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MURMUR in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Murmur

    Sentence with Murmur

    Have you ever heard a soft, indistinct sound in the background and wondered what it was? That subtle noise that barely registers but seems to linger in the air is known as a “murmur.” In simple terms, a murmur is a low-volume, continuous sound that is not easily distinguishable.

    Murmurs can be heard in various contexts, such as in nature or in a crowded room. They can be caused by the gentle blowing of the wind through the trees, the distant conversation of people, or even the soft rumble of a vehicle passing by. The key characteristic of a murmur is its softness and lack of clarity, often requiring closer attention to fully discern its source.

    7 Examples Of Murmur Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Murmur softly to your friends during class.
    • I can hear a murmur of the wind outside.
    • Let’s all murmur together like a group of birds.
    • The teacher asked us not to murmur while she was speaking.
    • Close your eyes and listen to the murmur of the river.
    • The leaves of the tree murmur in the gentle breeze.
    • Can you hear the murmur of the bees in the garden?

    14 Sentences with Murmur Examples

    • Murmurs of anticipation filled the classroom as the professor announced a surprise quiz.
    • Students began to murmur among themselves about the upcoming cultural festival on campus.
    • During the lecture, there was a constant murmur of whispers as students discussed the topic being taught.
    • The students couldn’t help but murmur with excitement when the results of the semester exams were announced.
    • While waiting in line at the cafeteria, there was a soft murmur of conversation as friends caught up with each other.
    • As the guest speaker shared their experiences, the audience could be heard murmuring in agreement.
    • A murmur of confusion spread through the class as the complex mathematical problem was presented.
    • The library was filled with the gentle murmur of pages turning and pens scratching on paper.
    • A murmur of discontent erupted among the students when the college canteen ran out of their favorite snack.
    • During a group project meeting, there was a constant murmur of discussion as ideas were exchanged.
    • Murmurs of concern arose among the students when rumors spread about a possible increase in tuition fees.
    • The college auditorium was filled with a soft murmur of admiration as the music society performed a moving piece.
    • Students waiting for the bus could be heard murmuring about the delayed timetable.
    • The murmur of excitement grew louder as the winners of the inter-college quiz competition were announced.
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    How To Use Murmur in Sentences?

    To use “murmur” in a sentence, follow these steps:

    1. Understand the meaning of “murmur” – it is a soft, indistinct sound made by a person or a group of people speaking quietly or in a low voice.

    2. Choose a context for your sentence where the word “murmur” would make sense. For example, you can describe a scene in a quiet library where people are speaking softly.

    3. Start constructing your sentence by setting the scene or describing the setting. For instance, “In the library, a gentle murmur of voices filled the air as students studied quietly.”

    4. Place the word “murmur” in the sentence where it fits naturally. Remember to make sure the sentence flows well and is grammatically correct.

    5. Check if the sentence makes sense and conveys the intended meaning. You can read it aloud to see if it sounds right.

    6. Practice using “murmur” in different sentences to become more comfortable with incorporating it into your writing or speaking.

    7. Experiment with varying the structure and complexity of your sentences to explore different ways of using the word “murmur” effectively.

    By following these steps and practicing regularly, you will gain confidence in incorporating the word “murmur” into your vocabulary and communicating more effectively in writing and speech.


    In summary, sentences containing the word “murmur” often describe low, indistinct, or soft sounds made by voices or natural elements. These types of sentences typically convey a sense of quietness, intimacy, or subtle communication. Examples include: “She could hear the murmur of voices in the next room” or “The stream murmured as it flowed through the forest.”

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    The use of “murmur” in sentences adds depth and atmosphere, creating a soothing or secretive tone. Whether describing whispered conversations, rustling leaves, or gentle streams, the word “murmur” evokes a sense of calmness and tranquility, enriching the imagery and setting in written or spoken communication.