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NARROW in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Narrow

    Sentence with Narrow

    Ever struggled to express your thoughts concisely within the confines of a single sentence? Welcome to the world of “narrow” example sentences. A narrow example sentence succinctly showcases the usage of a word or concept in a concise and focused manner.

    In a narrow example sentence, the primary purpose is to provide a clear and precise illustration of how a particular word is used in context. By offering a brief snippet of language that hones in on the specific meaning of the word, a narrow example sentence efficiently demonstrates its correct application.

    7 Examples Of Narrow Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The narrow path led to a beautiful garden.
    2. I found a narrow gap between the trees to hide in.
    3. The narrow river flowed gently through the mountains.
    4. Be careful while walking on the narrow bridge.
    5. The mouse squeezed through the narrow hole in the wall.
    6. The alley was so narrow that only one person could walk through at a time.
    7. Our classroom is at the end of the narrow hallway.

    14 Sentences with Narrow Examples

    1. The narrow lanes of the market were bustling with students looking for affordable textbooks.
    2. The library had a narrow collection of research materials related to that topic.
    3. The professor gave us a narrow window to submit our assignments online.
    4. The dormitory had a narrow kitchenette for students to cook their own meals.
    5. The auditorium had a narrow entrance that caused a bottleneck during peak hours.
    6. The college canteen served a narrow selection of dishes that left students craving more variety.
    7. The seminar room had a narrow seating arrangement, making it difficult for latecomers to find a spot.
    8. The deadline for the scholarship application was narrow, leaving many students scrambling to gather all required documents in time.
    9. The student council elections had a narrow margin of victory, with the winning candidate leading by just a few votes.
    10. The workshop on career opportunities had a narrow focus on specific industries, leaving students from other fields feeling left out.
    11. The sports complex had a narrow running track that made it challenging for athletes to practice sprints.
    12. The timetable for the semester had a narrow window for elective course registration.
    13. The debate competition had a narrow topic selection, making it difficult for some students to find a suitable argument to present.
    14. The campus bookstore had a narrow inventory of stationery items, often running out of popular supplies during exam season.
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    How To Use Narrow in Sentences?

    To use the word “narrow” in a sentence, simply follow these steps:

    1. Understanding the meaning: First, it is important to understand the definition of narrow. Narrow typically refers to something that is not wide or broad, and often conveys the idea of limited space or a small width.

    2. Selecting the context: Choose a situation or scenario where you want to describe something as narrow. This could refer to a physical space like a street, a hallway, or a river, or it could be used metaphorically to describe a limited opportunity or viewpoint.

    3. Constructing the sentence: When constructing your sentence, place the word narrow in a position that accurately describes the subject you have chosen. For example, “The narrow alley was barely wide enough for two people to walk through side by side.”

    4. Adding details: To enhance your sentence, consider adding more details that further illustrate the narrow nature of the subject. For instance, “The narrow bridge required careful navigation to cross safely.”

    5. Reviewing the sentence: Before finalizing your sentence, read it aloud to ensure that it flows well and accurately conveys the idea of something being narrow.

    By following these steps, you can confidently use the word “narrow” in a sentence in a way that effectively communicates your message.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with the keyword “narrow” demonstrate its usage in describing restricted or limited spaces, such as narrow streets, narrow hallways, and narrow paths. These sentences effectively convey the idea of a confined or constricted area, highlighting the lack of width or space for movement. By using the word “narrow” in different contexts, the sentences illustrate how this term can be applied to various situations where physical or metaphorical constraints are present.

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    Overall, sentences with the keyword “narrow” serve to emphasize the tightness or limitation of a given space, providing a clear and vivid description of the constrained environment. Through these examples, readers can easily grasp the concept of narrowness and visualize the restricted nature of the settings being described.