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MOTH EATEN in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Moth Eaten

    Sentence with Moth Eaten

    Ever come across a moth-eaten piece of clothing and wonder what caused those unsightly holes? Moth-eaten refers to fabric that has been damaged by the caterpillars of moths, leaving behind a hole-ridden appearance as they feast on natural fibers like wool and silk.

    These holes are not only a nuisance for your favorite sweaters and blankets but also pose a threat to the longevity of your textiles. Prevention methods like proper storage and the use of protective covers can help safeguard your clothes from becoming moth-eaten.

    7 Examples Of Moth Eaten Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The moth eaten sweater had holes in it.
    2. The moth eaten book had torn pages.
    3. The moth eaten curtain was tattered and old.
    4. The moth eaten scarf looked shabby and worn out.
    5. The moth eaten blanket had patches of missing fabric.
    6. The moth eaten socks were falling apart at the seams.
    7. The moth eaten rug had frayed edges.

    14 Sentences with Moth Eaten Examples

    • Moth eaten textbooks were all that was left in the library for the popular subject.
    • I had to throw out my moth eaten notes after finding holes in them.
    • The moth eaten curtains in the common room desperately needed replacing.
    • My roommate’s sweater looked so old and moth eaten that I had to persuade him to get a new one.
    • I was surprised to find a stack of moth eaten newspapers in the college archives.
    • The old professor always wore a moth eaten shawl to class, giving him a distinguished look.
    • The hostel’s blanket looked so worn and moth eaten that it was barely usable.
    • We found a pile of moth eaten cushions in the student lounge that needed to be thrown out.
    • The drama club struggled to find costumes that weren’t moth eaten for their production.
    • The vintage record player in the common room had a moth eaten cover.
    • We discovered a stash of old, moth eaten board games in the back of the common room closet.
    • The library’s rare book collection had been damaged by moth eaten pages.
    • It was difficult to study with the distraction of the moth eaten curtains blowing in the window.
    • The college’s old auditorium was filled with dusty, moth eaten chairs.
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    How To Use Moth Eaten in Sentences?

    To use the word “Moth Eaten” in a sentence, you can follow these steps:

    1. Understand the meaning: “Moth Eaten” is an adjective used to describe something that is old, worn out, or damaged from age or neglect, similar to how clothes can be damaged by moths.

    2. Construct your sentence: When incorporating “Moth Eaten” into a sentence, you can describe an object or item that appears worn out or tattered due to neglect or age. For example, “The moth eaten blanket was filled with holes and frayed edges.”

    3. Consider context: Think about the item or situation you are describing when using “Moth Eaten.” It is important to convey the idea of something being worn out or in poor condition to get your message across effectively.

    4. Practice using it in sentences: To become more comfortable with using “Moth Eaten” in sentences, try practicing with different objects or scenarios. For instance, “The moth eaten book had faded pages and a torn cover.”

    5. Revise and refine: After constructing your sentence, read it aloud or share it with others to ensure it effectively conveys the intended meaning of something being old or worn out.

    By following these steps and practicing using “Moth Eaten” in sentences, beginners can enhance their vocabulary and communication skills.


    In conclusion, “moth-eaten” is an evocative term often used to describe something that is worn out, damaged, or deteriorating due to neglect or age. It conjures up the image of fabric or clothing with holes caused by moths feeding on the material. Metaphorically, it can be applied to anything that is old, tattered, or in a state of disrepair.

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    Using “moth-eaten” in sentences helps to vividly convey the idea of deterioration, whether it be physical or metaphorical. By employing this descriptive term, speakers and writers can effectively communicate the concept of something being worn out, threadbare, or obsolete.