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NERVOUSLY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Nervously

    Sentence with Nervously

    Have you ever uttered words with a trembling voice or fidgeted uncontrollably? These are signs of nervousness. When a person is feeling anxious, worried, or uneasy about a situation, they might exhibit physical and emotional symptoms of nervousness.

    One common indicator of nervousness is speaking quickly or hesitantly, with a shaky voice or fumbling over words. Another telltale sign can be seen in body language, such as nail-biting, shaky hands, or pacing. These behaviors often reveal a person’s inner apprehension or unease in a given moment.

    7 Examples Of Nervously Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Nervously he took a bite of his lunch.
    • She waited nervously for her turn to speak.
    • The little boy nervously looked for his missing toy.
    • The puppy wagged its tail nervously as it approached the new visitor.
    • Nervously she raised her hand to ask a question.
    • The squirrel eyed the approaching cat nervously.
    • The baby elephant trumpeted nervously when it heard a loud noise.

    14 Sentences with Nervously Examples

    1. Nervously, I approached the professor to ask for an extension on my assignment.
    2. I fidgeted nervously as I waited for my turn to present in front of the class.
    3. Nervously, I checked my exam results online, hoping for a passing grade.
    4. The thought of giving a speech in front of the entire college campus made me nervously sweat.
    5. Nervously, I raised my hand to answer a question during a lecture.
    6. Walking into the career fair, I scanned the room nervously looking for potential employers.
    7. As I entered the interview room, I greeted the panel nervously with a shaky smile.
    8. Nervously, I shuffled through my notes before the important group presentation.
    9. Nervously, I clicked submit on my online application for an internship.
    10. I tapped my foot nervously while waiting for the results of my scholarship application.
    11. Nervously, I reviewed my resume before the networking event.
    12. I twirled my pen nervously during the stressful final exam.
    13. Rereading the email from the professor, I nervously realized I had missed an important deadline.
    14. Nervously, I approached the college counselor for guidance on course selection.
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    How To Use Nervously in Sentences?

    Nervously is an adverb used to describe how something is done in a fearful or anxious manner. When using this word in a sentence, it is essential to place it correctly to convey the intended meaning. Here’s a guide on how to use nervously in a sentence for beginners:

    • Placement: Nervously typically comes after the verb that it is describing. For example, “She nervously tapped her foot during the job interview.”

    • Context: Make sure that the situation warrants the use of nervously to convey a sense of anxiety or fear. For instance, “He laughed nervously when asked about his grades.”

    • Punctuation: When using nervously in a sentence, make sure to place a comma after it if it is at the beginning of a sentence. For example, “Nervously, she glanced around the dark room.”

    • Variations: You can also use different forms of the word nervous to adjust the sentence structure. For example, “He nervously fidgeted with his tie.”

    Remember to always consider the appropriate usage of nervously in a sentence to accurately convey the desired meaning. With this guide, beginners can effectively incorporate nervously into their writing to add depth and detail to their descriptions.


    In everyday situations, people often speak nervously when they are feeling anxious or under pressure. For example, in job interviews, individuals might stammer nervously as they try to answer difficult questions. Similarly, in romantic settings, one might speak nervously when confessing their feelings to someone they care about.

    It is common for nerves to manifest in speech, leading to stuttering or hesitancy in sentences. By recognizing these patterns of speech, we can better understand and empathize with others who may be feeling nervous in different contexts. Practicing mindfulness and relaxation techniques can help in reducing nervousness, allowing for clearer communication and more confident speech.

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