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MONSTROUS in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Monstrous

    Sentence with Monstrous

    Monstrous, an adjective often used to describe something huge, frightening, or extraordinarily abnormal, evokes images of creatures from folklore and horror stories. The word carries a weight of both awe and terror, summoning thoughts of immense size, fearsome appearance, or tremendous evil.

    Monstrous can be employed in various contexts to emphasize the extreme nature of the subject at hand, painting vivid pictures of overwhelming scale, power, or malevolence.

    7 Examples Of Monstrous Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The monstrous lion roared loudly in the jungle.
    2. The monstrous dinosaur chased after the little boy.
    3. The monstrous spider had eight hairy legs.
    4. The monstrous ghost haunted the old castle.
    5. The monstrous shark swam in the deep blue sea.
    6. The monstrous dragon breathed fire from its mouth.
    7. The monstrous giant stomped through the forest.

    14 Sentences with Monstrous Examples

    1. Monstrous amounts of information need to be processed for the upcoming final exams.
    2. The cafeteria served a monstrous portion of biryani for lunch today.
    3. The deadline for the research paper is looming, and the workload seems monstrous.
    4. The queue at the college bookstore was monstrous on the first day of classes.
    5. The cost of textbooks this semester is monstrous, making it difficult for many students to afford them.
    6. The backlog of assignments to be completed is monstrous after the Diwali break.
    7. The professor’s expectations for the term project are monstrous compared to previous semesters.
    8. The software required for the coding assignment had a monstrous number of bugs to be fixed.
    9. The task of finding a suitable internship for the summer felt monstrous with so much competition.
    10. The library was packed with students studying for the upcoming monstrous mid-term exams.
    11. The pressure to perform well in campus placements can feel monstrous for many final year students.
    12. The amount of coursework assigned during the online classes felt monstrous and overwhelming.
    13. The campus Wi-Fi connection was monstrous, causing many students to struggle with online lectures.
    14. The cost of living in the city for college students is monstrous, especially for those living away from home.
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    How To Use Monstrous in Sentences?

    To use Monstrous in a sentence, begin by identifying a subject or object that possesses qualities of being unusually large, powerful, and frightening. For example, “The dragon’s monstrous size cast a shadow over the entire village.”

    Alternatively, Monstrous can also be used to emphasize the extreme or shocking nature of something. For instance, “The storm unleashed a monstrous amount of rain, causing widespread flooding.”

    Remember to place Monstrous before the noun that it is describing to convey its intended meaning clearly. Using it after the noun may change the sentence’s interpretation. For example, “The sailor encountered a sea monster of monstrous proportions” emphasizes the creature’s size, while “The sailor encountered a sea monster with monstrous teeth” highlights a different aspect of the monster.

    Experiment with different sentence structures to get comfortable incorporating Monstrous into your writing. Practice using it in various contexts to deepen your understanding of its nuances and applications.

    Overall, using Monstrous effectively adds depth and intensity to your descriptions. As you become more familiar with its usage, you can craft more vivid and engaging sentences that capture the attention of your readers.


    In literature and life, sentences with the term “monstrous” often describe something exceedingly large, powerful, or evil. These sentences convey a sense of immense scale, intensity, or malevolence, painting a vivid picture for the readers. Whether depicting a monstrous creature or a monstrous act, such sentences evoke fear, awe, and intrigue, engaging the audience with their potent imagery.

    Overall, sentences with “monstrous” serve as a tool for writers to create striking descriptions and evoke strong emotions in their readers. By using this term, writers can effectively emphasize the extraordinary and often terrifying aspects of their subject matter, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

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