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MURMURING in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Murmuring

    Sentence with Murmuring

    Ever wondered how to effectively convey the soft and subtle sound of murmuring in your writing? Murmuring, a term used to describe a soft, indistinct, and continuous sound like whispering or rustling leaves, adds a layer of depth and atmosphere to your writing.

    Whether you are describing a gentle breeze caressing the trees or a small group engaged in a hushed conversation, incorporating murmuring into your writing allows you to create scenes filled with intimacy and tranquility. Mastering the art of incorporating murmuring into your writing can evoke a sense of peacefulness and connect your readers more deeply to the emotions and settings you are portraying.

    7 Examples Of Murmuring Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The murmuring river flowed gently by the trees.
    • The wind was murmuring softly through the leaves.
    • We could hear the murmuring of the birds in the distance.
    • The children were murmuring quietly during story time.
    • The murmuring sound of the rain was soothing.
    • I could hear the murmuring of the fish in the pond.
    • The murmuring of the crowd could be heard from afar.

    14 Sentences with Murmuring Examples

    1. Murmuring to themselves, the students tried to recall the answers during the exam.
    2. The professor overheard some murmuring at the back of the classroom during the lecture.
    3. In the library, a group of friends were softly murmuring while discussing their assignment.
    4. During the seminar, there was constant murmuring as students exchanged thoughts on the topic.
    5. Students were caught murmuring in huddled groups outside the exam hall before the results were announced.
    6. The late-night study session was filled with tired murmuring as students tried to focus on their notes.
    7. A sense of anticipation filled the room as everyone waited, their murmuring echoing off the walls.
    8. The cafeteria was abuzz with murmuring as students discussed the upcoming cultural fest.
    9. Walking through the corridors, one could hear the soft murmuring of students collaborating on group projects.
    10. As the professor explained the complex topic, there was a low murmuring as students tried to grasp the concepts.
    11. The auditorium was filled with excited murmuring as students waited for the guest speaker to arrive.
    12. During the workshop, there was a background of constant murmuring as students shared their ideas.
    13. The campus grounds were alive with the sound of murmuring as students chatted during their break.
    14. In the student lounge, there was a mixture of laughter and murmuring as friends caught up on the latest gossip.
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    How To Use Murmuring in Sentences?

    Murmuring is a verb that refers to speaking softly or indistinctly. It is often used to describe the sound of gentle or quiet speech.

    To properly use murmuring in a sentence, follow these simple steps:

    1. Choose the right context: Think about a situation where someone is speaking softly or in a hushed tone. This could be a person whispering a secret or murmuring sweet nothings to a loved one.

    2. Craft your sentence: Begin your sentence with a subject, followed by the action of murmuring, and provide details to give context to the soft speech. For example, “She was murmuring a lullaby to her baby as they drifted off to sleep.”

    3. Avoid using it in a negative context: While murmuring can sometimes be associated with gossiping or complaining, it is generally used in a neutral or positive light. Focus on portraying a peaceful or soothing atmosphere in your sentence.

    4. Practice with different scenarios: Experiment with using murmuring in various situations to become more comfortable incorporating it into your vocabulary. This could include describing the sound of rustling leaves or a quiet conversation in a library.

    Remember, using murmuring can add depth and detail to your writing by conveying a sense of intimacy or tranquility. Keep practicing and soon you’ll be incorporating it effortlessly into your sentences.


    In conclusion, sentences containing the word murmuring often convey a sense of quiet, indistinct speech or sound. They suggest a soft, low-volume conversation or background noise, typically associated with a sense of secrecy, mystery, or intimacy. In literature, using murmuring in sentences can add depth to descriptions, creating an atmosphere of subdued communication or gentle rustling.

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    By incorporating sentences with murmuring, writers can evoke subtle emotions and enhance the mood of their writing. These sentences are effective in capturing the hushed tones of conversations, the soft rustling of leaves, or the gentle flow of water. Overall, sentences with murmuring are a valuable tool for creating vivid imagery and setting a specific tone in written works.