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NEARBY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Nearby

    Sentence with Nearby

    Have you ever wondered how to use the word “nearby” correctly in a sentence? When we talk about something being “nearby,” we are referring to its proximity or closeness in relation to something else. It indicates that the object or location is not far away, but rather conveniently close by.

    Mastering the usage of “nearby” in a sentence can significantly enhance your descriptive language skills. Whether you are giving directions, describing a location, or simply referring to something close in distance, incorporating “nearby” can help provide clarity and context in your communication.

    7 Examples Of Nearby Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Nearby trees provide shade for us to sit under.
    2. Let’s go explore the nearby park and play on the swings.
    3. We can hear birds chirping in the nearby garden.
    4. The store is nearby so we can buy some snacks.
    5. Our friends live nearby so we can visit them easily.
    6. The ice cream truck is parked nearby waiting for us.
    7. Look at the beautiful flowers growing nearby the school gate.

    14 Sentences with Nearby Examples

    • There is a popular cafe nearby campus where students often gather to study and socialize.
    • The library is located nearby the academic buildings, making it convenient for students to access resources.
    • There is a grocery store nearby where students can buy essentials and snacks for their dorm rooms.
    • Many students like to take a break and go for a walk in the park nearby the college.
    • The bus stop is nearby the dormitories, making it easy for students to commute to and from classes.
    • There is a printing shop nearby where students can get their assignments and projects printed.
    • The gym is located nearby the campus for students who want to work out and stay active.
    • There are several affordable eateries nearby where students can grab a quick bite in between classes.
    • The student union office is nearby for students who need assistance with extracurricular activities and events.
    • There is a pharmacy nearby where students can purchase over-the-counter medications and healthcare products.
    • There is a stationary store nearby where students can buy notebooks, pens, and other school supplies.
    • The campus security office is located nearby in case students need to report any incidents or concerns.
    • The college bookstore is nearby where students can buy or rent textbooks for their courses.
    • The career counseling center is situated nearby for students seeking guidance on their future job prospects.
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    How To Use Nearby in Sentences?

    Nearby can be used to describe a location close to where you are. Nearby is followed by a noun to indicate the specific place or object that is close by.

    Example of using Nearby in a sentence:

    • “There is a nearby park where we can have a picnic.”

    In this sentence, the word Nearby is used to indicate the proximity of the park to the speaker’s location.

    Remember to always follow Nearby with a noun to provide context and clarity to the statement. This will help the listener or reader understand the relative distance or closeness of the object or location you are referring to.

    It is important to note that Nearby should be used when describing something close to the speaker or the current location being discussed. This word is commonly used to help give directions, suggest places to visit, or highlight points of interest in the proximity.

    In summary, using Nearby in a sentence helps to indicate the closeness of a specific place or object to the speaker. By incorporating this word into your dialogue, you can provide useful information about nearby locations or landmarks to enhance communication.


    In writing, constructing sentences with nearby creates clear and coherent connections between different ideas or elements. By using this keyword effectively, writers can ensure that their thoughts flow logically and are easily understood by readers. Whether indicating proximity in location, time, or relationships, sentences with nearby help maintain cohesion within a piece of writing.

    By incorporating sentences with nearby, writers can guide readers through the text with smooth transitions and help them grasp the connections between various concepts. This keyword serves as a valuable tool in enhancing clarity and maintaining a cohesive structure in writing, ultimately improving the overall readability and comprehension of the content.

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