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MOMENTARY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Momentary

    Sentence with Momentary

    Ever experienced a sudden, fleeting sensation or action that happens in a brief moment? That’s what we call a momentary occurrence. These instances are characterized by their brevity and passing nature, often happening within a short span of time.

    Whether it’s a quick flash of inspiration, a brief pause in conversation, or a split-second decision, momentary events can hold significance in various aspects of our daily lives. These fleeting experiences can impact our thoughts, actions, and emotions, leaving a lasting impression despite their transitory nature.

    7 Examples Of Momentary Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. In a momentary flash, the bird flew away.
    2. The rain stopped for a momentary break.
    3. A momentary pause in the music caught everyone’s attention.
    4. The sun appeared in the sky for a momentary glimpse.
    5. The child’s smile was only momentary but bright.
    6. The butterfly’s visit to the flower was momentary but beautiful.
    7. The squirrel’s jump from tree to tree was momentary but quick.

    14 Sentences with Momentary Examples

    1. In the momentary silence of the library, I could hear my own thoughts loud and clear.
    2. The momentary lapse in concentration caused me to miss the deadline for submitting my assignment.
    3. I felt a momentary surge of panic when I realized I had forgotten to save my project before the computer crashed.
    4. The momentary break between classes allowed me to grab a quick snack from the cafeteria.
    5. I experienced a momentary sense of relief when I finally finished my exams for the semester.
    6. The momentary distraction of my phone buzzing caused me to lose my train of thought during the lecture.
    7. I took a momentary break from studying to stretch and relax my muscles after hours of sitting at my desk.
    8. The momentary power outage disrupted our group project presentation in the middle of a crucial slide.
    9. I realized in a momentary flash of inspiration how to solve a difficult math problem that had been troubling me for days.
    10. The momentary confusion of navigating through the campus map was quickly resolved with the help of a friendly senior student.
    11. I experienced a momentary feeling of homesickness when I saw a picture of my family on my desk while studying.
    12. The momentary feeling of triumph I felt after acing a difficult exam made all the hours of studying worth it.
    13. I felt a momentary sense of gratitude towards my professors for their support and guidance throughout the semester.
    14. The momentary excitement of placing first in a college competition was quickly followed by a sense of humility and gratitude towards my teammates.
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    How To Use Momentary in Sentences?

    Momentary means lasting for a very short time. Here is a beginner’s guide on how to use it in a sentence:

    • When I saw the shooting star, I experienced a momentary feeling of joy.
    • The power outage was only momentary, as the lights came back on within a few seconds.
    • She felt a momentary pang of sadness as she watched the sunrise, knowing the vacation was coming to an end.
    • His anger was only momentary, and he quickly calmed down after taking a deep breath.
    • The momentary distraction caused her to miss the crucial moment in the movie.

    Remember, when using the word momentary in a sentence, think about describing something that happens quickly and doesn’t last long. This word is often used to describe fleeting emotions, brief interruptions, or temporary situations. By keeping this in mind, you can effectively incorporate momentary into your everyday vocabulary to add nuance and detail to your communications.


    In essence, moments of fleeting or momentary nature are brief instances that pass quickly or last for a very short period of time. These sentences with “momentary” highlight instances, feelings, or actions that are temporary in nature, emphasizing their transient or short-lived quality. Whether describing passing emotions, quick actions, or brief interruptions, these sentences capture the brevity and transitory nature of various experiences in life.

    By showcasing how “momentary” is used in sentences, we gain insight into the temporary nature of different situations or feelings. Such glimpses into fleeting moments provide a better understanding of the impermanence that can characterize life, reminding us of the ephemerality and transient nature of many aspects of our existence.

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