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NEIGH in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Neigh

    Sentence with Neigh

    Have you ever heard a horse “neigh” in the distance and wondered what it meant? The sound of a horse’s “neigh” is a vocalization they use to communicate various emotions and needs.

    A “neigh” is a high-pitched and loud vocalization produced by horses to express excitement, distress, or to communicate with other horses in their herd. Understanding the context and pitch of a horse’s “neigh” can give important insights into their state of mind and well-being.

    7 Examples Of Neigh Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Neigh neigh goes the horse in the field.
    • The sound of neigh neigh is made by the horse.
    • When the horse is happy, it will neigh neigh.
    • Children love to hear the neigh neigh of horses.
    • On the farm, you can hear the neigh neigh of horses.
    • The horse loves to greet with a loud neigh neigh.
    • Remember to say hello to the horse when it neigh neigh.

    14 Sentences with Neigh Examples

    • Neigh said the horse as the college students passed by on their way to class.
    • The students could hear the sound of neigh coming from the university’s animal science department.
    • As they walked through the campus, they saw a group of horses running around in the field, their neighs filling the air.
    • One of the students volunteered at a local stable and was able to mimic the neigh of the horses perfectly.
    • During their break, the students relaxed by watching videos of cute baby animals, including adorable foals learning to neigh.
    • The college campus was located close to a farm, so the students often heard the neighs of the horses in the distance.
    • A stray horse wandered onto the campus and started neighing loudly, causing quite a commotion among the students.
    • The equestrian club organized a trip to a nearby ranch where the students could ride horses and listen to their neighs up close.
    • At a local festival, the students enjoyed watching a horse show where the majestic animals performed tricks and neighed on command.
    • A professor brought their therapy horse to campus, and the students gathered around to pet the gentle creature and hear it neigh softly.
    • The students couldn’t resist stopping by the petting zoo on campus, where they fed the horses carrots and heard them neigh in appreciation.
    • A group of students decided to take horseback riding lessons and learned how to communicate with the animals through cues and neighs.
    • The college library had a collection of books on equine studies, complete with recordings of different horse neighs for reference.
    • During a camping trip, the students woke up to the sound of horses neighing nearby, adding to the peaceful atmosphere of the morning.
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    How To Use Neigh in Sentences?


    When neigh is used as a verb, it refers to the characteristic sound made by a horse. For example, “The horse began to neigh loudly when it saw its owner approaching.” In this sentence, neigh is the action the horse is taking by making that particular sound.

    When neigh is used as a noun, it represents the sound itself. For instance, “The neigh of the horse echoed through the quiet countryside.” Here, neigh describes the noise created by the horse.

    When incorporating neigh into a sentence, it’s important to remember its association with horses and the sound they make. Make sure to use it in the correct tense and form based on whether it’s being used as a verb or a noun.

    Practice using neigh in various sentence structures to become more comfortable with its usage. Remember that as with any word, context is key in determining the appropriate way to include it in a sentence.

    Ultimately, incorporating neigh into your vocabulary can add variety and color to your writing. Whether you are describing a scene with horses or simply trying to create a specific atmosphere, knowing how to correctly use neigh will enhance your ability to communicate effectively.


    In conclusion, the sentences with the word “neigh” highlight the sound that horses make. From “The horse let out a loud neigh as it galloped across the field” to “I heard the neigh of a horse in the distance,” the word helps to vividly describe the unique vocalization of these majestic animals. Capturing the essence of equine communication, sentences with “neigh” bring life and vigor to storytelling, painting a picture of horses in action and adding richness to literary descriptions.

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    Overall, the inclusion of “neigh” in sentences adds a touch of realism and can help set the scene in writing, particularly when depicting horse-related scenarios. Through these sentences, readers can almost hear the distinct and unmistakable sound of a horse’s neigh, further immersing themselves in the narrative and enhancing their understanding of the setting or characters involved.