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MOUNTED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Mounted

    Sentence with Mounted

    Have you ever wondered what it means to have something “mounted”? In the simplest terms, when something is “mounted,” it is placed or positioned securely on a surface or structure.

    This term is commonly used in various contexts, such as mounting a TV on the wall, mounting a camera on a tripod, or mounting artwork in a frame. Understanding what it means to have something “mounted” can help you navigate DIY projects, home decor, and technical equipment setups with ease.

    7 Examples Of Mounted Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The flag is mounted on top of the school building.
    2. The picture frame is mounted on the wall in the classroom.
    3. The teacher has mounted a map of India on the board.
    4. The clock is mounted above the door in the classroom.
    5. The TV is mounted on the wall for students to watch educational videos.
    6. The projector is mounted on the ceiling for movie time.
    7. The shelves are mounted on the wall to hold books and toys.

    14 Sentences with Mounted Examples

    1. The professor mounted the projector in the classroom for the presentation.
    2. Students mounted the banners for the college fest all around the campus.
    3. The college football team mounted a fierce comeback in the second half of the game.
    4. The IT department mounted the new software on all the computers in the lab.
    5. The students mounted a campaign to raise awareness about mental health issues on campus.
    6. The art club mounted an exhibition showcasing the work of talented students.
    7. The debate team mounted a strong argument against the motion during the competition.
    8. The college authorities mounted CCTV cameras in key locations for enhanced security.
    9. The engineering students mounted their project display for the annual science fair.
    10. The dance team mounted an impressive performance at the cultural fest.
    11. The student council mounted a cleanliness drive in the college campus.
    12. The library staff mounted a book donation drive for underprivileged students.
    13. The environmental club mounted a tree-planting initiative on the college grounds.
    14. The drama society mounted a riveting production of Shakespeare’s play in the auditorium.
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    How To Use Mounted in Sentences?

    Mounted means to climb or get up on top of something, such as a horse or a wall. Here are some tips on how to use mounted in a sentence:

    • “She mounted her horse and rode off into the sunset.”
    • “The picture frame is mounted on the wall above the fireplace.”
    • “The knight mounted his trusty steed and prepared for battle.”
    • “I need to mount the TV on the wall in the living room.”
    • “The firefighter mounted the ladder to rescue the cat from the tree.”

    Remember, when using mounted in a sentence, make sure the context is clear so that the reader understands what you are describing. Whether you are talking about climbing onto an animal or securing an object to a surface, using mounted correctly will help convey your message effectively. Practice using mounted in different sentences to become more familiar with its usage.

    By following these examples and tips, you will soon gain confidence in utilizing the word mounted correctly in your sentences. Experiment with different scenarios and contexts to enhance your understanding of how to incorporate mounted into your vocabulary.


    In conclusion, sentences with “mounted” often describe objects or equipment being attached or positioned on a surface or support. These sentences convey a sense of readiness, preparation, or completion, as the mounting process implies a degree of finality or accomplishment. Whether discussing a mounted television on a wall, a mounted police officer on horseback, or a mounted camera on a tripod, the term “mounted” signifies a secure and elevated placement, highlighting stability and visibility.

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    Overall, sentences featuring “mounted” serve as vivid descriptions that bring to mind images of items or individuals being placed or fixed in a prominent and secure position. This word adds specificity and detail, enhancing the clarity and visual impact of the sentence’s message.