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NARRATE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Narrate

    Sentence with Narrate

    Have you ever wanted to tell a story in your own words? That’s exactly what it means to narrate. When you narrate, you are recounting an event or a series of events using your personal perspective and storytelling style to bring the story to life.

    7 Examples Of Narrate Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Narrate a story about a little ant who helps its friends.
    • Can you narrate what happened during your fun day at the park?
    • Let’s all narrate our favorite animal and why we like it.
    • Narrate a silly joke that will make everyone giggle.
    • Who can narrate a song that we can all sing together?
    • Have you ever tried to narrate a memory that makes you happy?
    • Narrate a dream you had last night and share it with your friends.

    14 Sentences with Narrate Examples

    • Narrate the events of the Indian Independence movement in chronological order.
    • Can you narrate a summary of the chapter on quantum mechanics for the upcoming exam?
    • Narrate the highlights of the cricket match that took place yesterday.
    • We need someone to narrate a fictional story during our college fest.
    • Narrate your experiences from the recent internship you completed.
    • The professor asked the students to narrate their research findings in a presentation.
    • Can you narrate the steps involved in setting up a successful startup business?
    • Narrate the key concepts from the philosophy class you attended last week.
    • The college magazine committee is looking for students to narrate their travel adventures for the next edition.
    • Narrate the key points discussed in the seminar on climate change.
    • The audience eagerly listened as the guest speaker proceeded to narrate her journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.
    • Narrate the different theories proposed by psychologists on human behavior.
    • The faculty member requested the students to narrate their understanding of the concept through examples.
    • Narrate the historical significance of the monuments you visited during the college study tour.
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    How To Use Narrate in Sentences?

    Narrate means to provide a spoken or written account of something. When using “narrate” in a sentence, it is important to remember that you are describing a sequence of events or sharing a story.

    To include narrate in a sentence, start by introducing the subject or story you want to tell. For example, “She began to narrate her adventure at the jungle.”

    Next, provide details or events that you want to share using narrate. For instance, “The author will narrate the history of the ancient civilization in his upcoming book.”

    It’s important to keep in mind that narrate is often used in describing past events or stories. Make sure to use past tense verbs when narrate a sequence of events. For example, “He narrated the tale of his journey through the mountains.”

    By using narrate in your sentence, you are conveying a sense of storytelling or recounting events. Whether spoken or written, be sure to provide a clear and coherent account of the subject at hand by including relevant details and developments.


    In summary, by examining sentences containing the keyword “narrate,” it is evident that this word is commonly used to describe the act of telling a story or recounting events. These sentences vary in structure and context, demonstrating the versatility of the word “narrate” in both formal and informal communication.

    Whether used in written form or verbally, the word “narrate” serves to convey a narrative or sequence of events in a clear and descriptive manner. Through the examples presented, it is clear that “narrate” plays a crucial role in storytelling, allowing individuals to share experiences, convey information, and engage audiences effectively.

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