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MORTIFIED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Mortified

    Sentence with Mortified

    Have you ever experienced a moment that left you feeling mortified? To be mortified means to feel extremely embarrassed, ashamed, or humiliated. It’s that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you wish the ground would just swallow you up.

    Whether it’s a cringe-worthy mistake in front of a large audience or a social blunder that still makes you flush with embarrassment years later, moments of feeling mortified are relatable to everyone. The universal experience of feeling mortified can range from mildly uncomfortable to downright excruciating, but the memory often lingers long after the event has passed.

    7 Examples Of Mortified Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I was mortified when I spilled my juice at lunch.
    • Seeing a monster in the storybook made me mortified.
    • I felt mortified when I forgot my homework at home.
    • Mortified when my shoe lace came untied during PE class.
    • I was mortified when I called my teacher “mom” by mistake.
    • Mortified when a frog jumped near me during recess.
    • I felt mortified when I tripped and fell in front of everyone.

    14 Sentences with Mortified Examples

    • I was mortified when I realized I had submitted the wrong assignment to my professor.
    • She felt mortified when she tripped and fell in the middle of the lecture hall.
    • The group presentation was a disaster, leaving us all mortified in front of our classmates.
    • I was mortified when I accidentally sent a text meant for my friend to the entire class group chat.
    • Walking into the wrong classroom and interrupting a professor’s lecture left me feeling mortified.
    • Forgetting my lines during a class presentation made me feel mortified in front of my peers.
    • Mortified by my poor performance in the exam, I vowed to study harder for the next one.
    • The embarrassing photo of me from last night’s party had me feeling mortified when it circulated around campus.
    • My phone ringing loudly during a silent lecture left me mortified as all eyes turned towards me.
    • He was mortified when his professor pointed out a huge mistake in his research paper in front of the entire class.
    • I felt mortified when I realized I had slept through an important college event I was supposed to attend.
    • Mortified by my awkward dance moves at the college festival, I avoided the dance floor for the rest of the night.
    • The cafeteria incident where I spilled food on myself had me feeling mortified as everyone around me laughed.
    • I was mortified when I mistakenly called my professor “mom” in a moment of panic during a class discussion.
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    How To Use Mortified in Sentences?

    To use Mortified in a sentence, start by identifying a situation where you felt embarrassed or ashamed. For example, “I was mortified when I tripped and spilled my coffee in front of my crush.” In this sentence, “mortified” is used to express extreme embarrassment.

    You can also use mortified to describe someone else’s feelings of embarrassment. For instance, “She looked mortified after realizing she had mispronounced her boss’s name during the meeting.”

    Remember that mortified is a strong word that conveys a deep sense of embarrassment or shame. It is typically used in situations where someone feels humiliated or exposed.

    When constructing a sentence with mortified, consider the context in which the feeling of embarrassment occurred. This will help you accurately convey the intensity of the emotion you want to express.

    To further emphasize the feeling of embarrassment, you can add adverbs like “extremely” or “completely” before mortified. For example, “I was completely mortified when I forgot my lines during the school play.”

    Practice using mortified in various sentences to become more comfortable with incorporating it into your vocabulary. As you become more familiar with the word, you will be able to use it effectively to describe feelings of embarrassment in a compelling way.


    In conclusion, the various examples of sentences with “mortified” illustrate the feeling of extreme embarrassment or shame experienced by individuals in different situations. “She was mortified when she realized her dress was on backward at the party” highlights a personal moment of embarrassment, while “He was mortified by his mistake in front of his colleagues” demonstrates a professional context where one’s pride is wounded. These examples emphasize the universal nature of feeling mortified regardless of the setting or circumstance.

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    Overall, the word “mortified” captures the intense discomfort and distress caused by public humiliation or a personal blunder. Understanding the impact of this emotion can help individuals navigate social interactions more sensitively and empathetically, recognizing that everyone is susceptible to moments of feeling mortified.