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MUFTI in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Mufti

    Sentence with Mufti

    Have you ever heard of the term “mufti” before? In Islamic culture, a mufti is a religious scholar or authority who is qualified to give interpretations and legal opinions on Islamic law.

    These learned individuals play a significant role in providing guidance to the Muslim community on various matters, offering clarity on religious practices, personal conduct, and societal issues. Let’s delve deeper into the world of muftis and their crucial role in answering questions and providing direction based on Islamic teachings.

    7 Examples Of Mufti Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The teacher wore mufti clothes on Saturday.
    2. I like to wear mufti clothes on holidays.
    3. My friend came to school in mufti today.
    4. We can wear mufti clothes during a school event.
    5. My dad wore mufti clothes to the party.
    6. In the play, the actors wore mufti costumes.
    7. During the picnic, we can wear mufti clothes.

    14 Sentences with Mufti Examples

    1. Mufti is the most popular choice of clothing among college students for casual days on campus.
    2. I decided to wear mufti for the cultural fest happening in college next week.
    3. Let’s plan a mufti day for the college farewell party so everyone can dress comfortably.
    4. It’s great that our college allows us to wear mufti instead of uniforms on certain days.
    5. I bought a new set of mufti outfits for the college trip next month.
    6. The upcoming college event has a mufti dress code to encourage students to express their personal style.
    7. Many students prefer wearing mufti to lectures rather than formal attire.
    8. I need to update my wardrobe with more mufti options for different college events.
    9. Don’t forget to check the college guidelines on what is appropriate to wear for mufti days.
    10. I like how mufti allows us to showcase our individuality while still being comfortable at college.
    11. It’s fun to see everyone’s unique sense of style during mufti days in college.
    12. The campus cafe is bustling with students dressed in mufti during lunch breaks.
    13. The new batch of students seemed excited about the upcoming mufti day mentioned in the college orientation.
    14. I appreciate the inclusivity of our college events that encourage students to participate regardless of their mufti choices.
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    How To Use Mufti in Sentences?

    Mufti is a term that refers to a Muslim legal expert who has the authority to give rulings on religious matters. To use Mufti in a sentence, simply follow these steps:

    1. Identify the context: Determine if the sentence requires a religious or legal ruling related to Islam.

    2. Place the word Mufti correctly: Mufti should be used at the beginning of a sentence or after a subject that requires a religious interpretation.

    3. Provide the ruling: After using Mufti, state the religious ruling or opinion related to the context of the sentence.

    Here is an example sentence using Mufti:

    “According to the Mufti, it is permissible to break your fast if you are sick or traveling.”

    In this sentence, Mufti is used to introduce a religious ruling on the permissibility of breaking the fast during Ramadan.

    Remember to use Mufti respectfully and accurately in sentences where a religious ruling or opinion is required. By following these simple guidelines, you can effectively incorporate Mufti into your sentences.


    In conclusion, mufti is a term that refers to clerics in Islam who are qualified to issue religious rulings on Islamic law. These individuals, known as muftis, are highly respected members of the community and play a crucial role in providing guidance on religious matters. Muftis base their rulings on extensive knowledge of Islamic scripture and jurisprudence, offering advice to individuals seeking clarity on various issues within their faith.

    Overall, muftis are an integral part of the Islamic community, providing valuable insights and interpretations of religious texts to help believers navigate their daily lives in accordance with Islamic teachings. Their expertise and wisdom are sought after by many seeking spiritual guidance and clarification on a wide range of matters relating to faith and practice.

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