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MONKEY WRENCH in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Monkey Wrench

    Sentence with Monkey Wrench

    Have you ever heard of the term “monkey wrench” and wondered what it actually means? A monkey wrench is a versatile hand tool used for gripping, turning, and tightening various objects in mechanical or plumbing work.

    In the world of tools and repairs, a monkey wrench serves as a valuable instrument for mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. Its adjustable jaw allows for a secure grip on different sizes of nuts, bolts, and pipes, making it a handy tool to have in your toolbox for all sorts of maintenance tasks.

    7 Examples Of Monkey Wrench Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The monkey wrench helps fix things like bicycles.
    2. I used a monkey wrench to tighten the nut on the chair.
    3. Be careful with the monkey wrench, it is heavy!
    4. The plumber used a monkey wrench to stop the leak.
    5. Can you pass me the monkey wrench from the toolbox?
    6. The monkey wrench has a long handle for turning.
    7. Remember to always use the monkey wrench with an adult’s help.

    14 Sentences with Monkey Wrench Examples

    1. Remember to always carry a monkey wrench in your toolbox for emergency repairs in your college dorm.
    2. The physics project came to a halt when someone accidentally dropped a monkey wrench on the fragile apparatus.
    3. Make sure to tighten the bolts on your bicycle with a monkey wrench before heading out for a ride.
    4. During the robotics competition, a team member accidentally misplaced the monkey wrench needed to assemble their robot.
    5. The engineering students faced a setback during their project presentation when a monkey wrench went missing from their equipment.
    6. The plumbing in the college bathroom needed quick fixing, so the maintenance staff used a monkey wrench to tighten the leaking pipes.
    7. While setting up for the college music concert, the sound technician realized he had forgotten his monkey wrench to adjust the microphone stands.
    8. The computer science students had to improvise when they couldn’t find the monkey wrench needed to secure the server racks in the data center.
    9. The electrical engineering workshop was put on hold as the instructor searched for the missing monkey wrench required to assemble the circuit boards.
    10. Before the chemistry experiment could begin, the students had to use a monkey wrench to adjust the gas valves on the Bunsen burners.
    11. During the architecture class, a student accidentally knocked over the model building, requiring a monkey wrench to fix the damaged sections.
    12. The plumbing workshop for the mechanical engineering students couldn’t continue without the necessary monkey wrench to repair the pipes.
    13. In the automotive engineering lab, the students had to use a monkey wrench to tighten the engine components during a tune-up session.
    14. The civil engineering students faced a challenge when they realized they had to disassemble a structure without a monkey wrench to loosen the bolts.
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    How To Use Monkey Wrench in Sentences?

    To use the term “Monkey Wrench” correctly in a sentence, it’s important to understand its meaning and how it is typically used.

    A monkey wrench is a type of adjustable wrench with smooth jaws used for turning nuts and bolts. It is typically used in mechanical and plumbing work where a non-slip grip is needed.

    Here is an example sentence showing how to use the term “Monkey Wrench” in context:

    “After struggling to loosen the rusted bolt, he finally reached for his monkey wrench to get the job done.”

    When incorporating monkey wrench into a sentence, it’s important to identify the appropriate context in which the term is used. Monkey wrench can also be used metaphorically to describe something that disrupts or complicates a situation.

    For example:

    “The unexpected rainstorm threw a monkey wrench into their plans for an outdoor picnic.”

    By understanding the meaning of monkey wrench and how it is used in common language, you can effectively incorporate this term into your writing or conversation.


    In summary, sentences featuring the term “monkey wrench” typically involve disrupting or hindering a smooth process or plan. The metaphorical use of the tool symbolizes unexpected challenges or obstacles that can throw a situation into disarray. Often, these sentences illustrate how an unforeseen issue can cause confusion or complications, requiring quick thinking or a new approach to overcome the setback.

    Whether in a literal or figurative context, the term “monkey wrench” captures the idea of something unexpected disrupting the norm. These sentences serve as reminders of the need to adapt and problem-solve in the face of unexpected changes, highlighting the importance of flexibility and resourcefulness when faced with disruptions or obstacles.

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