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MONSTROSITY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Monstrosity

    Sentence with Monstrosity

    Have you ever encountered a “monstrosity” in writing and felt baffled by its meaning? This term refers to something that is extremely large, ugly, and usually frightening or unpleasant to look at.

    In literature, a monstrosity can symbolize something deeper than just physical appearance; it can represent themes of fear, power, or even the darker side of humanity. Let’s explore how this word is used in example sentences to gain a clearer understanding of its nuances and impact in writing.

    7 Examples Of Monstrosity Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The monstrosity had big eyes and sharp claws.
    2. The scary monstrosity roared loudly in the night.
    3. I drew a funny monstrosity with lots of legs and arms.
    4. The green monstrosity lived in a dark cave.
    5. The little girl laughed at the silly monstrosity.
    6. The friendly monstrosity loved to play hide and seek.
    7. The magical monstrosity could fly with its wings.

    14 Sentences with Monstrosity Examples

    • Monstrosity of a mess in the college cafeteria after the food fight.
    • Students were horrified by the monstrosity of the cockroach infestation in the dormitory.
    • The professor’s assignment was a monstrosity of confusion, leaving students frustrated.
    • The campus library’s new renovation turned out to be a monstrosity.
    • The senior prank involving a fake ghost was a monstrosity that left everyone terrified.
    • The long queue for registration was a monstrosity that tested everyone’s patience.
    • The faculty’s decision to conduct surprise exams was deemed a monstrosity by students.
    • The student council’s failed event turned into a monstrosity of mismanagement.
    • The leaking roof in the lecture hall was a monstrosity during the monsoon season.
    • The internet outage during exam week was a technological monstrosity.
    • The power outage in the hostel led to a dark and oppressive atmosphere of monstrosity.
    • The unauthorized construction near the college became a controversial monstrosity.
    • The pop quiz on extremely difficult material was considered a monstrosity by the students.
    • The never-ending construction noise outside the campus was a constant monstrosity for students trying to focus on their studies.
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    How To Use Monstrosity in Sentences?

    To use the word Monstrosity correctly in a sentence, first, identify a subject or object that is described as monstrous or abnormally large. For example, “The abandoned mansion was a crumbling monstrosity that loomed over the town.”

    Next, ensure that the word Monstrosity is used as a noun in the sentence. This means it should be referring to a physical object or concept. For instance, “The giant spider was a hairy monstrosity that sent shivers down my spine.”

    To add more detail or context to the sentence, you can also include adjectives or descriptive phrases before or after the word Monstrosity. For example, “The grotesque monstrosity of a statue towered over the courtyard, its twisted features causing unease among the visitors.”

    Lastly, make sure the sentence flows naturally and conveys the intended meaning clearly. Avoid overusing the word Monstrosity in a single sentence to maintain clarity and avoid repetition. Instead, use synonyms or alternate ways to describe the monstrous nature of the subject or object.

    By following these simple steps and guidelines, you can effectively incorporate the word Monstrosity into your writing or conversations with confidence and accuracy.


    In literature and everyday speech, the term “monstrosity” is used to describe something that is abnormally large or hideous, suggesting a sense of horror or disgust. Examples of sentences with monstrosity include “The creature’s twisted features were a testament to its monstrosity” and “The abandoned building stood as a looming monstrosity on the edge of town.” This word is often employed to evoke feelings of fear, revulsion, or awe at something that deviates significantly from the ordinary.

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    Overall, the concept of monstrosity serves as a powerful literary device that can create a sense of unease or intrigue in the reader, drawing attention to that which is grotesque, abnormal, or unsettling. Its usage underscores the human fascination with the unknown and the macabre, making it a versatile term with a wide range of applications in a variety of contexts.