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MONITOR in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Monitor

    Sentence with Monitor

    When it comes to technology, a monitor is a visual display unit that serves as the interface between the computer and the user. It showcases images, videos, and other content generated by the device, providing a clear and vibrant platform for interaction.

    Monitors come in various sizes, resolutions, and types, such as LCD, LED, and curved screens, offering versatility to accommodate different preferences and needs. From enhancing productivity in the workplace to providing an immersive gaming experience, monitors play a crucial role in our daily digital activities.

    7 Examples Of Monitor Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Please monitor the plants to see if they need water.
    • The teacher will monitor our progress during the lesson.
    • Can you help me monitor the time while I finish my drawing?
    • It is important to monitor your pet’s food and water intake.
    • The scientist will monitor the temperature of the water for the experiment.
    • Make sure to monitor your volume during class.
    • Let’s all work together to monitor the cleanliness of our classroom.

    14 Sentences with Monitor Examples

    • Don’t forget to regularly monitor your grades on the student portal.
    • Make sure to adjust the brightness and contrast settings on your monitor for comfortable studying.
    • It’s important to monitor your data usage to avoid exceeding your internet plan.
    • Set alarms on your phone or monitor to remind you of assignment due dates.
    • Use a laptop monitor for multitasking during online classes.
    • Keep a close monitor on your expenses to stick to your budget.
    • The university library has a monitor station where you can work on group projects.
    • To avoid eye strain, take short breaks from looking at the monitor while studying.
    • Utilize the monitor in the computer lab for research and project presentations.
    • Your academic advisor can monitor your progress and offer guidance on course selection.
    • It’s crucial to monitor the news for any campus updates or events.
    • The IT department will replace the damaged monitor in your dorm room.
    • Tailor your study schedule based on your peak monitoring hours.
    • Keep the monitor of your desktop clean and dust-free for better visibility.
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    How To Use Monitor in Sentences?

    Monitor means to observe, check, and keep track of something. When using Monitor in a sentence, it is usually followed by what is being watched. For example, “I need to monitor my heart rate during exercise.” In this sentence, the Monitor is used to keep an eye on the heart rate.

    When monitoring something, it is essential to be attentive and alert. For instance, “Parents should monitor their children’s online activities.” Here, the focus is on supervising and overseeing what the children are doing on the internet.

    The Monitor can also refer to a device used for displaying information. In this case, you might say, “The security guard watched the monitor for any suspicious activity.” The Monitor in this sentence is the screen that shows what is happening in a particular area.

    Remember that the word Monitor can be used as both a noun and a verb. As a noun, it refers to the device or person observing something. As a verb, it indicates the action of observing or tracking something.

    In summary, when using Monitor in a sentence, make sure to clarify what is being watched or checked. Whether it’s keeping an eye on data, overseeing a situation, or using a device for display, being clear in your sentence will help convey your message effectively.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with the keyword “monitor” show the versatility of the term in different contexts. From tracking health indicators with a medical monitor to supervising computer activities with a screen, the word “monitor” is used to describe various monitoring processes. With the advancement of technology, monitoring has become an essential tool in various fields, ensuring efficient operations and data collection.

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    Whether it is monitoring vital signs in healthcare or overseeing network activities in IT, the concept of monitoring plays a crucial role in maintaining control, tracking progress, and ensuring safety. As highlighted in the sentences provided, “monitor” is a term that signifies observation, supervision, and vigilance in a range of settings, emphasizing the importance of monitoring for effective management and decision-making.