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MUFFLED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Muffled

    Sentence with Muffled

    Have you ever heard a muffled sound and wondered what it meant? The term “muffled” refers to a sound that is dampened or softened, often resulting in a muted or indistinct quality.

    Imagine a noise that is slightly hushed, veiled, or obscured, as if it is being heard through a barrier or filter. That is the essence of a muffled sound.

    7 Examples Of Muffled Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Muffled sounds can be heard when you cover your ears.
    • I heard a muffled noise when I put a pillow over my head.
    • The sound of the rain was muffled by the thick clouds.
    • When you talk with your mouth full, your words might sound muffled.
    • My dog’s bark was muffled because he had something in his mouth.
    • The music from the next room sounded muffled because the door was closed.
    • If you speak softly, your voice might sound muffled.

    14 Sentences with Muffled Examples

    • The sound of the professor’s voice was muffled by the loud construction outside the classroom.
    • I could hear a muffled alarm clock going off in my roommate’s room next door.
    • The sound of rain hitting the windows was muffled by the thick curtains in the study room.
    • I woke up to the muffled noise of students talking in the hallway outside my dorm room.
    • As I walked into the crowded library, the sound of footsteps and rustling papers was muffled by my headphones.
    • The distant sound of music from a nearby party was muffled as I closed the windows in my room to study.
    • I could barely hear the professor’s lecture as his voice was muffled by his face mask.
    • The campus bell ringing was muffled by the noise of students chatting as they walked to their next class.
    • The sound of my phone ringing was muffled as it vibrated on my desk during a lecture.
    • The chatter of students in the cafeteria was muffled by the noise-canceling headphones I wore while studying.
    • The loud music from the bar next to my hostel was muffled as I put on my earplugs to sleep.
    • I could hardly make out the recorded lecture as the audio was muffled by poor internet connection.
    • The cheers and shouts from the sports field were muffled as I listened to music while walking past.
    • The sound of my own yawn was muffled by the silent atmosphere in the library during exam season.
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    How To Use Muffled in Sentences?

    Muffled is used to describe a sound that is not clear because it is being blocked or made quieter. Here is a guide on how to use Muffled in a sentence:

    1. Start by selecting a subject and a verb to create a sentence. For example, “The loud music” (subject) “was” (verb)…

    2. Next, add the word Muffled to describe how the sound is being affected. For example, “The loud music was muffled…”

    3. Complete the sentence by adding additional details to describe why the sound is Muffled. For example, “The loud music was muffled by the thick walls of the building.”

    4. Remember that Muffled is typically used to describe how a sound is muted or blocked, so make sure your sentence reflects this meaning.

    5. Practice using Muffled in sentences to become more comfortable incorporating it into your writing.

    By following these steps, you can effectively use Muffled in a sentence to convey the idea of a sound being quietened or obscured. Experiment with different sentence structures and contexts to deepen your understanding of how to use this word accurately.


    In conclusion, sentences with “muffled” describe sounds that are dampened, muted, or softened. They suggest a lack of clarity or intensity in the sound, often due to being obstructed or suppressed. For example, “He spoke with a muffled voice through the thick mask,” or “The music from the party was muffled by the closed windows.”

    Overall, the use of “muffled” in sentences helps paint a vivid picture of sounds that are not fully clear or distinct, adding depth and atmosphere to the writing. By evoking the sensation of reduced sound quality or distance, sentences with “muffled” effectively convey a sense of muffled sound to the reader.

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