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Large Examples

    1. Large amounts of notes make studying easier for college exams.
    2. It’s important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated during large lectures.
    3. The campus library has a large collection of academic journals and books available for students.
    4. The university cafeteria serves large portions of delicious and affordable meals.
    5. Joining a study group can help break down large amounts of information into manageable chunks.
    6. The college auditorium can accommodate a large number of students for events and seminars.
    7. Taking breaks during large study sessions can improve concentration and focus.
    8. College festivals often feature large crowds and exciting performances by students.
    9. Online resources offer a large variety of study materials and practice exams for students.
    10. Utilizing the sports facilities on campus can help students stay active and maintain a large group of friends.
    11. Participating in group projects can enhance teamwork skills and tackle large assignments effectively.
    12. Understanding complex theories requires breaking them down into smaller, more large manageable concepts.
    13. College dorm rooms often have large closets and storage space for students to keep their belongings organized.
    14. The campus bookstore offers a large selection of textbooks, stationery, and college merchandise for students to purchase.
    Sentences with Large Examples

    How To Use Large in Sentences?

    Large is used to describe something that is big in size, amount, or extent. When using large in a sentence, it is important to remember its meaning to ensure it is used correctly.

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    Here are a few examples:

    1. Large elephants can weigh up to 12,000 pounds.
    2. She bought a large pizza for the party.
    3. The company has a large office building in the city.
    4. The team won by a large margin of victory.
    5. I need a large suitcase for all my clothes.
    How To Use Large in Sentences

    To use large effectively in a sentence, consider the context and whether you are referring to size, quantity, or scale. Remember that large is used to emphasize that something is significant in size or amount.

    Additionally, it is important to avoid redundancy when using large. For example, instead of saying “very large,” it is more concise to simply use large on its own to convey the same meaning.

    By paying attention to these tips and examples, beginners can feel more confident in using large accurately and effectively in sentences.


    In conclusion, sentences with large amounts of information can overwhelm readers and hinder understanding. It is crucial to break down complex thoughts into smaller, digestible segments to convey ideas effectively. When crafting sentences with large amounts of content, clarity, coherence, and organization are key to ensuring readers stay engaged and comprehend the message. By structuring information logically and concisely, writers can enhance the readability and impact of their sentences, ultimately improving communication and conveying ideas more effectively.