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NEEDS MUST in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Needs Must

    Sentence with Needs Must

    Have you ever heard the phrase “needs must” and wondered what it means? Derived from an older saying, “needs must when the devil drives,” this expression emphasizes the necessity of taking action when faced with difficult or undesirable circumstances.

    “Needs must” is a succinct way of expressing the idea that when there is no other choice or alternative available, one must do what is required to address a situation or solve a problem. This phrase conveys a sense of urgency or inevitability, highlighting the idea that sometimes, we must act out of necessity rather than preference.

    7 Examples Of Needs Must Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Needs must eat healthy food to grow big and strong.
    2. We needs must brush our teeth every morning and night.
    3. Needs must wash our hands before eating to stay healthy.
    4. We needs must help our friends when they are in need.
    5. Needs must listen carefully to our teachers in school.
    6. We needs must share our toys with others to be kind.
    7. Needs must say “please” and “thank you” to show good manners.

    14 Sentences with Needs Must Examples

    • Needs must attend classes regularly to stay updated with the syllabus.
    • Managing time effectively, needs must prioritize assignments and projects to meet deadlines.
    • To excel in academics, needs must seek help from professors and classmates for any doubts.
    • Needs must improve study habits to perform well in exams.
    • In order to stay healthy, needs must eat balanced meals and exercise regularly.
    • To manage stress effectively, needs must practice meditation or engage in a hobby.
    • When faced with challenges, needs must seek guidance from mentors or counselors.
    • Needs must manage finances sensibly to avoid overspending and debt.
    • To enhance career opportunities, needs must gain practical experience through internships or part-time work.
    • Needs must network with professionals and attend workshops to broaden knowledge and skills.
    • In order to maintain a work-life balance, needs must allocate time for social activities and relaxation.
    • When struggling with a subject, needs must approach tutors or participate in study groups for additional support.
    • Needs must actively participate in extracurricular activities to develop interpersonal and leadership skills.
    • To secure a successful future, needs must set goals and work towards achieving them relentlessly.
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    How To Use Needs Must in Sentences?

    Needs Must is a phrase that is used to convey that a particular action must be taken because there is no alternative option. You can use this phrase when you are explaining that something is necessary and cannot be avoided under the circumstances.

    Here is an example of how to use Needs Must in a sentence:

    • “I really didn’t want to work late again, but needs must if I want to finish this project on time.”

    In this sentence, the phrase Needs Must is used to indicate that working late is necessary in order to complete the project within the given deadline.

    Remember to always use Needs Must when you want to emphasize that something is required or inevitable, and there are no other choices available. It is a strong way to express that a particular course of action must be taken.

    By incorporating Needs Must into your language, you can effectively communicate the urgency and necessity of a situation. Keep practising using this phrase in various contexts to become more familiar with its usage and nuances.


    In summary, “sentences with needs must” emphasize the necessity or inevitability of certain actions or situations. These phrases convey a sense of urgency or obligation, highlighting that the specified action is crucial or mandatory. The use of “needs must” underscores the importance of dealing with a particular issue or following a specific course of action, leaving no room for alternative choices.

    By recognizing the imperative nature of these sentences, individuals can understand the critical nature of the task at hand and the importance of addressing it promptly. Whether it pertains to responsibilities, obligations, or unavoidable circumstances, sentences with “needs must” convey a sense of urgency and emphasize the importance of taking necessary actions to meet requirements or overcome challenges.

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