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MOMENTOUS in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Momentous

    Sentence with Momentous

    Have you ever experienced a momentous occasion that left a lasting impact on your life? A momentous event is one that is of great importance or significance, often marked by its profound influence on individuals or society as a whole.

    These moments can range from personal achievements to historical milestones, forever shaping the way we perceive the world around us. Let’s delve deeper into the concept of momentous occasions and explore the various ways they can shape our lives.

    7 Examples Of Momentous Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. A momentous day is one to remember.
    2. We celebrated a momentous achievement in class today.
    3. Doing well in school is a momentous task.
    4. Let’s make this project a momentous success!
    5. We have a momentous event coming up next week.
    6. My birthday party was a momentous occasion.
    7. Completing a puzzle can feel a momentous accomplishment.

    14 Sentences with Momentous Examples

    1. The unveiling of the new student council was a momentous occasion for the college.
    2. Scoring the winning goal in the inter-college tournament was a momentous achievement for the football team.
    3. Being awarded the prestigious scholarship was a momentous event in her academic career.
    4. The college’s first-ever TEDx event was a momentous experience for all the attendees.
    5. Attending the international conference was a momentous opportunity for the research scholars.
    6. Completing the summer internship at a renowned company was a momentous milestone for the budding professionals.
    7. Winning the debate competition was a momentous triumph for the college’s debating society.
    8. The announcement of the upcoming cultural fest created a momentous buzz among the students.
    9. Securing an internship at a top company was a momentous moment for the ambitious students.
    10. Presenting a research paper at the national conference was a momentous occasion for the academic community.
    11. Hosting the college’s first-ever hackathon was a momentous event for the tech-savvy students.
    12. Organizing a fundraising event for a social cause was a momentous initiative by the college volunteers.
    13. Winning the national robotics competition was a momentous victory for the college’s engineering team.
    14. Receiving the prestigious award for academic excellence was a momentous honor for the diligent student.
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    How To Use Momentous in Sentences?

    To use Momentous in a sentence, first, identify a significant event or milestone worth highlighting. For example, “Graduating from university was a momentous occasion in her life.”

    Next, place the word Momentous appropriately within the sentence. It is often used to describe something of great importance or significance. For instance, “Winning the championship game was a momentous achievement for the team.”

    Remember to ensure that the context of your sentence aligns with the meaning of Momentous, emphasizing the exceptional or monumental nature of the event being described.

    Furthermore, make sure to use Momentous as an adjective preceding a noun to accurately convey its intended meaning. For example, “The discovery of a cure for a previously incurable disease was a momentous breakthrough in medical research.”

    Lastly, consider the tone and formality of the situation when incorporating Momentous into your sentence. Whether in casual conversations or professional settings, using this word effectively can enhance the impact of your statement.

    Practice incorporating Momentous into various sentences to become more comfortable and confident with its usage. Over time, you will become proficient in integrating this word into your vocabulary to articulate moments of significance effectively.


    In conclusion, sentences with the keyword “momentous” are used to describe significant events, impactful decisions, or historical milestones. These sentences often highlight the gravity and importance of a particular moment or action, emphasizing its lasting effects and implications. From political speeches to personal reflections, sentences with “momentous” evoke a sense of importance and gravity, drawing attention to pivotal moments in time.

    By using the word “momentous” in sentences, writers can convey the profoundness and significance of a particular event or occurrence, capturing the magnitude of its impact on individuals, communities, or even the world. Whether describing a historical achievement or a personal milestone, sentences with “momentous” bring attention to the weight of the moment and its enduring consequences, adding depth and significance to the narrative or discussion at hand.

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