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MOLL in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Moll

    Sentence with Moll

    Have you ever wondered what the word “moll” means in English? In the realm of criminal slang, a “moll” refers to a woman who assists or is associated with a gangster or criminal organization. Typically, a moll provides support and companionship to members of the criminal underworld.

    This term gained popularity in the 1920s and 1930s during the Prohibition era in the United States, immortalized in films and novels depicting the glamorous yet dangerous lifestyles of mobsters and their molls. The character of a moll is often portrayed as seductive, street-smart, and fiercely loyal to her criminal partner.

    7 Examples Of Moll Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Moll is a small, furry animal.
    • I saw a cute moll in the garden.
    • The moll has big, shiny eyes.
    • The moll likes to eat nuts and berries.
    • I want to pet the fluffy moll.
    • The moll likes to play in the grass.
    • Can you hear the moll squeaking?

    14 Sentences with Moll Examples

    1. Moll is a unit used to represent the amount of substance in chemistry.
    2. Students often struggle with understanding the concept of moll in stoichiometry problems.
    3. I need to calculate the moll of reactants in this chemical reaction.
    4. The professor asked us to convert grams to moll for this lab experiment.
    5. Understanding the relationship between mass and moll is crucial in chemistry.
    6. I have to determine the moll of solute needed to make this solution.
    7. The moll concentration of a solution is important when performing titrations.
    8. I need to memorize the formula to calculate moll so I can ace this test.
    9. Moll plays a key role in determining the amount of substance for reactions.
    10. The lab manual provides guidelines on how to measure moll accurately.
    11. The graph displays the change in moll over time during the reaction.
    12. I struggle with understanding the concept of moll when balancing chemical equations.
    13. The professor mentioned that knowing the moll ratio of reactants is important for yield calculations.
    14. I’m having trouble converting volume to moll for this gas law problem.
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    How To Use Moll in Sentences?

    Moll is a noun that refers to a woman, especially one who is coarse or disreputable. When using Moll in a sentence, it is important to place it correctly within the context of the sentence.

    For example, you could say, “The detective suspected that the mysterious Moll was involved in the robbery.” In this sentence, Moll is used to describe a particular woman who is being investigated for a crime.

    Another example of using Moll in a sentence is, “She had the air of a worldly-wise Moll who had seen it all.” Here, Moll is used to portray a woman who is experienced and knowledgeable about the world.

    When using Moll in a sentence, always consider the tone and context of the sentence to ensure that it fits appropriately. Moll is a word that is more commonly used in literature or historical contexts, so be mindful of the setting in which you are using it.

    Overall, using Moll in a sentence can add flair and depth to your writing, so don’t be afraid to incorporate it where appropriate.


    In conclusion, the variety of sentences provided with the keyword “moll” demonstrate its versatility and usage in different contexts. From expressing moll as a form of flattery or endearment to highlighting its presence in criminal slang, these examples showcase the diverse ways in which this word can be incorporated into sentences.

    Overall, the examples underscore the importance of understanding the nuances of language and how a single word like “moll” can convey various meanings depending on the context. By exploring different sentence structures and contexts featuring this keyword, one can gain a deeper appreciation for the richness and flexibility of language.

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