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MONITION in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Monition

    Sentence with Monition

    Ever felt a sudden sense of warning or advice coming your way? That’s a monition – a gentle or friendly caution or hint aimed at guiding someone in the right direction. Whether it’s a subtle piece of advice from a friend or a foreboding feeling of danger, a monition serves as a valuable prompt to pay attention and proceed with caution.

    In literature, a monition often appears as a foreshadowing element, subtly hinting at what may come later in the storyline. It can also be seen in everyday conversations, where a friend might offer a monition to prevent you from making a potentially harmful decision. Paying heed to these warnings can spare us from trouble and provide valuable insights into navigating various situations with wisdom and prudence.

    7 Examples Of Monition Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Monition means a gentle warning.
    2. Listen to the monition from your teacher.
    3. Always pay attention to monitions given by adults.
    4. Remember to follow the monition given to you.
    5. When you hear a monition, be sure to act on it.
    6. Show respect by following the monition given to you.
    7. It is important to heed the monitions of your elders.

    14 Sentences with Monition Examples

    1. Monition – Remember to submit your assignment before the deadline.
    2. At the seminar, the professor gave a monition about the upcoming exam schedule.
    3. Don’t forget to heed the monition of attending all your classes regularly.
    4. The counselor’s monition about time management was well-received by the students.
    5. It is important to listen to the monition of your peers regarding study guides for the upcoming exam.
    6. The student council president’s monition to maintain campus cleanliness was met with enthusiasm.
    7. The librarian’s monition to keep noise levels down in the library was a reminder for everyone.
    8. The advisor’s monition about choosing electives wisely helped students make informed decisions.
    9. Do not ignore the monition of checking your email regularly for important updates.
    10. The representatives of the placement cell gave a monition about the importance of preparing for interviews.
    11. It is advisable to follow the monition of attending career counseling sessions for guidance.
    12. The senior’s monition of balancing academics and extracurricular activities was valuable advice.
    13. The guest speaker’s monition to actively participate in workshops for skill development was noted by the students.
    14. Remember to adhere to the monition of maintaining academic integrity in all your assignments.
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    How To Use Monition in Sentences?

    Monition in a sentence is used to provide a formal warning or advice to someone. When using the word Monition in a sentence, it is important to understand its meaning and context.

    Here is a simple guide on how to use Monition in a sentence:

    1. Identify a situation where a formal warning or advice is needed. For example, “The teacher issued a Monition to the students about the consequences of cheating on exams.”

    2. Start your sentence with the word Monition to clearly convey the warning or advice being given. For instance, “The manager’s Monition regarding the company’s dress code was clear and concise.”

    3. Ensure that the context of your sentence matches the meaning of Monition, which is a formal notification of a potential issue or a cautionary statement.

    4. Use Monition in writing or speech to emphasize the seriousness of the warning or advice being given. For example, “The doctor’s Monition about the health risks of smoking was a wake-up call for the patient.”

    5. Remember that Monition is typically used in more formal or serious situations, so choose your words carefully to convey the appropriate tone.

    By following these steps, beginners can effectively use Monition in a sentence to convey a formal warning or advice in a clear and impactful way.


    In summary, sentences with the keyword “monition” typically serve as warnings or pieces of advice to help guide an individual’s actions or decisions. These sentences often carry a sense of urgency or importance, aiming to alert the reader to potential dangers or necessary precautions.

    Through the use of sentences containing “monition,” writers effectively communicate the need for vigilance and mindfulness in various situations, emphasizing the significance of heeding warnings and taking appropriate actions. Such sentences play a crucial role in alerting individuals to potential risks and helping them make informed choices, ultimately contributing to better decision-making and overall safety.

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