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MORE THAN in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use More Than

    Sentence with More Than

    Do you want to spice up your writing and add depth to your sentences? Using “more than” can enhance your language by emphasizing the degree or extent to which something is true. This simple phrase can help emphasize comparisons, show exaggeration, or highlight the significance of a certain aspect in a sentence.

    “More than” is a versatile tool that allows you to draw attention to the magnitude of a situation or express intensification in your writing. By incorporating this phrase effectively, you can elevate your language and create engaging and impactful sentences.

    7 Examples Of More Than Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I have more than five crayons in my box.
    • There are more than ten students in my class.
    • My favorite toy is more than ten years old.
    • I can jump more than three times in a row.
    • I have more than three books on my shelf.
    • The red car is more than five times faster than the blue car.
    • I ate more than five strawberries for breakfast.

    14 Sentences with More Than Examples

    1. More than memorizing equations, it is important to understand the concepts in order to excel in exams.
    2. College life is more than just studying; it is also about making lifelong friendships and memories.
    3. It is crucial for students to manage their time effectively as college assignments demand more than just a few hours of work.
    4. Joining extracurricular activities can offer students more than just academic knowledge; it helps in overall personality development.
    5. Networking with professionals can provide college students with more than just job opportunities; it can open doors to mentorship and guidance.
    6. Attending workshops and seminars can offer students more than just theoretical knowledge; it can provide practical insights into the industry.
    7. Planning for the future requires more than just setting goals; it involves creating a roadmap for achieving them.
    8. Establishing a healthy work-life balance is about more than just splitting time between studying and leisure activities.
    9. Improving communication skills can benefit college students in more than just their academic pursuits; it can enhance their social interactions as well.
    10. Collaborating on group projects can teach students more than just the subject matter; it helps in developing teamwork and leadership skills.
    11. Engaging in debates and discussions exposes students to more than just different viewpoints; it encourages critical thinking and analysis.
    12. Participating in community service can offer students more than just a sense of fulfillment; it fosters empathy and social responsibility.
    13. Seeking guidance from professors can provide students with more than just academic help; it can lead to mentorship and career opportunities.
    14. Developing a growth mindset is about more than just facing challenges; it involves learning from failures and persevering through setbacks.
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    How To Use More Than in Sentences?

    To use More Than in a sentence effectively, it’s important to understand its meaning and usage. This phrase is used to compare two things, indicating that one thing has a greater amount or degree than the other.

    Here is a simple guide on how to use More Than in a sentence:

    1. Identify the two things you want to compare. For example, “Apples are more than oranges.”

    2. Place More Than between the two things you are comparing. For example, “Apples are more than oranges.”

    3. Remember that More Than is used when the first thing being compared is greater in amount, degree, or quality than the second thing. For example, “She earns more than him.”

    4. Use More Than in positive sentences to show a comparison. For example, “She is more than capable of handling the project.”

    5. Avoid using More Than in negative sentences, as “less than” is more appropriate in such cases. For example, “He is less than thrilled with the outcome.”

    By following these simple steps, you can easily incorporate More Than into your sentences to effectively compare two things. Remember to pay attention to the context and ensure that the comparison accurately reflects the relationship between the objects being compared.


    In summary, sentences with more than the prescribed limits can become convoluted, challenging for readers to comprehend. When sentences exceed their recommended lengths, they tend to lose clarity and might confuse the audience. It is crucial to keep sentences concise and focused to effectively convey information and maintain the reader’s engagement.

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    By breaking down complex ideas into shorter, more digestible sentences, writers can ensure that their message is clear and easily understood. Utilizing brief sentences not only enhances readability but also improves the overall flow and impact of the writing. Therefore, it is essential for writers to strive for brevity and coherence in their sentences, avoiding unnecessary complexity to communicate their ideas effectively.